2018 Garden Party Agreements


Join Your Spiritual Family

for a Kryon Family Reunion in Asheville, NC!! 

March 23-25, 2019

(Events will be held at the Cascades Resort in Hendersonville, NC)

Lee Carroll & Kryon, Dr. Amber Wolf, PLUS Marilyn Harper & Adironndaare coming to Asheville!! This Kryon InnerActive weekend offers THREE highly energetic events, multiple channellings and TWO evening workshops to get you rewired, recharged and reconnected with your spiritual family.



“The New Paradigms of Earth” – Up Close Seminar with Lee & Kryon

Lee’s ever-changing, always current “Up Close” seminar is packed with the latest, profound information from Kryon. He’ll give NEW info about DNA,  describe the new paradigms for the Old Soul and reveal the timeline of history according to Kryon. You’ll hear the truth about evolution and how to cross the bridge from esoterics to practical living. As always, you’ll experience the loving wisdom of Kryon during multiple live channelings!



Evening Lemurian Sisterhood Circle with Dr Amber Wolf

Dr. Amber Wolf invites you to reawaken your Divine Feminine Essence and activate your Lemurian DNA during this initiation into the Sacred Circle of the Lemurian Sisters.




“Balance & Belief” – InnerActive Workshop with Lee, Kryon & Dr. Amber Wolf

Lee teams up with Dr. Amber Wolf for an interactive workshop that demonstrates how to put the Kryon teachings into daily practice and help you get a grip on the new energy expanding in your life. You’ll learn how to escape the filters, programs and beliefs that are not your own and discover your unique voice! Get ready to meet the YOU that you are ready to become in today’s awakening world!


Evening Despacho Prayer Ceremony with Michelle Karen

Michelle Karen brings the day to a powerful close with a sacred Ayni Despacho Prayer Ceremony that brings you into right alignment with your life and accelerates spiritual growth.



“Learn How to Channel” – Full-Day Workshop with Marilyn Harper & Adironnda

Marilyn Harper and Adironnda teach you how to channel by tapping into your innate abilities that you call “intuition” while holding the intention of connecting to Spirit.  You’ll walk away from this experience understanding how to use your intuition on command, and hold the confidence that the Universe DOES have your back because now… you have ‘The Knowing’.


LEE CARROLL, PhD is the original Kryon channel for this loving entity for 30 years worldwide. He’s the author of the Kryon Series of 18 books in 25 languages. Kryon books are well known in Metaphysics,  making top seller lists within months of release. One of them, The Indigo Children, introduced the term “Indigo Children” to the world. Having presented seven times at the United Nations and in thirty three countries overseas, Lee’s events attract audiences in the thousands.




AMBER WOLF, PhD is an educator andpractitioner of holistic health care since 1982.  She is internationally known as a teacher, facilitator, author, recording artist, healing intuitive and channel. She is the co-designer and facilitator of the popular and profound Kryon Discovery Series held worldwide. As creator of the Lemurian Sisterhood Seminars and Sacred Circles, and the Goddess Grid, Amber initiates and connects women across the planet.





MARILYN HARPER is referred to as “The Vessel” by Adironnda, a loving, witty Spokes Being who represents a council of guides, archangels, Masters and teachers. Since her 1993 walk-in experience, she has embraced her gifts as spiritual advisor and healer through workshops, retreats and private sessions. She developed her own Holographic Healing method, is a Reiki and Kahuna Master, Quantum Touch practitioner, certified as intuitive consultant, remote viewer and Peak Potentials Train the Trainer.

1. REIKI I CERTIFICATION – Saturday, February 15th

First Degree Reiki Healer Certification, with Reiki Master Teacher Jonna Rae Bartges

Reiki Healing, the gentle yet powerful flow of universal life energy as it passes from a Reiki healer to a client, is rapidly becoming a popular compliment to mainstream medicine.

Dr. Oz featured a Reiki Master on his show, and thousands of hospitals around the world are using Reiki healers to help patients with physical, mental and emotional issues.

A person becomes a Reiki Healer through the touch of a Reiki Master. Reiki Master Teacher Jonna Rae Bartges, who was attuned to Reiki in 1978 by Virginia Samdahl, the first occidental Reiki Master, is teaching the class.

