1. TRAVELING MYSTICS: Evening of Inspiration, Relaxation, & Renewal – Friday, Sept. 22nd

2. TRAVELING MYSTICS: Find the Heart of Your Story – Sept 22-23

The Heart Of Your Story

Saturday, September 22 –  9:00 am- 5:00 pm
Sunday, September 23 –  9:00 am – 3:00 pm

A beautiful weekend journey devoted to discovering and stepping into the compellingly powerful next chapter in your life. In this two day workshop in lovely Asheville, North Carolina, find the heart of your story – the authentic voice within – that calls you to live a fulfilling and happy life being and doing what the Divine brought you here to do.

Urban Shaman Amy Randolph, Spiritual Coach Mary Carr, and Mystic Tomi Llama deliver two engaging days of uplifting and life affirming activities that bring your future into the now.

Registration Fee: $349 (early bird pricing of $275 available until August 31). Register here.

You can sign up for both events (Friday night and Weekend Workshop) here (Payment is required to register)*

The Heart Strong Champion focuses on Resiliency, Fierceness, and Love.

Resiliency: You’ve heard the saying “knocked down 7 times, get back up 8”. The world breaks our hearts over and over. We get knocked down. The heart breaks because we care about and love something or someone deeply. You have two choices: spend the rest of your life on your knees, picking up the shards of your broken heart or you can let your heart break open to hold more. More love, more joy, more compassion, more kindness, more empathy. The Champion’s Heart knows how to feel what it feels, let the hurt go and take the lesson forward with grace and power. That is resiliency.
Fierceness: Life is going to bloody your lip. It just does. That means you have to be fierce about rising again and again. To have the courage to get out of bed every morning despite feeling overwhelmed and small you have to be bigger than what’s in front of you. That is fierceness.
Love: Love for love's sake is love without regard. The starting point for that is to love yourself. Only when you love yourself unconditionally can you begin to shine your love in every direction without regard to race, religion, or any other divisive factor. It is also about falling in love with humanity. And when we act from the place of love, we have the power to transform anything and everything. It’s easier to be tragic than to shine like the whole world is yours. By choosing to find your Champion’s Heart, you choose to find the light within and let tragedy fuel your desires rather than burn them to the ground. Come shine with us!

Urban Shaman Amy Randolph: Amy is a  co-creator with the Universe, partnering with those who seek a deeper experience of creating an authentic life rich with joy, purpose, love, and well-being. She became a guide, coach, and energy worker during her many transformative experiences over the last several decades. As part of this journey, she learned how to reclaim and strengthen her personal power so that she could take full responsibility for her life. She believes that when one embodies the universal truth of one’s heart, one’s life will flow with joy and ease.

Mystic Tomi Llama: Tomi unique mystical abilities include reading the energetic imprints on a person’s heart and understanding the heart of each person’s mission in this life. Tomi Llama is able to make an immediate impact for her clients with her intuitive sense of people, her deep understanding of systems and how they work, and her ability to tap into her personal knowledge of ancient global wisdom gained from reading thousands of books, attending workshops all over the world, and working with people and organizations from all walks of life.

Spiritual Coach Mary Carr: Mary is a certified Life Coach who is also a channel for the philosophy and living practice her guides call The Honoring Way.  Acting as a Spiritual Coach and teacher, Mary’s mission is to elevate our worldview to a new “worthiness paradigm” where the Divine Source that created humankind holds us in high regard.  The Honoring Way acknowledges our value as both spiritual beings and human experiencers who’ve been created on purpose with purpose on Earth.  By incorporating a combination of teaching, channeling and coaching, Mary helps her clients create their own life worth living through integrated self-actualization.

Bettye Dorn – Access Bar Healing Sessions

Is now the time to unburden your mind and let go of the patterns that have been limiting you? Let go of the past and that which no longer serves you, offering more ease, joy, and glory in your life. Bettye will lightly touch specific points, Bars, on your head to dissipate the electromagnetic component of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have stored for a lifetime. Kind of like “defragging” your computer! 🙂

Release your limitations and open your world to new possibilities ~ come have your BARS RUN! 


Bettye is a Certified Bars Practitioner with Access Consciousness. Bettye is also certified to run Trifold Sequencing, and the body processes Molecular Terminal Valence  Sequencing System process and Biomimetic  & Biomimetric Mimicry Process. 
Is now the time to unburden your mind and let go of the past, offering more ease, joy, and glory in your life?   Bettye will lightly touch specific points, Bars, on your head to dissipate the electromagnetic component of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have stored for a lifetime. Kind of like “defragging” your computer! 🙂  Release your limitations and open your world to new possibilities. During your session she can also facilitate clearing using verbal processing tools.

Bettye is offering 30 minute mini-sessions for $40 (cash).

Longer sessions are also available. Typical session is 1 – 1.5 hours.

