Trust Your Intuition by Cheryl Grace

Trust Your Intuition
by Cheryl Grace

Everyone knows something about intuition, such as recalling a moment when you “just knew” that a particular event would happen a certain way. Having a premonition or an intuitive hit before it happened has been referred to as “women’s intuition,” and as “gut instincts” when skillfully making a business decision that contributed to a company’s success.

If we choose to trust the information we receive through Intuition, we are also learning to abandon the importance of our ego and its constant chatter. Most of our obsessive thinking has some form of attachment to our past or anticipation of the future. By quieting the mind, you begin the process of awakening your Intuition. It improves your concentration, allows you to feel more calm and relaxed, and opens doors to tapping into what you already know. It’s like having a bottomless vault of wisdom.

The need to control your life experiences often stems from fear or anxiety of the unknown, which hinders the intuitive process. Consider the number of decisions you have to make in a day. Some choices you make consciously and some you do unconsciously. We have all gotten into our car and arrived at our destination without any clue of how we got there! The same is true for Intuition. When you are aware that by tuning in you can easily access intuition and by acting on it you can manifest what is best for you. With practice, it becomes a reliable source of guidance for major decisions and at the same time unlocks your creative approaches in all aspects of your life.

Being receptive is another way to create new opportunities and positive life experiences by adopting an attitude of accepting things just as they are without judgment or trying to change it. When you are fully present in the moment, it activates intuition so that you may receive intuitive messages. Your thoughts are crystal clear.

The practice of meditation clears away the mind chatter and creates space in the mind for intuition to thrive. You may experience new ways to do things by the way of dreams, imagery, thoughts, or feelings. You open up to the possibility that by removing lack and limitation from your mindset, you will break through to a new level of awareness. Intuition offers new ideas and ways of doing things that may have not been readily apparent. Rather than paralysis for over-analysis, you are able to access multiple options for any life challenge.

We all have intuitive ability when we avoid making assumptions and judgments about everything. Your willingness to give up your attachment to being right will accelerate the intuitive process by opening up the possibility for things that you either have not thought of or that hadn’t been previously revealed. If you want to keep your life just as it is, then don’t do anything different than you are right now. If you want to make room for new something new to enter, then let your intuition guide you. Take a chance by trusting your instincts and see where it takes you.

It is on the intuitive plane that you can tap into the universal consciousness where all information is available to you. This is considered the highest form of truth. Perhaps you’ve had a decision you were struggling with and decided to “sleep on it.” This is a great way to awaken intuition by being open to any and all solutions and allowing it to emerge at its own pace.

In the same way it takes time for a plant to grow, so does the natural pace allowing events, circumstances and people to line up to create your ideal life.


Cheryl Grace is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer and specialist in Sacred Contracts. Cheryl is a Reader at Crystal Visions. Check the store calendar for her schedule. For more information on Cheryl, visit