To receive Reiki, fully clothed clients lie on a treatment table or sit in a chair. Reiki can be given through touch or a healer simply holding her or his hands a few inches away from the client’s body.

In this day-long class at Crystal Visions, students will:

1.            Learn the history of the form of energy healing known as Reiki.

2.            Be attuned to Reiki by a Reiki Master Teacher with 36 years in the field.

3.            Learn and practice the 12 hand positions for Reiki Self-Treatment.

4.            Learn and practice the 12 hand positions for giving a Reiki Treatment.

5.            Receive a Reiki workbook.

6.            Receive your lineage and a Reiki Certificate acknowledging you as a member of the global Reiki Community.

You must register in advance for this class online at  For more information, call (828) 337-4017.

10:00 – 6:00 pm

The $125 tuition includes a Reiki workbook, hands-on instruction, three Reiki attunements, your Reiki lineage linking you to Virginia Samdahl and your Reiki I certificate acknowledging you as a member of the global Reiki community.


Have questions?  Receive answers!

What a great way to end 2019 and begin 2020! Treat yourself with Readings, Mediumship, Tarot, and Energy Healing from some of North Carolina’s finest intuitives and practitioners! Benefit from a reading, energy work, and artistry from members of your very own community!

Reading Sessions: $25 for 20 minutes (cash)

Energy Healing Sessions: $40 for 30 minutes (cash)

11:00 – 4:00 pm

(appointments are made that day only)

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Offerings:







Offerings of Healing and Aura Photos:





Amethyst Biomat Sessions

Biomat flyer

2017 Weave the Web Agreement

Weave the Web Agreement 2017

1. WEAVE THE WEB FESTIVAL! – Saturday, September 28th


18th Annual
Intuitive, Healing, and Creative Arts Festival !

Meet Creative Artisans & Vendors, Energy Healers & Massage Therapists, Intuitive Readers, and practitioners of healthy choices as we gather together, network & share, and WEAVE THE WEB of our community.

Readings, Healing Sessions, Artisans, Networking,  and FUN!

Enjoy our beautiful backyard gardens, visit with friends and opportunities to learn and grow! Benefit from a reading, energy work, and artistry from members of your community!

Join us for fun and festivities throughout the day!

Free admission! Raffles for Prizes!

11:00 am – 5:00 pm

CLICK HERE for the 2019 Application/Agreement Form 

Here are the Vendors, Readers, Energy Workers that will be with us that day!


Jessica WaddellSoul Profile Readings

Susan Marie VinciMedium

Bettye DornAccess BARS Consciousness Healing Sessions

Trish HurleyElemental Divinations

Catherine WaltersIntuitive, Channel, Hypnosis, Reiki

Olivia WoodfordTarot and Astrology Readings

Rose ProudAnimal Spirit Readings,Animal Communication

Angela HolcombeTarot Readings

Linda BealsMedical Intuitive and Healer

Lethea GerbersHands on Healing, Reiki

Loretta ChildressBiofield Tuning Sessions

Jason HuntInner Technology for Ascension and Energy Tune-Ups

Mindi MeltzAnimal Wisdom Cards (themed & customized decks), Mythical Novels

Cheznuz – Stone Readings/Healings

Joseph HowardIntuitive Readings

Young Living Essential Oils

1. TIME OUT OF TIME PSYCHIC FAIR with Aura Photos: Feb. 29th

Have questions?  Receive answers!

Treat yourself with Readings, Mediumship, Tarot, and Energy Healing from some of North Carolina’s finest intuitives and practitioners! Benefit from a reading, energy work, and artistry from members of your very own community!

Reading Sessions: $25 for 20 minutes (cash)

Energy Healing Sessions: $40 for 30 minutes (cash)

11:00 – 4:00 pm

(appointments are made that day only, healing appointments can be made in advance)

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Offerings, Energy/Healing Work and Aura Photography







A life so beautifully lived deserves to be beautifully remembered. Susan Marie will always remain in our hearts. We are eternally grateful to have had you in our lives. 



– 18th ANNUAL GARDEN PARTY – Intuitive & Creative Arts Fair! Sat., May 30th


18th Annual
Intuitive, Healing, and Creative Arts Festival !

