Saturday May 7: SOUNDS OF SAMADHI – Sound Healing Journey

04-15 / Chakra Balancing Experience & Informational Seminar w/ Jamie Knox

Chakra Balancing Experience & Informational Seminar
April 15, 11:15am -1pm 
Pre register HERE
Join us to delve deeply into which each chakra represents. Experience for yourself and as a group opening your energy points for balance. In this seminar we will discuss the different chakras and what it means for them to be overused, underused, closed, and open. We will learn methods of keeping them open and balanced. Then, each participant will get to lie back and learn about their own bodies as we identify which chakras are open, blocked, or closed and reopen them. You will leave with an understanding of your patterns and behaviors that keep yourself blocked and how to break these patterns for good with regular practice.

Expect movement, breath work, chanting, taking notes. Bring a mat and a thick blanket to sit on & keep warm.



Jamie Knox MA, E-RYT 200, Ayurveda Health Counselor

Jamie Knox discovered chakra balancing when she was struggling with infertility. This process
propelled her to learn more about accessing people’s energy and using it to open their chakras,
allowing them to heal. She has also been teaching yoga for thirteen years and practicing Ayurveda
for the last five. She is the owner and founder of Burning Sage Yoga in Asheville, North Carolina.

04-01 / Intro to Astrology & Numerology for Self-Discovery w/ Colleen Lemma

Introduction to Astrology and Numerology for Self-Discovery
By Colleen Lemma at Crystal Visions

Saturday, April 1st, 2023 from 2-4pm EST

$22.00 on the day of the event or $20.00 with Pre-registration (Pre-registration recommended)
Colleen Lemma, Star Seed Astrologer and Spiritual Messenger, will share information about Astrology and Numerology as spiritual tools for personal self-discovery, healing and relationship compatibility.
How can we use this ancient spiritual knowledge, from the mystics of the past, to understand our soul’s energy, gifts, challenges, karma, relationships, life cycles and life purpose?


Astrology uses your date, time and place of birth to create your astrological blueprint giving us a guide for the soul’s evolution and growth. Numerology uses your full name and date of birth to delineate and provide a road map to your energy, purpose and much more!
Together, these ancient sciences can lead us on a journey of self-discovery!
Colleen Lemma is an internationally known intuitive reader, astrologer, numerologist, life coach, certified hypnosis and past life regression consultant, Reiki Master healer, ordained minister and spiritual teacher. She has been doing her spiritual work for over 20 years, assisting clients and students on their journey of evolution, growth, and healing through spiritual guidance and the sharing of messages from the Higher Realms.

She works with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star Brothers and Sisters, and Ancestors of the Highest Vibration of Light to bring about empowerment in a person’s life. She uses a unique combination of Astrology, Numerology & Divination Cards to blend a person’s astrological birth chart, the soul’s name vibration, and connecting with the client’s personal angels and guides.
Payments made to Colleen Lemma through Cash, PayPal or Venmo. Please contact Colleen Lemma at or 517-420-4647 with questions or to register.


04-22 / Past Life Regression Workshop w/ Hypnotherapist John Till

Traveling To The Past… For insight, Healing and Awareness!

Past Life Regression Workshop with Hypnotherapist John Till

Saturday, April 22,2023
3:00 – 5:00 PM 
Cost: $15

I will be sharing teachings about reincarnation and how Hypnosis is used to experience lives we have lived before, then take the group through Past Life Regression.

Join us for an interesting and insightful afternoon. I may be reached for further information at:

or at 760-285-6535

Planetary Trends for April 2023 by Belinda Dunn

WHAT’S UP – April 2023

Belinda C. Dunn

Aries/Libra Full Moon

April 6 @ 12:34 am EDT

Aries Solar Eclipse

April 20 @ 12:13 am EDT

Mercury retrograde

April 21 @ 4:35 am EDT

The unmistakable signs of spring are everywhere, and April begins with a combination of inspired initiative and purposeful intention. Just as planting a garden is a combination of vision and experimentation, planetary trends provide a testing ground of possibility. It begins with preparing the ground for what is viable and productive in the long term. Some seeds sprout and grow into healthy plants, other seeds fall on barren ground.