2018 Weave the Web Agreement

Weave the Web 2018 Agreement


Gailbeth is a gifted psychic medium who is known for her natural ability to bring through messages from those in the spirit world. Mediumship is a bridge between the worlds that connects us with our loved ones who have passed over, helping to bring closure, resolution and healing.  Gailbeth attunes herself to this higher frequency, along with the assistance of those in the spirit world.  Gailbeth also uses the Major Arcana of the Tarot to assist with specific questions.

1. REIKI II CERTIFICATION – Saturday, August 18th

Reiki II Certification with Reiki Master Teacher Jonna Rae Bartges. Reiki Healing, the gentle yet powerful flow of universal life energy as it passes from a Reiki healer to a client, is rapidly becoming a popular compliment to mainstream medicine. Dr. Oz featured a Reiki Master on his show, and thousands of hospitals around the world are using Reiki healers to help patients with physical, mental and emotional issues.While Reiki level 1 teaches students to do Reiki healing on themselves and others, Reiki level 2 empowers students to send Distance Reiki to people, places and things around the globe.Reiki Master Teacher Jonna Rae Bartges, who was attuned to Reiki in 1978 by Virginia Samdahl, the first occidental Reiki Master, is teaching the class.In this day-long Reiki II seminar, students will: Review the history of Reiki and the 12 hand positions for Self-Treatment, and treating others; Be attuned to Reiki II by a Reiki Master Teacher with 36 years in the field; Be introduced to Reiki power symbols, and learn how to use them for distance healing; Direct your new distance healing ability to a specific person; Learn how to use Distance Reiki to heal events in the past; Receive your Reiki lineage and certificate acknowledging you as a level 2 member of the global Reiki community.You must register in advance for this class online at the link below. Certification in Reiki I is a prerequisite for this workshop.Tuition includes a Reiki workbook, hands-on instruction, three Reiki attunements, your Reiki lineage linking you to Virginia Samdahl and your Reiki II certificate acknowledging your new level in the global Reiki community.


Certification in Reiki I is a prerequisite for this workshop.

Contact: Jonna Rae Bartges
Phone: (828) 337-4017



Pamela Shook

Pamela Shook has 40 years experience reading across the Southeast, connecting with your guides and Inner Healer via intuition, pendulum and Tarot. If you are at a crossroads, undergoing a dark night of the soul, or healing crisis, she will help you cut to the heart of the matter, clearly see your best options and clear the mental clutter that keeps you from reaching your best life. She is also an Alchemical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master.

1.THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN – August 4th – 5th

Basic Flier Hendersonville 2018

1. INTUITIVE ARTS FAIR – Saturday, August 11th

Have questions?  Receive answers!

With Summer starting in full swing, join us and receive messages from Spirit. Treat yourself with Intuitive Readings, Divination, Mediumship, Tarot, and more from some of North Carolina’s finest Intuitives and Practitioners!

Most Individual Sessions: $25 for 20 minutes (cash)

Integrative Healing Sessions: $40 for 30 minutes (cash)

11:00 – 5:00 pm

(Reading appointments are made that day only – Healing Sessions can be made in Advance)

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance:








Integrative Healing Sessions and Chair Massage:






Lethea “Hot Hands” Gerbers – Energy Healing

Lethea Gerbers, aka ”Hot Hands”, balance your energy fields using a light, gentle touch on your head, your shoulders, or at the location of the physical distress.  By balancing your energy fields you ease pain, relax your body, and enter a peaceful mental and emotional state.

Lethea is an experienced Reiki Master and expert hands-on healer who is especially gifted in removing pain. She is experienced in energy medicine taught through the Kabbalah, Circle of the Heart, Access Consciousness and Delphi University.



2018 Garden Party Agreements

Helena Proctor – Palmistry

Palmistry is a very detailed art of discovering the details of oneself or another individual’s character. The body is like a map or diary; showing signs of one’s soul. Through Palmistry one can discover what they are “really like” and also what their soul has come to this lifetime to learn.

Helena Proctor


THE MANY FACES OF THIEVES – Saturday, October 21st

The Many Faces of Thieves!

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils  are therapeutic grade and can support not only your physical body but your emotional health as well.  Find out about the many ways and uses of Thieves Products for personal and household care.

Give your body, mind & spirit a natural boost with therapeutic grade essential oils. The benefits are amazing!

10:30 – 11:30 pm, Free


ECLIPSE VIEWING – Monday, August 21st

Everyone is welcome to arrive early to miss any traffic.

We have some outdoor chairs so you may want to bring your own

and remember to bring your glasses!

Eclipse Flyer


Brought through from her ancient Pleiadian lineage by Lemurian Priestess Mele’ha (Dr. Amber Wolf), the Lemurian Codes for Healing are for anyone who would like to evoke and develop their ability to self-heal and self-balance their lives. Within the in the Crystalline Merkabah of our DNA and genetic code we carry the memories of our gifts, skills and capabilities. When awakened and revealed, we bring these tools into our lives to use today.