Meet Creative Artisans & Vendors, Energy Healers & Massage Therapists, Intuitive Readers, and practitioners of healthy choices as we gather together, network & share, as a community.

 Plus Aura Photography!

Readings, Healing Sessions, Artisans, Networking, and FUN!

Enjoy our beautiful backyard garden, visit with friends,  and opportunities to learn and grow!

Benefit from a reading, energy work, and artistry from members of your community!

Bring flyers and contact info to share on our networking table!

Join us for fun and festivities throughout the day!

Free admission! Garden Party Readers

Raffles for Prizes!

Individual services fees may apply.

11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Click here for the 2020 Application/Agreement Form

Previous Months Forecast

Belinda Dunn

Libra/Aries SuperMoon Full Moon – April 7 @ 10:35 pm

Aries New Moon – April 22 @ 10:25 pm

A hopeful perspective for current planetary trends can be summed up in the common adage, “April showers bring May flowers.” Surely, there has to be a rainbow somewhere in this “perfect storm” of global proportions. With this in mind and heart, let’s take a closer look at the planets, their timely messages, and the portent of dawning light on the horizon.

Rumbling, invisible, beneath the surface of everyday awareness, storms of epic proportions have been brewing for months, if not years. Humans share this planet with a multitude of life forms, including the invisible world of microscopic existence. From the infinitesimal to the gigantic, Earth is host planet for a vast array of creation. From a planetary perspective, this is the vantage point of Neptune, and its long term transit through Pisces (2012 – 2025).

The activation of these underlying conditions have been accentuated by Mercury’s retrograde transit through Pisces, the zodiac sign of seclusion and retreat, including the places where people go for recuperation (sanctuaries, hospitals, prisons). The evolutionary lessons of Pisces, and its 12th house association, generally take the form of unforeseen troubles, setbacks and confinement. Resistance only makes matters worse. Relaxing, yielding to what is, opens the space for faithful introspection and healing.

Mercury went direct on March 9, timed exactly as the week of major disclosure when the World Health Organization announced a global pandemic. Now, with Mercury on board, immediate action is being taken to contain the virus, educate the public, and implement solutions. Mercury joins Neptune on April 3,  continuing its long stint in Pisces until April 11, at which time, Mercury enters Aries, signaling a rebirth of sorts, auspiciously timed with Easter, a celebration of resurrection.

The other ingredient in this perfect storm is the on-going planetary alignment in Capricorn. For years astrologers have been contemplating the possibilities in the once every 37 years joining of Saturn and Pluto. Within orb of influence throughout 2019-2020, the exact alignment was January 12, three days after the Covid-19 virus was named and made public.

Pluto, mythical god of the underworld, is associated with the life and death potential of viruses, epidemics and pandemics. Typically hidden beneath the surface, but when aroused, Pluto’s action tends to be catalytic, drastic, obsessive, compulsory and life altering. Strong immune systems include effective boundaries, and it important to guard against contamination, as well as getting caught up in mass hysteria.

Adding another major planetary player to this complex mix, Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn is exposing, expanding, spreading and amplifying existing conditions that have remained hidden up to this point. In fact, on April 4, Jupiter exactly conjoins Pluto, and the perfect storm is raging, out in plain view to be addressed, dwelt with, and lived through.

Across a vast array of social systems, on-going repercussions will continue to roll out as Jupiter joins Pluto this month, and again in June and November. Describing this trend in her eloquent words, astrologer Pam Younghans writes, “Jupiter’s magnifying glass is trained on all that has been exposed through the Saturn-Pluto alignment, making sure that we fully dismantle structures of the past and clear the way for a new future that is unfettered by what has come before. Pluto is acting as the Rototiller, digging out the deep roots of weeds that have effectively been strangling the more positive potentials and the resources needed for germination and growth.”

All things considered, perhaps the silver lining in this dark cloud is Saturn’s propensity for containment, limitation, caution, austerity and discipline. All hands on deck, Saturn can help mobilize resources needed to mitigate the virus while conveying the very real and stark message of global connectivity.

