Enhancing Your Intuition and Spiritual Connection by Julie King

Enhancing Your Intuition and Spiritual Connection
by Julie King

In this modern, seemingly chaotic world, inner balance is paramount to our personal stability. Listening and learning to trust our inner guidance is the key to navigating the swift changes taking place in our lives. When we feel anxious, our ability to totally trust our inner wisdom can become a bit wobbly. For myself, I find I need to refresh my connection to the Divine in joyful and fun ways these days for my intuition and stability.

As a longtime teacher of psychic development, I know everyone is psychic and they connect to the “Other/Great Mystery” or what we may call spirit, god, goddess, etc, in their own unique way.  There is no technique or spiritual practice that will work for everyone as we are like tuning forks ready to receive spiritual insights that are tuned to our individual frequencies. So we might need to experiment in order to hone our ways of connecting and find what really works for us.

We live in a primate “vehicle” on this Earth and we can enhance our psychic abilities by incorporating conscious sensory awareness of the body. Our physical senses and subtle senses are equally important and they work in tandem creating a beautiful dance.

For instance, the five physical senses of sight, smell, touch, hear, and taste correlate to the extrasensory perceptions known as the “clairs” used to connect to the spiritual realms.

Clairvoyance is “clear seeing” of divinatory information and manifests as visions of past, present or future, beings, other dimensions, and more.  Clairalience, or clairscent means “clear smelling” such as noticing fragrances that are not present in the physical environment.

Clairsentience means “clear feeling” such as experiencing a “gut feeling” about something or someone and also feeling others’ pain and emotions.  Clairaudience means “clear hearing” of sounds such as celestial music, other’s thoughts, and interdimensional sounds.

Clairgustance is  “clear tasting” which can manifest as tasting nectar while praying or meditating.

Claircognizance means “clear knowing” which is the ability to know something with no prior knowledge and combines all of the senses.

In order to stimulate psychic awareness, try to combine practices and involve your physical senses. For instance: get comfortable, lie down, close your eyes and listen to some instrumental music (fairly loud) and notice do you get any images with the music? How does your body feel? Do you have any emotional responses? Do you think or feel loved ones that you miss whether living or deceased? Do you feel like you are traveling in space? If you want to move your body then move it! Put on a different kind of instrumental music. If you get nothing and think it is a waste of your time that is fine. It is an experiment.

Another exercise is to take time to go lie down and close your eyes on a nice patch of grass under the sun. Notice any sounds that you hear, feel the warmth of the sun on your body and the ground on your back. Let your thoughts drift, float, see if you feel you are traveling. Notice the sounds  as you try to hear them close and then farther away. What smells do you notice?

Is there a breeze? Any taste as you focus on the smells? Is it too hot, or itchy and feels stupid?

It does not matter, it is an experiment. Try this same type of exercise at night under the stars and moon and see which you prefer. They will both stimulate your energy centers and support your Auric field.

One more is to get comfortable,  sitting or lying down, and in the quiet, try to visualize yourself suspended in a sea of color. Any color. Is it sparkly? Does it feel comfortable or does it make you anxious? Change the colors or visualize being surrounded by space and planets. If nothing happens it is okay. Then get up and put on some music and dance!

The whole idea is to bring more awareness into your sensual body by trying different scenarios. This cross-platform simple type of exercise will stimulate your psychic and physical senses by feeding the subtle body through your physical body.  It is a type of refreshment for the Soul and yes it will increase your psychic awareness also.



Julie King has been a professional psychic, healer and spiritual teacher for over 45 years. She has studied with numerous spiritual teachers around the globe and has been been featured on radio, tv and print media.You can book a reading with her at Crystal Visions or email her at




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