Saturday May 7: SOUNDS OF SAMADHI – Sound Healing Journey

2023-01-07 / Manifest Your 2023, A Workshop w/ Donna Clifford

Manifest Your 2023 Workshop

January 7, 2023 11:30am-1:30pm
Are you worried about what the new year holds for you?
Do you feel scattered about setting strong goals for your life?
This workshop will include manifesting what you truly desire in the new year, planning a vision board/vision list and then setting the manifestation.
We will begin and end with meditations, so bring a yoga mat, pillow and/or blankets if that will make you more comfortable.  We will also be pulling out words and photos to set the visualization of what we want to manifest in the next year.  Bring poster board, glue sticks and magazines that you like.   You should also bring a notebook and pen to take notes of your mediation inspirations and your intention list.  
We will enter into a deep meditation to open the intention, work on the intentions with vision boards/vision lists, etc., then close with a meditation to seal in these manifestations.  It’s going to be great!  These are very powerful.   Make sure to bring drinking water. 
Class is $25 bringing your own board and magazines.
Class is $30 use of the boards, glue and magazines I supply.  
Payments due before class, by January 6, 2023.  Class will also be live-streamed if you can’t make it physically.  
You can reach out to me directly for payment option at or call 781-405-5307
There are many payment options.

12-21 / Winter Solstice Ceremony

The Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year and the beginning of the return of the light and has always been acknowledged by humankind as one of the two most powerful turning points of the year.

Join us for a ceremony of reviewing, releasing and renewing.


December 21, 2022

4:00 – 5:30 pm



2023-02-25 / Past Life Regression Workshop w/ Hypnotherapist John Till

Traveling To The Past… For insight, Healing and Awareness!

Past Life Regression Workshop with Hypnotherapist John Till

Saturday, February 25,2023
3:00 – 5:00 PM 
Cost: $15

I will be sharing teachings about reincarnation and how Hypnosis is used to experience lives we have lived before, then take the group through Past Life Regression.

Join us for an interesting and insightful afternoon. I may be reached for further information at:

or at 760-285-6535

12-08 / Brenda Lee “International Psychic, Medium”

Thursday December 8th 12:00 – 5:00 pm
1 hr readings on the hour (5 slots) Call Store to reserve a slot
by Appointment ONLY!
Cost: $115



Brenda Lee is a Natural Born Trance Medium and Psychic with over 30 years’ experience. She brings forth Insights and Guidance from Divine Source, St. Germain and Lord Michael.

Brenda Lee is internationally known for her ability to connect with the Angelic Realms, Akasha Records, Your Guides, and Unseen Friends to bring forth clarity and deep insights.

Brenda Lee is also a Soul Artist (painter of soul prints) and has a CD entitled “Soul Purpose Meditation & Sacred Journey.”

Planetary Trends for December 2022 by Belinda Dunn

WHAT’S UP – December 2022

Belinda C. Dunn

Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon

December 7 @ 11:08 pm EST

Winter Solstice

December 21 @ 4:50 pm EST

Capricorn New Moon

December 23 @ 5:16 am EST

Mercury retrograde

December 29 @ 4:32 am EST

As customary, December begins with all the fanfare, and over the top extravagance, of the holiday season. Lights, camera, action! While decking the halls can be a joyful expression for many, too often the season becomes a minefield of expectation and burdens, depending on where you stand. From the standpoint of astrology, Neptune is the prominent planetary player for the first half of December, and we may do well to remember the aphorism, “All that glitters is not gold.”

First of all, strengthening its influence, Neptune is stationary direct on December 3. Neptune is transiting through Pisces, a very inspirational combination, but possibly innocent, gullible, and easily persuaded. A hallmark of these times, elements of the nonsensical weave with confusion as the mind spins in an endless circle of truth vs. falsehood. Neptune teaches that only essential Truth can be real, while falsehood is but illusory, always changing, mutating into the next drama.