As of March 23, Saturn entered Aquarius, the zodiac sign of world community. On March 30, Mars entered Aquarius, conjoining Saturn on the 31st. Thus, April begins with this unmistakable and insistent planetary pronouncement that it’s time to heed warnings and take effective measures to address numerous crises sprouting up like weeds around the globe. This is a game changer.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign of community based on the organization of individuals with common goals and interests. It is right and natural for people to discover and cultivate a sense of belonging. This includes the freedom and permission for each person to be unique, giving rise to the ideal of “unity within diversity.”

However, even though Aquarius enhances connectivity, Aquarius tends to be detached, cool and reserved. Almost overnight, the reality of “social distancing,” has rapidly soared into public awareness. In mass, people are turning to technology for connection, an obvious sign of trends to come as Saturn transits through Aquarius (2020 – 2023).

The planetary ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, the planet of technology, science, invention and progress. In its thirty year orbit, Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius is closing the door on the past, heralding a new way of living and being on planet Earth.

While Capricorn is the zodiac sign of tradition and the foundations upon which society stands, Aquarius looks to the future. Even though there is a plethora of dystopian/utopian viewpoints, for the most part, these are fearful projections onto an uncertain future. Humans can hide their heads in the sand, and conjure up doomsday scenarios, but at this point no one person definitely knows what the future will bring. This can be nerve wracking and scary, but with a good dose of curiosity, living on the cutting edge can be extremely freeing and exhilarating.

In terms of COVID-19, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, an enthusiastic spokesperson for science, recently commented that this pandemic is a “massive experiment worldwide as to whether people will pay attention and listen to the scientists, in this case, medical professionals.” The ranting and raving of politicians is pointless, if rational facts are disregarded. Whether the challenge is a pandemic, climate change, pollution, poverty, addiction (fill in the blank), Saturn’s transit in Aquarius can be summed up as, “may cooler heads prevail.”

The Full Moon on April 7-8 is a Super Moon and heightened emotions bring relationship issues to a head. Sun in Aries supports self-reliance, independence, and bold action. On the other hand, Moon in Libra encourages a judicious pause in order to consider the perspective of those around you. Creating an environment where all viewpoints are given expression can enhance and harmonize every relationship.

However, especially given current circumstances, this Full Moon has a shadow side as Sun activates Eris, a recently discovered dwarf planet named after the goddess of discord. Together, Sun and Eris intensify many of the evolutionary lessons that are currently plaguing humanity. First and foremost, narcissism and self centered greed is rampant while many of earth’s citizens are barely getting by, existing in very vulnerable conditions.

This said, survival instincts are hard-wired, and sometimes the best choices may appear to be selfish. Entire families, cities, states and countries are being forced by circumstances to juggle responsibilities and make very hard decisions. These trends are supportive to the underlying message of Capricorn which cautions excess, while accepting ethical, moral and social responsibility for the good and benefit of society as a whole. In other words, we’re all in this together.

Another very important planetary trend begins on April 3. Venus, the planet of love, companionship, beauty and artistry enters Gemini. Due to a retrograde phase, Venus will spend all of spring and most of summer in Gemini. This is a long stint for Venus, underscoring the basic human need for connection, especially collaboration, and the creative exchange of information and ideas.

Curious, restless and sociable, Venus in Gemini is inclined to travel, converse, learn, and explore. Considering the current restrictions on travel, it will be interesting to see how plans change, and what’s in store for summer months. More than likely, overseas and long distance travel will be halted or curbed substantially, but Gemini is about short distance travel, such as exploring local surroundings. As a mother and grandmother, I recall taking many walks with a toddler. Every little leaf, stick, bug and rock becomes a reason to stop, and enjoy the sights.

In addition to Venus in communicative Gemini, Mars is transiting through Aquarius all month, until May 13. Female and male, yin and yang, love and sexuality, Venus and Mars are the relationship planets. In this case, they are in harmony with each other. This supportive trend is a big help as masses of people retreat to their homes and aim to co-exist in relative peace. Working together, Venus and Mars can unleash massive creativity.

Observed annually for the past fifty years, Earth Day is April 22. On this evening a New Moon in Taurus exactly aligns with Uranus, giving pause in mankind’s relentless drive for acquisition, rooted in dissatisfaction and self-interest.