There are numerous factors to consider in the manifestation process, and a Full Moon on April 6 illuminates the optimal way forward. Culminating with this lunation, the Sun in Aries powerfully activates and energizes both Jupiter and Chiron. Recently, Jupiter exactly conjoined Chiron (March 12) after months of building momentum around issues of self-reliance, courage, confidence, trust, healing, finding one’s bliss, and following one’s heart.

Aries is the zodiac sign of personal growth that supports acceptance of life on its own terms, without denial or rose colored glasses. In many cases, this process has required a genuine attuning to one’s own path along with a willingness to go it alone, if necessary. The natural passion, independence and fortitude of Aries has tested the authenticity of many relationships both personal and professional.

The Full Moon astrology chart shows Sun/Jupiter/Chiron joined in Aries, a powerful symbol of initiative and opportunity. At the same time, Moon in Libra opposes these planets. As with any Full Moon, there is an atmosphere of intensity, promise and pressure, but in this case, relationships come to the forefront. Often taken for granted, relationship skills develop over time with maturity and self awareness, listening and learning as well as honest communication. It is not easy to tame the needs and drives of the ego self in order to build these skills. In reality, for most humans, it takes a lifetime.

It can be helpful to watch for matters coming forward the first week of April. There is tremendous momentum to get the ball rolling. But the question remains. . . to what degree are your goals supported by others? Is it necessary for others to understand or join you? In some cases, there may be a clash, a need for clear communication, a standing up for yourself. In other cases, people around you may be fully supportive and cheering you on. In the end, it doesn’t matter, as these planetary trends place the focus on being true to yourself.

As the days and weeks of April unfold, these themes continue to emerge, culminating in a Solar Eclipse on April 20. In the final degree of Aries, this eclipse sets the stage and seals the deal. Perhaps months of contemplation, reflection and preparation have brought you to this point. Perhaps circumstances shift and change abruptly, forcing your hand.

What tends to be true for any eclipse, solar or lunar, is the revealing of what has been hidden, but working on a subconscious level. Astrologer Lorna Bevan writes, “Eclipses are the dramatic cosmic wild cards in our horoscopes. They shake us out of feelings of complacency so that we can move from one level of maturity to another. They are some of the most dramatic tools the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change. They uproot us, surprise us, and get us moving to a higher plane, and they work very rapidly.”

A deep dive into the archetypal meaning of Aries can elucidate current trends, especially the long term effects of a Solar Eclipse in Aries. Aries is associated with Mars, the planet of action. The word that comes is dynamic, defined as, “characterized by constant change in activity or progress; positive attitude, full of energy and new ideas.” The noun for dynamic is, “a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.”

On the personal level, this Solar Eclipse in Aries highlights those areas of life that can be enriched through action, accomplishing goals that demand exertion and stamina, such as physical fitness and healthy competition. Aries instills a tremendous boost of motivation and entrepreneurial know-how. In combination with Jupiter in Aries, it is advisable to grab hold of this positive momentum like a lifeline for months to come.

Mars energy is very passionate, albeit impulsive, forceful and raw, and will fight for justice driven by the perception of what it “thinks” is right. Therefore, the tendency to battle it out and force solutions, underscores the need to choose your battles wisely. This eclipse can bring out the very best in selfless and heroic acts. Admittedly, in some cases, it can bring out the worst of human nature in acts of control and aggression.

From the planetary perspective, there are some strong modifying factors. Mars just entered the zodiac sign of Cancer on March 25 This is an important development after seven months of Mars in restless, here, there and everywhere Gemini. Throughout April, and most of May, Mars in Cancer supports an instinctive retreat to the quiet and safety of home. Like a crab burrowing into the sand, there is a settling of outer drives to take care of domestic matters, such as home improvements, gardening, landscaping, family interactions, and emotional well-being.

Additionally, Mercury enters Taurus on April 3, and due to a retrograde phase, Mercury transits through Taurus until June 11. Harmoniously blending with Mars in Cancer, attention flows to stabilizing and simplifying daily life. The welcome practicality of Taurus serves to stabilize and integrate security needs on many levels.