While there are many ramifications, and every planetary combination manifests with both opportunity and challenge, December begins with an aura of, “What’s happening ??!!” Mercury is in stressful square to Neptune on the 1st. Venus follows closely, squaring Neptune on December 4th. It may feel like walking through a hall of mirrors, gazing at reflections, knowing that at any moment the mirror can shatter and scatter beyond repair. Because once the illusion falls apart, there is no turning back.

All these factors feed into the approaching Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon, exact on the evening of December 7. Shining bright, this lunation amplifies all facets of communication, personally and collectively. In fact, there are numerous breaking developments as the Moon exactly conjoins Mars in Gemini in opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius. The very word “opposition” implies conflict, difference of opinion, and efforts to persuade others to one’s point of view. The air waves will be on fire with the latest story, and a sense of urgency and pressure can overtake reason.

Sagittarius, the zodiac sign of belief, can range from open minded and curious to dogmatic, opinionated, and close minded. Most likely, this Full Moon concerns the finalization of mid-term elections that can change minds, or deepen division. The political turmoil of recent years is not just a war of words, but a war of ideology. Reading like an open book, this Full Moon has the potential to illuminate contradiction, duplicity and fantasy. It is a turning point, a decisive note on which to end the year.

Another key factor for consideration involves transiting Mars retrograde (October 30 – January 12). It can be helpful to look back to important events in late October. To some degree, November was a month for pausing, perhaps stalling, allowing adjustments and alterations to future plans. December is a month for defining and refining direction, and beginning to make movement, if possible.

Returning to Neptune, the Sun makes a final square to Neptune on December 14th. Therefore, the first half of December can be a breeding ground for a proliferation of schemes and scams with desperation as the driving force. Of course, this can wreak havoc on gift purchases, so choose wisely and carefully. Likewise, the high side of these planetary alignments can instill compassion for those in need, and can result in extraordinary acts of generosity.

By the week of December 19, grounding planetary influences come to the forefront. Marking the annual Winter Solstice, Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st. The longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere, solstice is a time for honoring traditions, lighting candles and basking in the glow of a perfectly stoked fire. By now, Mercury and Venus are in cautious and practical Capricorn, and the solstice chart shows a predominance of the earth element. Reverent, solemn and responsible, Capricorn energy helps to stabilize the metaphorical ship on stormy seas of planetary evolution.

Within days, Moon joins Sun is a Capricorn Super New Moon, exact on December 23. In the dark of the Moon, setting the tone for year-end reflection, this is an especially important lunation for each and all. Concluding a divisive, turbulent and war torn year, a profound reckoning is taking place. From a multitude of vantage points, many are asking, “Where do we go from here?”

The New Moon chart shows a major grouping of planets in Capricorn. In addition to the luminaries, Sun and Moon, there are three planets, Venus, Mercury, Pluto. Known as a stellium, these concise and powerful alignments can dissolve illusions and fantasies, and dash expectations on the hard, cold rocks of reality. This is when the rubber meets the road in a call for responsible management of resources, starting with one’s immediate sphere of influence.

Now what makes this New Moon even more powerful is Mercury preparing to go retrograde on December 29th. As Mercury begins its routine (3 times a year) retrograde, it is within three degrees of Pluto, very close. As though egging Pluto on, Mercury will not make an exact conjunction with Pluto until February 10. So, even though there is plenty of time to get the drift, in reality, there is no time to waste.

Let’s take a laser like focus into the compelling lessons of the zodiac teacher Capricorn. To recap, in its long 246 year orbit, Pluto has been transiting through Capricorn since 2008. Wrapping up fourteen years of history, next year Pluto enters Aquarius around the Spring Equinox. It is clear . . . a tremendous shift, monumental in scope, is underway. It is so easy to lose sight of this in the humdrum of daily life, but nevertheless, we are along for the ride.

An apt representation of Capricorn is the hermit on the mountain top, holding high a lantern to light the way for other climbers. In this way, Capricorn is wiser, stoic, more experienced, and above it all. Capricorn also represents the parent, and in particular the father. While this may be an idealization of parenting, and most parents understandably fall short in real life circumstances, the ideal parent is reliable, consistent, caring and conscientious. Older and wiser, a parent takes the long range view, fostering character development in offspring, and development of the internal compass commonly called conscience, morality, ethics.

