A Neo-Druid on Synchronicity by E.B. McDonald

A Neo-Druid on Synchronicity
By E.B. (Formerly Meredith) McDonald


You’ve probably heard the term ‘Synchronicity’.  If we are of the same age we may have first seen the word on an album cover. You may have read this article because the word keeps popping up and something in you says ‘read that!’ If so, you have experienced the phenomenon of Synchronicity and you are ready to pay attention. Replace the word ‘Synchronicity’ with ‘Omen,’ ‘Sign’ or ‘Coincidence’ and you get the idea. Usually, by the time we identify the thing that keeps popping up we are driven to learn WHY?

Carl Jung, one of the Fathers of Psychology, married the Science of Physics with the science of Psychology by coining the term.  He describes Synchronicity as “An Acausal Connecting Principle.”  Our ‘western’ world view is vastly driven by causality.  There is a logical reason for everything that takes place with no value placed on information received by our psyche.  When the randomness of daily life (Physical Reality) enters our perception (Psyche) and sends a message that sparks recognition and meaning, Synchronicity is at play.

So . . . what does this have to do with you? Glad you asked! Nothing – absolutely nothing.  Unless . . . you ever find yourself feeling disconnected from the world around you; maddened by the thought that you are missing something; or just plain curious about that crow that shows up every morning and caws three times.  Speaking for myself – all of these things have caused me to envelope my life with a symbolic radar that has served me well.  If you’d like to build one of your own – read on!

For the purposes of this article I will be using the terms ‘signs’ or ‘omens’ to refer to the images, sounds, words, living things, and objects that represent the ‘physical’ aspects of Synchronicity. Agreed? (If not – feel free to replace those word with ‘doo-hickey’ or ‘wossname’ for Pratchett fans)

We are going to start with the most important step to living a vibrant synchronistic life.  Symbols and coincidences are great for fleeting moments of good memories or chuckles. And the phenomenon happens to every living soul. But our purpose here is to weave these signs into a tapestry that answers bigger questions about life and helps us feel supported and even validated in our decisions.

If you are squeezing up your face with an expression of minor dread thinking …. She’s gonna say ‘JOURNAL’, damn it, …. You’re right!!! Tell them what they’ve won, Dr. Jung! That’s right – a pen and paper. (Preferably a bunch of papers all bound up together so that you can easily refer back to your notes. They have a Killer selection at CRYSTAL VISIONS) I use spiral bound weekly Calendars like ‘Llewellyn’s Astrological Calendar’ so that the pen can hook into the spiral and the space to write isn’t intimidating.  That’s where I write the random happenings of my day that might just develop into signs and omens.

If you hate writing with a pen and paper – type it up in word or excel.  Excel offers great tools for being able to use your journal as a reference book.  I’ve just never managed the discipline to keep this up.  But, if you live on a laptop or tablet – go for it!  You may also be more interested in a photo journal.  iPhone recently added an App called ‘Journal’ that will actually suggest things happening on your calendar or photos you took as journal topics (Yeah, I know it feels creepy.  But just think of it as an extension of the Universe sending you signs).

The purpose of writing things down may seem obvious, but let me explain.  The act of writing or taking a photo makes what is just another momentary experience into something solid. It is, now, something YOU created.  It may be like a sandwich – consumed and forgotten.  Or it may be something a year from now that changes your view of yourself and the world around you (And . . . I do not exaggerate. I have made startling connections from a few words written with a DATE included).

So, what constitutes a ‘sign’? Literally anything. A song that keeps popping up; a bunny crossing the road; a billboard with a tiger on it; a word; something in a dream; something in a reading (those count double) – literally anything that makes you notice. Write it down with a date and time, if possible. Go an extra step and look it up – and write it down. (I love Ted Andrews’ ANIMAL SPEAK for this, but there are thousands of books of symbols and omenry)  Tarot and Omen decks are great for this too.  The more you explore the meaning of symbols, the better your messages to your future self will become.

Again, Synchronicity is a vast and constantly occurring phenomenon. Hopefully, this article has introduced the concept and triggered an interest that will lead you to a next step.  I highly recommend Pam Grout’s E-Squared books. They are full of exercises to connect psychology to physics or, if you prefer, your mind to the universe.



EB McDonald started Weekday Spirit (@weekdayspirit) to share ideas and practices that will infuse our mundane moments with bright sparks of spirituality. She’s been a Druid Priest, a financial planner, an event seller, an accountant, a performer and has seen daily magical moments in every profession. She reads tarot and runes at Crystal Visions – call for appointment times or email her at




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