In the spring of 1970, Earth Day was established and honored as a result of man’s first Moon landing. Describing the view from space, astronauts tell of discovering the Earth for the very first time, and “at that moment everything changed.” Words can never fully describe the awesome and spectacular view, but astronauts brought back photos of this beautiful, glowing, blue-green planet, photos that have been shared around the globe.

That spring the Environmental Protection Agency was voted into existence along with many other local and global initiatives for the health and preservation of natural habitats. For five decades humans have been at odds, wasting time, wasting resources, arguing for or against, many pleading on behalf of Earth. But most measures to protect this fragile planet have fallen on deaf ears, and stone cold hearts. Sadly, for the most part, people have continued to take advantage of Earth’s generous and forgiving nature.

Uranus transits through Taurus until 2025, just a few years, a small window of time, a window not unlike the view from a space. Uranus in Taurus has the potential of connecting each of us to Earth in a new way. Many of us are feeling and experiencing this connection as a tangible grounding in love and appreciation for our planet.

On a personal note . . . as readers know, I have been writing about an approaching major planetary alignment since 2012, but especially last year as Saturn and Pluto began to exactly conjoin. Last autumn, in the middle of researching 2020, out to lunch with close friends, they asked about 2020. For some reason, I recall that moment so clearly in that I was speechless, shaking my head, and a heavy dread came over me. All I could say was, “I don’t like it.”

Earlier this week, my daughter asked me about astrology trends in regard to the pandemic. It is always my goal to simplify and translate the more complex terminology for friends, family, clients and readers. What follows, in abbreviated form, was my explanation to her, and hopefully, it is helpful to share with readers now.

We live in a cosmos of cycles upon cycles upon cycles. Our Earth, Sun and Moon, each planetary body, every star and every galaxy, has an established cycle in ordered synchronicity with each other. Over thousands of years, astrologers have observed and notated these patterns in terms of effect and outcomes.

So what happens when these enormous cycles coincide in exact, to the degree timing? And what planetary cycles are in evidence now? Well, here goes . . .

Pluto has a 246 year orbit. Saturn has a 29+ year orbit. The lunar nodes, which are connected to the powerful eclipse cycle, has an 18.6 year cycle. Jupiter has a 12 year orbit. Mars has a 2 year orbit. Again, what happens when these cycles come together in the same zodiac sign and exact degree as they have been doing for the past two months?  And what about the outsider, disruptive Eris, in her 515 year orbit, in stressful alignment with all of the above? What is the planetary message here? It’s worth some contemplation.

After I summed up this analysis, my daughter paused asking, “Mom, if you knew this, why didn’t you warn us?” To this, all I could offer was, “The nature of this planetary alignment is sudden, unpredictable, and thankfully, very rare. It won’t happen again in our lifetimes.” But, when I ask myself now, I realize my gut instinct was doing overtime all last year. I felt, like so many of us, the squirmy fear and niggling dread of something big and unprecedented approaching. It has been clear for some time that society has been built on the fault lines of a house of cards.

So here and now, with a mandatory step back, and a hefty dose of Saturn on my Aquarius ascendant, it all makes sense as I return to the deep peace within the Heart of all hearts, permeating and sustaining the entire Creation. Reminding me of a favorite hit song from 1965, “To everything there is a season. . . turn, turn, turn. . . and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

Sending virtual hugs to each and every one, with prayerful intentions for health and happiness. May ALL be well.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;


2016 Weave the Web Agreement


1. STORE CLOSED FOR INVENTORY: January 10 – 11th

Closed for Inventory

The counting must be done!

We’ll be CLOSED for these two days. Any evening events will still take place.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


pam-and-don-winter-solstice-2015The Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year and the beginning of the return of the light.

It is the peak of the dark in the cycle of the year, and has always been understood by humankind as one of the two most powerful turning points of the year.

Join us for a ceremony of reviewing, releasing and renewing.

5:00 pm

$10 Suggested Donation

MONDAY, JANUARY 25th: We will open at 1:00 pm today.

We hope everyone has been safe and enjoyed the beautiful blanket of snow!

Crystal Visions will open at 1:00 pm on Monday, January 25th.