Mercury is retrograde from April 21 through May 14. Taurus is the zodiac sign of ownership, exchange, currency, banking and financial institutions. Due to recent bank failures, repercussions may continue to ripple through society. The degree to which effects are felt is linked to shifting value in the marketplace, public trust and consumer confidence.

No matter how outer conditions show up, this retrograde phase is an evaluation of personal finances, income and investments. Mercury retrograde is always a time for careful review in order to make informed decisions. This retrograde can really drive home the necessity to stay grounded, ensure the basics, and maintain stability during the inevitable cycles of economic fluctuation.

On April 20, the Aries Solar Eclipse is followed by Sun entering Taurus, and Mercury going retrograde on the 21st. The shift will be apparent and palpable. As Mercury goes retrograde, it is within orb of influence with Uranus. This initiates a remarkable activation of Uranus in its long term transit through Taurus (2019-2026). In and of itself, this transit shakes things up for purposes of reconstruction. Uranus, the wild card planet, frees up energy, and is known for sudden turnarounds in the midst of dead ends, limitations, and dysfunction.

This brings us to April 22, the annual recognition of our precious Earth, and the vital importance of preservation of endangered species and natural habitats. How appropriate for our Sun to be in Taurus for Earth Day. In 1970, over half a century ago, the first Earth Day was recognized, and the movement continues with more urgency than ever before. The combination of Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Taurus heightens awareness of human impact on the environment, climate change, sustainability, earth sciences and green technology.

All planets have been direct since mid-January. Mercury will be the first to back off, followed by Pluto going retrograde on May 1st. Thus, the final week of April brings a pause combined with Pluto’s intensity. The long awaited Pluto transit through Aquarius is just beginning. This year we get a taste of Pluto in Aquarius (March 23 – June 11). Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn for the rest of 2023, only to return to Aquarius in early 2024.

Astrology is a language of archetypal symbols, and Pluto is a generational planet affecting the evolution of collective consciousness over the span of generations. Each generation builds upon the other against the backdrop of the prevailing zeitgeist, defined as, “the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.” Historian and astrologer Richard Tarnas states, “One of the things that’s crucial about understanding the whole idea of world transits is they represent very powerful archetypal wave forms that surge into the collective psyche, into the given culture, at a given time.”

The transition of Pluto into Aquarius takes place over several years, but it is November 2024 when Pluto enters Aquarius for the long haul, remaining in Aquarius for the foreseeable future, until 2043. The symbol for Aquarius is the water-bearer pouring forth the elixir of life upon planet Earth. Dwelling in the skies, above it all, Aquarius helps humanity look to the heavens for meaning, ultimately revealing the true purpose of human existence in the vast and undiscovered potential of cosmic consciousness.

It is clear to see, humanity stands on the threshold of unprecedented evolutionary development. Across a wide spectrum of human history, nothing like this has happened before. The stakes are high, there are no road maps to follow. On the positive side, Pluto in Aquarius promotes invention, innovation and adaptation, all necessary to survive and thrive in this new world dawning.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;

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Books New and Gently Used!

Crystal Visions offers a comprehensive assortment of spiritual and self-improvement NEW and USED books. We are the premiere store for New and Used Metaphysical Books. We have an extensive selection of used books many of which are no longer in print. A great place to find books on Astrology, Energy Work, Psychic Development, Goddesses, Crystals, Chakras, Sound Healing, Buddism, Herbs, Wicca, Spirituality and More!

You’ll routinely find titles here by classic and current best-selling authors. We also carry works from several local authors including Michelle Payton, Jonna Rae Bartges, H. Bryon Ballad and many others! Remember to ask about our book club! Looking for a particular title? Call us at (828) 687-1193 or send email to us at

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Highlights of our 25th Anniversary Celebration!

Our 25th Anniversary Celebration was a joy-filled fun day!


The shop was really busy all day!


IMG_1282 (2)

Richard Shulman opened the day with his beautiful, inspired music!

IMG_1261 (2)

JanET Ledder tirelessly treated us to seated massage!


Sherry, Coburn, Rachel, Sandra, Julie and Ethel were right on in the Message Circle!


Pam and Don McMahon offered their terrific Acoustic Music to Feed Your Soul!


And, of course there was delicious cake!


