Outside Meeting Space

The Garden, Pavilion, Fire Circle and Medicine Wheel

Our outdoor meeting space includes:

  • a large lawn area
  • a Pavilion with lighting for evening programs and a ceiling fan for warm days
  • a flourishing garden
  • a stone-framed  Fire Circle with plenty of room for a large group to gather ’round
  • a Medicine Wheel created in the tradition of Sun Bear
  • and quiet meditation space under our sweet olive tree, fondly referred to as “Olive.”

In May we have a May Pole celebration!

And each Fall we have our Weave the Web Networking Festival!

If you are interested in holding an event in our
Gardens & Pavilion, Fire Circle, or Medicine Wheel,
contact us for rates.


Large Meeting Space

With comfortable seating for 65 people (though we’ve had up to 80 on more than one occasion), our Large Meeting Space has a high cathedral ceiling with tremendous acoustics for music and vocals.

Room Set Up

The room can be set up classroom style with tables, or audience style with a semi-circle of chairs, and we have a small stage for concerts and speakers.

The double doors opening onto the back garden, the south-facing windows, and the northern skylights all bring light and energy to this extraordinary space.

Rental Rates:

Monday – Friday, 10 am – 6 pm: $20/hour
Evenings & Saturdays, 2-4 hours: $25/hour
Saturdays, 5 or more hours: $20/hour
Sundays: $25/hour; 6-hour minimum

To inquire about using this space, send us email at events at

Large Meeting Space example – AAWIP meeting

Here’s a view of an Asheville Area Wholistic and Integrative Professionals meeting in our large meeting room!

AAWIP meeting


Divination Tools assist one in gaining insight to a question. We have many forms of divination tools to aid you in your quest for knowledge including Tarot Decks, Runes, Oracle Cards, Pendulums and Dowsing Rods. Whether you are a novice or experienced practitioner, we have books and materials that can assist you on your journey.


Contact Information


Crystal Visions
5426 Asheville Hwy
Hendersonville, NC 28791
(828) 687-1193


PO Box 8
Naples, NC 28760
(828) 687-1193

Monday – Saturday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
However, if we have an evening event, the shop will stay open until the program begins!

To inquire about renting any of our event spaces, you can send us email:

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Crystal Visions lies between Asheville and Hendersonville, just south of Fletcher, at 5426 Asheville Highway, aka US 25 — 1/2 mile South of exit 44 off Highway I-26; We are just 4 miles from the Asheville/Hendersonville airport at I-26 exit 40.

Our actual address for entering into your GPS is 5426 Asheville Highway, Hendersonville, NC 28791.
For all correspondence, please use P.O. Box 8, Naples, NC 28760.

From Asheville and points north: take I-26 East, exit at the Fletcher/Mt. Home exit, #44, turn right and we’re just 1/2 mile on your left. Or, take Hendersonville Road, aka US 25, South from Asheville, cross I-26 just below Fletcher, and we’re 1/2 mile on your left.

From Hendersonville and points south: take I-26 west, exit at the Fletcher/Mt. Home exit, #44, turn left and we’re just 1/2 mile on your left. Or, take Asheville Highway, aka US 25, and just beyond Mountain Home (before Fletcher), we’re on the right, just 1/2 mile south of the I-26 interchange.

Click here for directions to Crystal Visions from Google Maps

Views of Crystal Visions – from the front door

This is just a sampling of all the treasures you’ll find inside!

Books, Music, Jewelry, Crystals, Candles, Tarot, Incense, Unique Gifts, Readers. Classes, Events and much more!

Coffee & Snack Bar

In our Coffee and Snack Bar you can enjoy delicious, hot, organic coffee, cold, refreshing water, soft drinks and teas, and a variety of snacks!

Staff at Crystal Visions

Our Loving Staff are on hand with one goal: to encourage people to seek their path to the One, while honoring themselves, their neighbors and the Earth.

Sherry Chambers

Sherry Chambers

Itha Trantham

Sandy Stork

Emily Smoke and Jim Smoke, our Volunteer Extraordinaire!

Emily Smoke and Jim Smoke, our Volunteer Extraordinaire!


Blair Justice and Joan Colburn – Co-owners of Crystal Visions Since 1989!