With the anchoring of the Star Mothers (Seven Sisters) who join us, this day will consist of: Akash Activation, remembrance of Lemurian/Pleiadian and Starseed DNA, activating your Crystalline Merkabah, and the protocols of using the cards that contain the Lemurian Codes for Healing by placing the reactivation message into your ‘Star Centers’. This is your time for personal transformation and enhanced healing!

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Cost is $44 which includes a unique deck for activation and channeled messages through Mele’ha 

Here is the link to register for the June 21 event.

Amethyst Biomat Sessions

Biomat flyer

2017 Weave the Web Agreement

Weave the Web Agreement 2017

MONDAY, JUNE 20th: Summer Solstice with Sandra Sullivan

Celebration begins with smudging with white sage. We will write our give away and put them in the fire. We will send prayers up in the smoke.

$10 suggested donation


Sorry this Event has been Cancelled.

Join us for an interpretation of coming events through Astrology, Tarot and Intuitive Gifts.

Hear the psychic weather report for the next 3 months of the year from four of WNC’s top prognosticators:

julie 33greysmall

Julie King


Jonna Rae Bartges

Coburn Gardner

Belinda Dunn

Belinda Dunn

Each of these presenters has been in professional service for many years and will use intuitive gifts including tarot & astrology.  Each gives their interpretation of coming events and trends.

The audience will have time to ask questions and participate during the program.

Join us for a fun, informative evening.  Get the inside scoop of how to surf the upcoming changes and energies.

7:00 – 9:00 pm

$15 cash

1. INTUITIVE FAIR with Aura Photography – Saturday, Mar. 31st

Have questions?  Receive answers!

Treat yourself with Intuitive Readings, Divination, Mediumship, Tarot, and more from some of North Carolina’s finest Intuitives and Practitioners!

Most Individual Sessions: $25 for 20 minutes (cash)

Aura Photography: $30 (cash)

11:00 – 5:00 pm

(appointments are made that day only)

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance:







Aura Photography and Chair Massage:






1. GARDEN PARTY – Intuitive & Creative Arts Fair! – Sat., June 2nd



16th Annual
Intuitive, Healing, and Creative Arts Festival !

Meet Creative Artisans & Vendors, Energy Healers & Massage Therapists, Intuitive Readers, and practitioners of healthy choices as we gather together, network & share, as a community.

Aura photo

 plus Aura Photography!

Readings, Healing Sessions, Artisans, Networking, and FUN!

Enjoy our beautiful backyard garden, visit with friends,  and opportunities to learn and grow!

Benefit from a reading, energy work, and artistry from members of your community!

Bring flyers and contact info to share on our networking table!

Join us for fun and festivities throughout the day!

Free admission! Garden Party Readers

Raffles for Prizes!

Individual services fees may apply.

11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Click here for the 2018 Application/Agreement Form

2018 Participants

as of May 31st

Allison Frank – Tarot

Cassie Coleman – Tarot

Deb Acorn – Healing Work

GailBeth – Mediumship, Tarot

Jason Hunt – Inner Technologies for Ascension

Jayne Kerr – Lazar Prints, Tibetan Jewelry

JoEl James – Soul Purpose Readings (astrology based)

Kai Shanti – Channeled Energy Healing

Katherina Von Engel – Reconnective Healing

Laura Kaye – Aura Photography

Lisa McClelland – Emotion Code, Iconic Foot Bath, Herbalist

Marsha Goldstein – Quantum Energy Facilitated Healing

Mary Whitesides – Animal Communication

Maya Gail Taylor – Life Coaching, Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

Monika Taylor – Intuitive Psychic Readings

Natalie Veres – Intuitive Readings

Pamela Shook – Intuitive Readings

Patricia Hurley – Elemental Divination

Shelley Sol – Healing Work

Susan Marie Vinci – Medium, Medical Intuition, Past Life (Human/Animal) Readings

Thia McGinnis – Intuitive Readings

Ty Fenelus – Intuitive Channel, Aura Reader

Young Living Essentials Oils



SATURDAY, JANUARY 23rd: A Day to ReNew, ReCharge and ReConnect

Join us for a day to celebrate your hard work! Give yourself the day off!  Weekends are great but if you don’t take a moment to unwind they don’t do you much good. Make your day off count and join us for some great free seminars! And yes we did say free!  What a great way to ways to Renew, Recharge and Reconnect!

11:00 – 11:45 am     Use the Force! Use your inner Jedi to hear what your body is saying; tap into another’s mind, and connect with loved ones in spirit with Jonna Rae Bartges

12:00 – 12:45 pm    Connecting with the Spiritual Heart with Belinda Dunn

1:00 – 1:45 pm        Big Dreams and Hard Realities: The Astrology of 2016 with Diotima

2:00 – 2:45 pm       Heart Integration with the Akashic Records with Sandira Gelinas

3:00 – 3:45pm       Numerology: How It Can help You Know Yourself with Dorothy Ann Jackson


Following the seminars, you are welcome to join in for a Full Moon Drumming Celebration from 5:00 -7:00 pm ($10 cash).