The Wisdom Circle, though somewhat of a roast of Blair, also took us from tears of joy to laughter !

IMG_1372 (2)
IMG_1374 (2)

The day was joyfully filled with old and new friends, and we are very grateful.


And the day closed with an energetic drumming circle!

(how did we not get any pics from that???)

Books & Music


Crystal Visions offers a comprehensive assortment of spiritual and self-improvement NEW and USED books.. You’ll routinely find titles here by classic authors such as: Alice Bailey, Spalding, Ernest Holmes, Paramahansa Yogananda, and current best selling authors Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Sylvia Browne, Eckhart Tolle and dozens of others. We also carry works from several local authors including Michelle Payton, Jonna Rae Bartges, Paige Bryant, H. Bryon Ballad, Tareh Cox and many others! Remember to ask about our book club! Looking for a particular title? Call us at (828) 687-1193 or send email to us at cvisions at

e cubedKelly bookmelchizedekKryon-Book-13


In our large collection you’ll find audio/musical selections from native American flute to Celtic dance, as well as the Hemi-Sync series. While browsing the shop just ask to hear demos.  Artists include Carlos Nakai, Richard Shulman, Stephen Halpern, Liquid Mind and many, many more.

Labyrinth of Divine God and Goddess

On Saturday, February 2nd, 2013, we held ceremony for Enlivening our new Labyrinth of Divine God and Goddess.

Many, many thanks to Donna Askew and Sam Richardson for their incredibly hard work,
generous contribution, and dedication in creating our new Labyrinth!

Labyrinth - Donna and Sam

The night of our celebration we were blessed with many Spirit Beings:

Spirit Being at enlivening celebration

We welcome you to walk our beautiful, sacred Labyrinth:


Donna Askew, who graciously co-created our Labyrinth with Sam Richardson, shared this:

This Labyrinth was called into the 3rd Dimension by 13th Dimensional Beings.  The Human Co-Created Manifestation is in Honor of All Living Beings.

Labyrinth Winter Solstice Healing GridThe Winter Solstice Healing Grid is buried in the center of this Labyrinth and hundreds of small crystals are buried within the rocks.

We humbly provide a space for all to visit and share in the frequency band that has been co-created to hold this sacred

Labyrinths can be used as walking meditation/prayer healing modalities.  As we walk in clockwise we repeat a prayer or request out loud and create an energetic hologram of vibrational intent. Once we reach the center, we stand in silence for a moment as the energy slows down and achieves a balance.  As we walk out counter clockwise we are silent as we are sending the energy in the opposite direction to once again find a balance.  We have just created a Frequency Band of Our Intent.

We invite you to participate at whatever level you are comfortable with.  We are honored to have you at our Labyrinth!

For a suggested prayer to use while walking the Labyrinth, click here.

Enjoy the Garden Labyrinth!

Thursday, September 20th: Fall Equinox Ceremony

with Ann Running-Wolf

The Fall Equinox has long been honored by our ancestors who followed the cycles of our earth mother. It is a time of celebration and thanksgiving with drumming, songs, and the exchange of gifts!

This is a time for thanking our earth mother for the way she has taken care of us this past season, and letting go of the old and bringing in the new!

The exchanging of gifts between each other was a way of blessing each family with prosperity throughout the winter months.

Come and join Crystal Visions for the Fall Equinox Ceremony filled with joyful drumming and inspirational songs hosted by Ann Runningwolf.

Bring a small gift to share with someone and expect to be blessed!

See you in the Circle! Aho!

6:30 – approximately 8:00 pm

$10 Suggested Donation

Service to our community

There are many ways in which you, as an individual, can directly participate in improving the lives of those facing hunger in Western North Carolina. The most direct way in which you can have an impact is by donating food.  You might just create a habit of buying a few extra cans when you go to the grocery store, keeping a box by your front door where you deposit these extra cans and when the box is full, bringing it to Crystal Visions on your next visit.

We will gladly receive and distribute your food donations to local food banks.