CRYSTAL VISIONS is a Sanctuary for the Spiritual Seeker, providing new and gently used books, music, crystals, jewelry, classes, events and more for transformation and growth, serving the greater Asheville, NC community since 1989.  In this sacred, uplifting setting you may experience spiritual and metaphysical teachings, guidance, meditation, sharing, laughter, music and camaraderie. This is a safe haven for you to reflect upon and voice your thoughts about your Earth journey. Our capable and loving STAFF reflects a broad spiritual background that serves to enhance your experience here. We honor and welcome all paths. In 2019 will celebrated our 30th anniversary of Crystal Visions!  For this incredible honor and accomplishment we offer great thanks to our loyal customers, staff and friends.

Crystal Visions is accessible, with a wheelchair ramp at the front entrance of the shop.

You can read more about Crystal Visions in this article from Retailing Insight Magazine.







Buddha Standing

Buddha Seated

Buddha in meditation on a lotus


Ganesha – Remover of Obstacles

Planetary Trends for October 2020 by Belinda Dunn

Belinda Dunn

What’s UP – October 2020
Belinda C. Dunn

Harvest Full Moon – Oct. 1 @ 5:05 pm

Mercury Retrograde – Oct. 13 – Nov. 3

Libra New Moon – Oct. 16 @ 3:31 pm

Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon – Oct. 31 @ 10:49 am

Gazing into a vast, unfathomable, star studded sky, October begins with the Harvest Moon. Even in the depths of night, it is possible to see the fields ripen with nourishment, the landscape stretching, yawning, earth fulfilled, preparing for rest. As the wide-eyed owl hoots and swoops, the wind rustles a sweet, melodious song. It’s a magical month, a “once in a Blue Moon” month. It’s October, and the beauty of our Moon’s full illumination is a reminder to look up in more ways than one.

From the astrological perspective, October begins with the Sun in Libra, the zodiac peacemaker. People awaken to another day of the news cycle churning and burning, spewing out hot distractions, and from all appearances, the world itself is nothing but peaceful. Yes, there are little steps, small attempts, but in so many ways, the nature of genuine peace alludes even the best of us. But, no worries, after all, this is one of the basic core lessons in earth school, and it’s OK, even advisable, to acknowledge the growing pangs.

From the standpoint of esoteric astrology, Libra is one of the most karmic zodiac signs. Why? The birth/death incarnation cycle is a compelling pull into this dimension based on desire and relationship. It’s about settling the score and balancing the scales of justice. It’s about each other, and learning heartfelt lessons of gentle kindness and cooperation, neutrality and equanimity.

Libra is a prominent archetype in the United States astrology chart. At the nation’s inception, Saturn was in Libra, at the highest point in the chart, the mid-heaven. Therefore, the country’s destiny on the world stage is closely aligned, and best expressed through diplomacy, and peace keeping missions. But, in so many cases, the country has fallen into an authoritarian big brother role, and heavy-handed force has become the order of the day.

Clearly, the presidential election is bringing radical inconsistencies and differences of approach to the forefront. This brings us to another facet of Libra, the slippery slope of projection, a psychological term meaning the tendency to disown one’s shadow, and project it upon another. It can be likened to casting a spell of illusion that has everyone buying into the drama, but unfortunately, projection disrupts clear sight in terms of self-awareness, relationships circumstances and decisions.

Over the past several months, an avalanche of projection has been unleashed. The country is divided as never before in our lifetimes, and in so many cases, the polarization is spoken with vehement animosity and hatred, overlaid with a sickening fear. In the space of one week, I heard people of each “side,” express that if the other party won, the country would be ruined. As a nation, how did we get here? Where did the overarching nature of Saturn in Libra go? What will it take to return to civility, impartiality, congeniality, and cooperation?

The planetary trends point to this impasse, rift with controversy and dissent. September drew to a close with Mars in stressful alignment with Saturn. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place! So many situations are demanding action, and yet the planets are reinforcing the message of sitting it out, waiting it out, like a time out for a rowdy toddler that doesn’t know the meaning of socialization.

Mars continues to be a key player throughout October. Mars retrograde is frustrating at best, downright infuriating in its slow march forward. Triggering the major Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto alignment of 2020, it’s as though progress is frozen as the wheel of fortune spins wildly.