Please call before coming to be sure we’re open: (828) 687-1193.

Follow us on Facebook for up to date information.

Large Meeting Space for Classes and Events

Large Meeting Space for Classes and Events


View the video of our celebration, held on Saturday, May 10th, 2014!

THANKS to all who contributed!

And, to Roland, The Video Guy for the fantastic job he did in capturing the day, and the spirit of Crystal Visions.

Please click here to share your comments on YouTube – Social Media is all about engagement!

1. CELEBRATING 30 YEARS !!! !!! Saturday, May 18th from 11-5 pm


1. CLOSED DUE TO SNOW! – Wednesday, January 17th

We hope you’re all home safe and warm!


Please call before coming to be sure we’re open when weather is inclement: (828) 687-1193.

Follow us on Facebook for up to date information.

New Year’s Eve

Sunset view


On New Year’s Eve

we’ll close early — at 4 pm.


We wish you all safe, sweet, Happy Holidays!


Have you seen the amazing sunsets we adore from the store?

Reinvent your holiday shopping experience!

Escape the shopping frenzy and cookie-cutter gifts!

Reinvent your holiday shopping experience
in the relaxing, festive atmosphere of
Crystal Visions.

Enjoy free gift wrapping,
and discover the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for everyone on your list!

Labyrinth for web page

You’re welcome to enjoy our
Labyrinth and 
Medicine Wheel
to help you maintain balance
during the hustle and bustle of the season.

And if you need some guidance and/or healing energy, remember our readers and healing services are available every day for your convenience.

Staubs and Ditchwater by H. Byron Ballard

Stuabs and DitchwaterAfter years of pondering, Byron Ballard has finally written a primer for the kind of magic she practices. Driven to it by colleagues, friends and students, writing this little book is an act of stubborn devotion to a fading culture.

This deceptively simple system of folk magic has come down to modern Southern culture through the immigrants and natives who called these blue hills home.

Written in an easily accessible style and filled with insights and stories, Staubs and Ditchwater: a Friendly and Useful Introduction to Hillfolks Hoodoo is part memoir, part workbook.

H. Byron Ballard is Asheville’s Village Witch and does workshops and lectures regionally. She was a featured speaker at the Sacred Space Conference in 2011 and is a popular teacher at the Southeast Women s Herb Conference and Pagan Unity Festival. This book includes Hillfolks Hoodoo and the Question of Cultural Strip-mining the paper she delivered at Harvard’s 2006 conference Forging Folklore. Ballard serves as a ritualist and teacher for Mother Grove Goddess Temple in Asheville, NC

History of Crystal Visions

Do you know the history of Crystal Visions?

Having dreamed of a bookstore, in 1988, Blair completed a course and business plan for operating one. When we moved to the mountains later that year, and searched for a source for crystals, the closest shop was about 45 minutes away.

A storefront that Blair’s parents owned on highway 25 “just happened to open up”, so we did our market research … at Smiley’s Flea Market:

We were blessed with new friends and acquaintances, and were immediately referred by one of you, Blake, to Pam McMahon, “the crystal lady.” To this day Pam is one of our nearest and dearest, and leads ceremony and singing!

Of course, we found great interest and support in having a metaphysical resource in the neighborhood.



We first opened next door, then had the opportunity to move to the larger space we now occupy.


Over the years we’ve had the opportunity o serve the community with products and services. Here’s a sampling of events:


 Major expansion of the shop, including the addition of the large meeting space — with design by Cathy Easterbrook










A celebration of The Spiritual Reawakening of the Great Smoky Mountains, with Page Bryant and guest presenters, Frannie Oats, Michael and J.T. Garrett, Bo Taylor and Walker Calhoun




At our 15th anniversary celebration in 2004, we had a May Pole celebration,





Lee Carroll, channel for Kryon, visited for the first time,



Jani King, channel for P’Taah, visited again,






Our Medicine Wheel was created in the tradition of Sun Bear, thanks to Page Bryant,





And, with Emily Smoke, we hosted our first annual Weave the Web outdoor networking festival!






Our first spring Garden Party, with a festive hat contest!




Weave the Web

Our annual Weave the Web Festival provides a terrific opportunity for networking.