Shifting gears . . . in this day and age, the community and family unit is besieged with dysfunction and numerous societal stresses. Substance abuse is rampant, schools are no longer safe havens, there is violence on the streets, political turmoil, economic disparity, mental illness is normalized, and meanwhile, greedy, tyrannical leaders play around with weapons of mass destruction. Need I go on?

I realize this is not a positive note on which to end the year. Sorry, but this major alignment in Capricorn with Mercury activating Pluto over the coming weeks, it’s time to face reality. Otherwise, we may miss the substance and continue to blindly stumble along in desperation and delusion. This alignment can assist each and everyone to grow up, sidestep the habit of victimization, and mature in leaps and bounds by taking personal responsibility. Tap into inner guidance, your GPS of personalized instructions, and discover ways to fortify yourself for the inevitable vicissitudes and storms of life.

From the national picture . . . all year we have been tracking Pluto’s return to its exact degree in 1776, the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The third and final conjunction is December 28th. This makes complete sense to astrologers, and no wonder so many systems are in a state of decay and breakdown, re-imagining and reconstruction. Pluto is literally flushing out the past.

So often, as archetypal god of the underworld, Pluto gets a bad rap. Pluto’s job is to bring enlightened awareness into areas of denial and repression. Exposing the underbelly, so to speak, Pluto’s action is transmuting, transforming and transcending. This takes many forms such as the psychological pressure to evolve, exposure of corruption, criminality, pollution and decomposition.

As the world turns, humans tend to forget that beneath our feet, night and day, is earth, our glorious planet Earth. Under the surface, there are vast stores of minerals, gems and crystals. Under the seas, a vast wealth of sustenance and wildlife. Abundance is the nature of life, but all this is pushed aside, easily forgotten in the insatiable rush to dominate, acquire, accumulate. But, whether acknowledged or not, humans are on a treasure hunt for the real wealth, the Truth beyond all understanding.

In conclusion, I am reminded of a remarkable story of the clay Buddha. In 1955, a clay statue of Buddha was being moved to a new temple in Thailand. In transport, the clay cracked to reveal a pure gold Buddha. Apparently, during an invasion centuries earlier, monks covered the Buddha with clay to protect and preserve it from harm.

This story has so many layers of relevance and meaning, but the essence is a helpful reminder. No matter what “things” look like on the surface, appearances can be deceiving. Beneath all trials and tribulations, sorrows and joys, abides a hidden existence, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be known, and ready to be embodied.

As another year draws to a close, may each of you, your loved ones, and all beings experience the true wealth; peace, happiness, health, contentment, and a deep abiding sense that all is well, and love really does make the world go ’round.

Enjoy the season, goodwill to all, and 2023 . . . here we come !!!

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;

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Books & Music!

Crystal Visions offers a comprehensive assortment of spiritual and self-improvement NEW and USED books. We are the premiere store for New and Used Metaphysical Books. We have an extensive selection of used books many of which are no longer in print. A great place to find books on Astrology, Energy Work, Psychic Development, Goddesses, Crystals, Chakras, Sound Healing, Buddism, Herbs, Wicca, Spirituality and More!

You’ll routinely find titles here by classic and current best-selling authors. We also carry works from several local authors including Michelle Payton, Jonna Rae Bartges, H. Bryon Ballad and many others! Remember to ask about our book club! Looking for a particular title? Call us at (828) 687-1193 or send email to us at

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Highlights of our 25th Anniversary Celebration!

Our 25th Anniversary Celebration was a joy-filled fun day!


The shop was really busy all day!


IMG_1282 (2)

Richard Shulman opened the day with his beautiful, inspired music!

IMG_1261 (2)

JanET Ledder tirelessly treated us to seated massage!


Sherry, Coburn, Rachel, Sandra, Julie and Ethel were right on in the Message Circle!


Pam and Don McMahon offered their terrific Acoustic Music to Feed Your Soul!