Enough time has passed since Mars started its retrograde phase on September 9. Consider, go back to your calendar if necessary, what changed for you? Take to heart the dawning realizations. Mars is in Aries for months to come, and there is a specific message for each person. Past conditioning is sloughing off, it feels cumbersome and heavy. Typically, Mars is invigorating and energizing, but the burdens are painful, enervating and draining. It’s a fact, so much is ending now, there is loss and grief. But, this empty space is sacred, luminous, cleansing and clearing, paving the way for a rebirth as the new year dawns.

Contributing to the gut wrenching intensity, (sorry, these words just popped out), is Pluto’s slow burn as it shifts from stationary to direct on October 4th. The coming week is filled with potential for power plays, and disclosure of hidden motives, especially as Mars is in stressful square with Pluto on the 9th. Raw and visible, no one is above the law, even though many people will find it convenient to act without conscience. There is tension in the air as these two giants test the boundaries of acceptability. Out in the open, or covertly behind the scenes, Mars and Pluto are the planets of personal power and willfulness.

In essence, Pluto is the archetypal god of the underworld, a world beneath the surface of everyday life. The nature of Pluto is to expose illicit activities, and the abuse of power can take many forms. For example, pornography, propaganda, pollution, money laundering, financial fraud, political corruption, corporate greed . . . the list goes on. Throughout 2020, the law and order planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are activating Pluto in its long transit through Capricorn (2008–2024). Subverting the law is a dangerous game, and this is the year of unprecedented exposure.

Hanging in the balance, waiting in suspense, the airwaves are echoing the refrain, “October surprise.” It’s common knowledge that presidential elections typically come with startling, game changing developments in October. This year is no exception, but it isn’t just one surprise, but it’s most likely plural . . . surprises.

The potential for sudden reversals and change of plans, is due to a Mercury retrograde period starting on October 13. Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio, the zodiac sign of secrets. Additionally, Mercury will oppose Uranus, the change maker planet, on October 7 and 19. Therefore, mid-October promises to be disruptive, casting an aura of uncertainty in the wake of further revelations.

Uranus is a very revolutionary planetary energy in that it disrupts the status qua, and overturns mediocrity. Passions will be running high, words flying out of people’s mouths. There is potential for Uranus to destabilize the economy as it transits through Taurus, the sign of money and possessions. Newsworthy trends in the financial markets, employment and business can be revealed. Mercury in Scorpio is fearless in exposing the hidden and treacherous underbelly of criminality and will leave no stone unturned in the quest for truth.

Mercury retrograde continues until it goes direct on November 3, Election Day. BINGO! And, Mercury makes its third and final opposition to Uranus on November 17. It is quite likely that election results may take longer than usual, and there may be recounts and dispute in regard to the election’s validity. This is one potential in a host of disruptive and unusual developments that will take time to unravel and resolve.

A New Moon in Libra on October 13 can help to sooth hot tempers, and smooth out frayed nerves. However, the astrology chart for this lunation shows a T-square, a planetary alignment representing the crossroads of choice. The planetary players include the self-absorbed attitude of Mars in Aries in contrast to the objectives of fairness and balance, in the face of major obstructions represented by Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto. This requires some heavy lifting, and along with Mercury retrograde, this suggests a stalemate whereby there are no easy, quick answers.

On October 22, our Sun enters Scorpio and joins Mercury on October 25.

This is always an important time in a Mercury retrograde cycle. Contemplation yields a broader perspective, wisdom based on insight from intangible and invisible realms. Watch for information and decisions to come more naturally as a result of seeking guidance.

The planetary trends during the final week of October lend some harmony to otherwise tumultuous conditions. On the 27th, Venus shifts into Libra, and Mercury retrogrades back into Libra. Overall, this supports peaceful communication, and the importance of diplomacy in settling matters of differing opinion.

To conclude, on Halloween, the second Full Moon of October lights up the sky, and the rarity of a Blue Moon takes on even more relevance. This astrology chart shows an exact, to the degree alignment of Moon and Uranus in Taurus. Again, the trends point to sudden and unprecedented, 180 degree twists and turns of fate and fortune. Uranus is the breakthrough planet of innovation to overcome hurdles, and implement scientific, technological and humanitarian solutions. “Thinking outside of the box,” is what Uranus does best.