Needed items include:

  • Canned meats (beef, chicken, tuna)
  • Peanut butter (plastic jars only, please)
  • Dried/Canned Beans (pork & beans, pinto, kidney, black)
  • Hearty Soup (pop-top cans preferred)
  • Meals in a Box or Can (beef stew, chili, mac & cheese, hash)
  • Canned Fruits (fruit cocktail, raisins, apple sauce)
  • Canned Vegetables (green beans, carrots, corn)
  • Cereals and Grains (rice, pasta, cereal in a box or bag)
  • Fruit and Vegetable Juice (100% juice preferred)
  • Dry Milk (instant non-fat)

For more information, see this recent article in the Mountain Xpress

Our Beautiful Garden Area!

In our beautiful backyard garden, we host two outdoor fairs a year (the Garden Party and Weave the Web) and a beautiful labyrinth!

Views of Crystal Visions – May Pole Celebration

One of our favorite Spring celebrations!

Crystal Visions – busy shopping day

Views of Crystal Visions – shop front

Welcome to Crystal Visions!  Your Sanctuary for the Spiritual Seeker, providing resources for transformation and growth including books, music. crystals, jewelry and more, serving the greater Asheville, NC community since 1989.

A Wide Selection of Crystals and Gemstone Jewelry

In our mineral case you’ll find treasures from around the world with a large assortment of sparkling clusters, spheres, points and rough minerals.

If you’re seeking massage points, crystals for healing, or beautiful mineral specimens for display, you’ll find them here.

Diverse traditions and designs are found in our jewelry department! Most pieces are Sterling Silver with gemstones, with several being unique, one-of-a-kind items.



Creating Sacred Space!

Sacred Space can be as small as the breath taken in during prayer, as large as a cathedral or as expansive as an ocean view. From the reflective to the whimsical, you’ll find the angelic and the fairy realms, as well as the world of the dragon.















Incense – including standards such as Nag Champa and smudging tools! Candles of all sizes and shapes, Space Clearing Sprays and more!

incensesticks candles

Small Reading Room

The Green Room

The “Green Room” is our cozy meditation space.

Aptly named for the warm, rich green carpet, this room is perfect for one-on-one readings and/or healing sessions, and comfortably allows space for a massage table.

Outside Meeting Space

The Garden, Pavilion, Fire Circle and Medicine Wheel

Our outdoor meeting space includes:

  • a large lawn area
  • a Pavilion with lighting for evening programs and a ceiling fan for warm days
  • a flourishing garden
  • a stone-framed  Fire Circle with plenty of room for a large group to gather ’round
  • a Medicine Wheel created in the tradition of Sun Bear
  • and quiet meditation space under our sweet olive tree, fondly referred to as “Olive.”

In May we have a May Pole celebration!

And each Fall we have our Weave the Web Networking Festival!

If you are interested in holding an event in our
Gardens & Pavilion, Fire Circle, or Medicine Wheel,
contact us for rates.


Large Meeting Space

With comfortable seating for 65 people (though we’ve had up to 80 on more than one occasion), our Large Meeting Space has a high cathedral ceiling with tremendous acoustics for music and vocals.

Room Set Up

The room can be set up classroom style with tables, or audience style with a semi-circle of chairs, and we have a small stage for concerts and speakers.

The double doors opening onto the back garden, the south-facing windows, and the northern skylights all bring light and energy to this extraordinary space.

Rental Rates:

Monday – Friday, 10 am – 6 pm: $20/hour
Evenings & Saturdays, 2-4 hours: $25/hour
Saturdays, 5 or more hours: $20/hour
Sundays: $25/hour; 6-hour minimum

To inquire about using this space, send us email at events at

Large Meeting Space example – AAWIP meeting

Here’s a view of an Asheville Area Wholistic and Integrative Professionals meeting in our large meeting room!

AAWIP meeting









Divination Tools assist one in gaining insight to a question. We have many forms of divination tools to aid you in your quest for knowledge including Tarot Decks, Runes, Oracle Cards, Pendulums and Dowsing Rods. Whether you are a novice or experienced practitioner, we have books and materials that can assist you on your journey.


Contact Information


Crystal Visions
5426 Asheville Hwy
Hendersonville, NC 28791
(828) 687-1193


PO Box 8
Naples, NC 28760
(828) 687-1193

Monday – Saturday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

To inquire about renting any of our event spaces, you can send us email:

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