And, of course there was delicious cake!


The Wisdom Circle, though somewhat of a roast of Blair, also took us from tears of joy to laughter !

IMG_1372 (2)
IMG_1374 (2)

The day was joyfully filled with old and new friends, and we are very grateful.


And the day closed with an energetic drumming circle!

(how did we not get any pics from that???)

Books & Music


Crystal Visions offers a comprehensive assortment of spiritual and self-improvement NEW and USED books.. You’ll routinely find titles here by classic authors such as: Alice Bailey, Spalding, Ernest Holmes, Paramahansa Yogananda, and current best selling authors Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Sylvia Browne, Eckhart Tolle and dozens of others. We also carry works from several local authors including Michelle Payton, Jonna Rae Bartges, Paige Bryant, H. Bryon Ballad, Tareh Cox and many others! Remember to ask about our book club! Looking for a particular title? Call us at (828) 687-1193 or send email to us at cvisions at

e cubedKelly bookmelchizedekKryon-Book-13


In our large collection you’ll find audio/musical selections from native American flute to Celtic dance, as well as the Hemi-Sync series. While browsing the shop just ask to hear demos.  Artists include Carlos Nakai, Richard Shulman, Stephen Halpern, Liquid Mind and many, many more.

Labyrinth of Divine God and Goddess

On Saturday, February 2nd, 2013, we held ceremony for Enlivening our new Labyrinth of Divine God and Goddess.

Many, many thanks to Donna Askew and Sam Richardson for their incredibly hard work,
generous contribution, and dedication in creating our new Labyrinth!

Labyrinth - Donna and Sam

The night of our celebration we were blessed with many Spirit Beings:

Spirit Being at enlivening celebration

We welcome you to walk our beautiful, sacred Labyrinth:


Donna Askew, who graciously co-created our Labyrinth with Sam Richardson, shared this:

This Labyrinth was called into the 3rd Dimension by 13th Dimensional Beings.  The Human Co-Created Manifestation is in Honor of All Living Beings.

Labyrinth Winter Solstice Healing GridThe Winter Solstice Healing Grid is buried in the center of this Labyrinth and hundreds of small crystals are buried within the rocks.

We humbly provide a space for all to visit and share in the frequency band that has been co-created to hold this sacred

Labyrinths can be used as walking meditation/prayer healing modalities.  As we walk in clockwise we repeat a prayer or request out loud and create an energetic hologram of vibrational intent. Once we reach the center, we stand in silence for a moment as the energy slows down and achieves a balance.  As we walk out counter clockwise we are silent as we are sending the energy in the opposite direction to once again find a balance.  We have just created a Frequency Band of Our Intent.

We invite you to participate at whatever level you are comfortable with.  We are honored to have you at our Labyrinth!

For a suggested prayer to use while walking the Labyrinth, click here.

Enjoy the Garden Labyrinth!

^^ HAPPY HOLIDAYS! We will be closing at 4 pm on Dec. 24th!!

Please note: we’ll close at 4 pm today!

We wish you a most joyful holiday season!

Thursday, September 20th: Fall Equinox Ceremony

with Ann Running-Wolf

The Fall Equinox has long been honored by our ancestors who followed the cycles of our earth mother. It is a time of celebration and thanksgiving with drumming, songs, and the exchange of gifts!

This is a time for thanking our earth mother for the way she has taken care of us this past season, and letting go of the old and bringing in the new!

The exchanging of gifts between each other was a way of blessing each family with prosperity throughout the winter months.

Come and join Crystal Visions for the Fall Equinox Ceremony filled with joyful drumming and inspirational songs hosted by Ann Runningwolf.

Bring a small gift to share with someone and expect to be blessed!

See you in the Circle! Aho!

6:30 – approximately 8:00 pm

$10 Suggested Donation

Service to our community

There are many ways in which you, as an individual, can directly participate in improving the lives of those facing hunger in Western North Carolina. The most direct way in which you can have an impact is by donating food.  You might just create a habit of buying a few extra cans when you go to the grocery store, keeping a box by your front door where you deposit these extra cans and when the box is full, bringing it to Crystal Visions on your next visit.