Halloween fun takes on an even more creative and unique flavor this year. Perhaps due to COVID, festivities morph into new and improved forms, bigger than life, people seeking comic relief, relevance and meaning in this transitional year.

In summing up the planetary trends for October, I am reminded of a hall of mirrors in an amusement park fun house. Each reflection is distorted in extreme measure from short and squat, to tall and gigantic, and everything in between. To most people, this is hilarious and fun, but to a young child, this can be terrifying. Same with Halloween. It is meant for fun, but it takes maturity and courage to laugh in the face of monsters while skeletons dangle from trees.

This is the esoteric meaning of Scorpio, the zodiac sign of death. As autumn leaves fall, it is a poignant reminder of the transitory nature of physical existence. Sometimes the illusions are obvious, other times life feels so real, too real, and it’s tempting to get lost in the forms, and take them on as the only reality.

Halloween is an exercise in seeing through the illusory nature of existence, to walk through the haunted house with one’s head held high. To walk with strength, purpose and courage. To actually clear one’s sight enough to see and trust in the light at the end of the tunnel.

Echoing through the halls of history, the ancient and sacred texts of the Upanishads state, “There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the highest heavens. This is the light that shines within us all.” Blessed be.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;

Previous Month’s Forecast

SHERRY CHAMBERS – Intuitive Medium, Healer

Sherry is a Gifted Intuitive Medium. Using her talents of clairaudience, clairvoyance & light channeling, Sherry is able to see and speak with your guides and receive the answers and information you are seeking. She brings forth answers and information from your Spirit Guides and Angels to direct you on your life’s path and your soul’s journey.  Her intention is “to empower you to work with your Spirit Guides and Angels, finding the solution to your individual situations using the Universal Laws of Creator.” She has studied with spiritualist mediums, psychics and healers from the USA, Canada, U.K. and Australia.

Please check the Event Calendar for available dates.

$40 for 30 minute session, cash.
Drop in or call (828) 687-1193 for an appointment!

Sherry is also available (by appointment Mondays and Tuesdays, but space is limited) for ENERGY BALANCING, CHAKRA CLEARING, CELLULAR REGENERATION AND REGRESSION THERAPY AND REIKI sessions. She is an experienced Healer with over 30 years experience. Sherry can access the divine healing energy from Source to help restore a healthy state of being. She can help release limitations and blockages to bring the energies of the body, mind and spirit into balance renewing and restoring a positive energy flow. Reiki is beneficial in reducing stress; clearing and balancing energy; improving health and immune system; and encourages the body to heal itself. Using her talents of clairaudience, clairvoyance and light channeling, Sherry is able to obtain information from your Spirit Guides and Angels to help you on your healing journey. Healing sessions are $40 (cash) for 30 minutes.


Michelle Payton May 2013Positive Hypnosis, EFT, NLP, Acupressure Hypnosis, Past Life Regression

With Michelle Payton, your mind and re-associations with memories are the key components to re-establishing acceptable patterns. Michelle’s mind over matter solutions specialties are Doctor of Clinical Hypnosis, Positive Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Acupressure Hypnosis (creating Emotional Balancing Points), Past Life Regression. Michelle has published nine self-help books in her field (that can be found at Crystal Visions), plus serves as an educator on personality traits using Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order.

Call 828-681-1728 to schedule an appointment with Michelle – and be sure to tell her you found her here at Crystal Visions!

Sliding Scale Fee: $120/hour standard fee (call Michelle for details)

Michelle A. Payton, M.A., D.C.H.




Coburn is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient Psychic. Are you at a crossroads in your life? Coburn analyzes your options and using psychic projection helps you to be empowered to make choices for your future.  Coburn has hosted a radio show and offered classes and workshops for psychic development.

Fourth Saturdays.

$40 for 30 minute session, cash.
Drop in or call (828) 687-1193 for an appointment!

PAM WALKER – Medium, Healer

Pam Walker is a medium, intuitive, hypnotherapist and healer.  As an intuitive, Pam is able to support you regarding life questions, health and spiritual issues, and guidance on your spiritual path.  As a healer, Pam is able to use her many tools to help clients with health issues, childhood traumas, injury, disease, etc.  Pam understands how grief or painful/traumatic life moments can affect the body, mind and spirit.  She has worked through her own painful and traumatic life experiences and has been on her own self-healing journey.  Pam will support you no matter where you are on your spiritual path.  Her joy in what she does shines through in her readings and healings.  Pam is also an animal communicator and healer.

Pam has been trained by Delphi University, in GA as a Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences and Doctor of Ro-Hun Therapies (Transpersonal Psychology).  Pam also holds certifications as a Reiki Master, Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Medium, Medical Intuitive and Distance Healer.

Reading Sessions – $40 for 30 minute sessions, cash.

Integrative Holistic Healing Sessions – $60 for 45 minute sessions, cash. 

Drop in or call (828) 687-1193 for an appointment!

Please check the Event Calendar for available dates.

TRISH HURLEY – Divination Readings

Patricia HurleyTrish Hurley offers the ancient art of divination. Her Elemental Divination uses shells, rocks, crystals, coins and bones on a cloth that displays the five elements of the Dagara tradition (water, fire, earth, mineral and nature).

Divination has been used by people since ancient times, for many reasons – guidance with spiritual paths, difficult decisions, relationships, and much more. Experiencing a divination is a beautiful, empowering and healing manifestation of the spirit realm.

Trish studied with Malidoma Patrice Some, a West African Teacher. She works as a healer using the spirit of plants to facilitate healing, and can help you find your Spirit, Animal or Plant guides through journey work. Patricia carries a Sacred Pipe which is used for prayer and healing.

Please check the Event Calendar for dates she is available.

All readings start at $40 cash for 30 minutes. Walk-ins Welcome!

BETTYE DORN – Access Bar Healing Sessions

Is now the time to unburden your mind and let go of the patterns that have been limiting you? Let go of the past and that which no longer serves you, offering more ease, joy, and glory in your life. Bettye will lightly touch specific points, Bars, on your head to dissipate the electromagnetic component of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have stored for a lifetime. Kind of like “defragging” your computer! 🙂

Release your limitations and open your world to new possibilities ~ come have your BARS RUN! 

Bettye is a Certified Bars Practitioner with Access Consciousness. Bettye is also certified to run Trifold Sequencing, and the body processes Molecular Terminal Valence  Sequencing System process and Biomimetic  & Biomimetric Mimicry Process.

Is now the time to unburden your mind and let go of the past, offering more ease, joy, and glory in your life?   Bettye will lightly touch specific points, Bars, on your head to dissipate the electromagnetic component of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have stored for a lifetime. Kind of like “defragging” your computer! 🙂  Release your limitations and open your world to new possibilities. During your session she can also facilitate clearing using verbal processing tools.

Bettye is offering 30 minute mini-sessions for $40 (cash).

One hour session is recommended for maximum effectiveness.

Please check the Event Calendar for dates she is available.

SANDRA SULLIVAN – Intuitive Tarot

sandra-sullivanSandra is a gifted and talented Spiritual Intuitive and Tarot Reader. She has been assisting others with her gifts of insight since the 1980’s. The Hansen-Roberts Tarot is the deck she uses to guide her readings along. Sandra is a Reiki Master/ Teacher and gifted healer as well. She walks the Red Path and frequently holds teaching circles in her home. In addition, Sandra does coaching, training and empowerment seminars locally and on a national level. “Helping others find their spiritual self and personal empowerment is my Soul/Life’s work.” Sandra’s work is direct, no-nonsense, honest and from the heart.

Sandra has been assisting others with her insight and spiritual counseling for nearly 30 years. She possesses extraordinary listening skills and innately knows the precise question to ask … at the right time. These skills are magnified with clarity. The information delivered is a reverent sharing, conducted in a sensitive manner, dedicated to your upliftment, and heightened awareness of your personal spiritual journey.

Sandra uses many tools for your enlightening experience. As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Tarot Instructor, Gifted Intuitive and a Channel for the Highest Good for All Concerned, she offers a grand opportunity for enlightenment and spiritual growth. The information she receives provides personal insight and practical application in your moment to moment awareness and activities.

Please check the Event Calendar for dates she is available.