We will gladly receive and distribute your food donations to local food banks.

Needed items include:

  • Canned meats (beef, chicken, tuna)
  • Peanut butter (plastic jars only, please)
  • Dried/Canned Beans (pork & beans, pinto, kidney, black)
  • Hearty Soup (pop-top cans preferred)
  • Meals in a Box or Can (beef stew, chili, mac & cheese, hash)
  • Canned Fruits (fruit cocktail, raisins, apple sauce)
  • Canned Vegetables (green beans, carrots, corn)
  • Cereals and Grains (rice, pasta, cereal in a box or bag)
  • Fruit and Vegetable Juice (100% juice preferred)
  • Dry Milk (instant non-fat)

For more information, see this recent article in the Mountain Xpress

Our Beautiful Garden Area!

In our beautiful backyard garden, we host two outdoor fairs a year (the Garden Party and Weave the Web) and a beautiful labyrinth!

Views of Crystal Visions – May Pole Celebration

One of our favorite Spring celebrations!

Crystal Visions – busy shopping day

Views of Crystal Visions – shop front

Welcome to Crystal Visions!  Your Sanctuary for the Spiritual Seeker, providing resources for transformation and growth including books, music. crystals, jewelry and more, serving the greater Asheville, NC community since 1989.

A Wide Selection of Crystals and Gemstone Jewelry

In our mineral case you’ll find treasures from around the world with a large assortment of sparkling clusters, spheres, points and rough minerals.

If you’re seeking massage points, crystals for healing, or beautiful mineral specimens for display, you’ll find them here.

Diverse traditions and designs are found in our jewelry department! Most pieces are Sterling Silver with gemstones, with several being unique, one-of-a-kind items.



Creating Sacred Space!

Sacred Space can be as small as the breath taken in during prayer, as large as a cathedral or as expansive as an ocean view. From the reflective to the whimsical, you’ll find the angelic and the fairy realms, as well as the world of the dragon.















Incense – including standards such as Nag Champa and smudging tools! Candles of all sizes and shapes, Space Clearing Sprays and more!

incensesticks candles

Small Reading Room

The Green Room

The “Green Room” is our cozy meditation space.

Aptly named for the warm, rich green carpet, this room is perfect for one-on-one readings and/or healing sessions, and comfortably allows space for a massage table.

Outside Meeting Space

The Garden, Pavilion, Fire Circle and Medicine Wheel

Our outdoor meeting space includes:

  • a large lawn area
  • a Pavilion with lighting for evening programs and a ceiling fan for warm days
  • a flourishing garden
  • a stone-framed  Fire Circle with plenty of room for a large group to gather ’round
  • a Medicine Wheel created in the tradition of Sun Bear
  • and quiet meditation space under our sweet olive tree, fondly referred to as “Olive.”

In May we have a May Pole celebration!

And each Fall we have our Weave the Web Networking Festival!

If you are interested in holding an event in our
Gardens & Pavilion, Fire Circle, or Medicine Wheel,
contact us for rates.


Large Meeting Space

With comfortable seating for 65 people (though we’ve had up to 80 on more than one occasion), our Large Meeting Space has a high cathedral ceiling with tremendous acoustics for music and vocals.

Room Set Up

The room can be set up classroom style with tables, or audience style with a semi-circle of chairs, and we have a small stage for concerts and speakers.

The double doors opening onto the back garden, the south-facing windows, and the northern skylights all bring light and energy to this extraordinary space.

Rental Rates:

Monday – Friday, 10 am – 6 pm: $20/hour
Evenings & Saturdays, 2-4 hours: $25/hour
Saturdays, 5 or more hours: $20/hour
Sundays: $25/hour; 6-hour minimum

To inquire about using this space, send us email at events at

Large Meeting Space example – AAWIP meeting

Here’s a view of an Asheville Area Wholistic and Integrative Professionals meeting in our large meeting room!

AAWIP meeting