$40 for 30 minute session, cash.
Drop in or call (828) 687-1193 for an appointment


Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Feng Shui Practitioner

As an Intuitive Healer, Cheryl opens the doors to communication to allow truth, understanding and insight to come through by channeling practical information and guidance to manage life challenges, or to help you move past what is least satisfying in your life.

The goal in the session is to answer as many questions as possible so you achieve the answers you are seeking with divine clarity and a shift to a mindset of harmony. Cheryl connects with her Guides who are ancient Feng Shui Masters and WisdomKeepers of Prosperity to improve all aspects of your life to establish a comfortable and easy life.

As a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner, Cheryl can help you focus on reaching your full potential by living an inspired and purpose-driven life through the lens of Feng Shui wisdom. Cheryl’s book, Feng Shui Simply: Change Your Life from the Inside Out is available for purchase at Crystal Visions.  It is a comprehensive program of the inner and outer work of Feng Shui designed to improve vital energy in your home and transform your life.

Cheryl’s book, Feng Shui Simply: Change Your Life from the Inside Out, is also available for purchase at Crystal Visions. It is a comprehensive program of the inner and outer work of Feng Shui designed to improve vital energy in your home and transform your life.

The goal in each reading is to help you achieve a peaceful pace, divine clarity and improve any aspect of your life, including prosperity, relationships, and career opportunities in order to pave the path to a comfortable and easy life.

All readings start at $40 cash for 30 minutes. Walk-ins Welcome!

Drop in or call (828) 687-1193 for an appointment

Please check the Event Calendar for dates she is available.

AUGUST WORLEY – Sound Healing, Reiki

august_worley2August uses his abilities as a Reiki Master and intuitive counselor along with his patented PyradymTM  Technology to channel a personal sound and vibrational healing Experience. Working with your guides and your intention, August uses PyradymTM to promote emotional and spiritual growth, to provide an energetic clearing and shifting, and to assist you with your desired manifestation.

PyradymTM uses the combined healing modalities of low frequency sound, colored light, physioacoustic vibration, as well as Sacred Geometry and crystals, to produce an altered state of awareness and connection to Source.

  • Clears blockages in chakras,
  • Boosts the immune system,
  • Promotes deep tension relief,
  • Alleviates or greatly lessens pain,
  • Promotes emotional/spiritual healing and growth, and
  • Helps you achieve a deep meditative awareness

$40 for 30 minutes; $80 for 1 hr (cash)
Please check the Event Calendar for dates he is available.
Call us at (828) 687-1193 for an appointment.

ALLISON FRANK – Transformative Tarot


Allison Frank, Transformative Tarot

Intuitive since birth, Allison is a sought-after Tarot reader and teacher with more than 40 years experience as a healer. Bringing spiritual service to humanity is her primary focus and her caring, down-to-earth approach helps people find answers to their every day concerns. Her style is straightforward and she conveys other-dimensional information in a clear, concise way.

Using Tarot as the main method for her psychic abilities, her spreads are designed to uncover answers about relationships, family, business and of course, your spiritual path. Allison’s reading are unique in that she has the ability, in just one sitting, to transform your goals and dreams into an action plan for success.

People are amazed at the accuracy of her readings  which is testament to the fact that Tarot cards provide a direct connection to information downloaded from the other realms.  A Tarot experience with Allison will reveal what is most important to understand at the time of the reading and will provide immense comfort and wisdom for each and every seeker.

$40 for 30 minute session, cash.
Drop in or call (828) 687-1193 for an appointment!

Please check the Event Calendar for available dates.

JULIE KING – Intuitive Tarot

julie 33greysmall

Julie’s motto is “If you can see the future, you can create it!” Specializing in relationships, finances, spiritual transformation, and business-career matters; Julie uses tarot, symbols, and astrology in her psychic readings. Clairvoyant and clairaudient from early childhood, Julie started her spiritual studies when she was 13 and has experienced many profound teachers throughout her life. As a professional intuitive and healer for over 40 years, Julie has been featured both nationally and internationally on television, radio and numerous periodicals.

Please check the Event Calendar for dates she is available.

$40 for 30 minute session, cash.
Drop in or call (828) 687-1193 for an appointment!