Tarot Mysteries Hidden in Plain Sight by Allison Frank

by Allison Frank
Asheville Oracle

When I got my first tarot deck over 50 years ago, my only focus was to learn the meanings of each card as quickly as possible so I could perform an accurate reading. Although the images on my Rider Waite deck were jam-packed with magical symbolism of elements, fantasy creatures, medieval knights, foreign letters, colors and lush flowers – not to mention numerology – it didn’t occur to me to delve much deeper into the profundity of the designs until much later in my spiritual journey. Not focusing on the myriad nuances of the hundreds of symbols didn’t seem to hinder the quality of a spread’s outcome. The cards always told the truth.

As my skills developed, however, I was challenged to honor the entirety of the artistic representations – such as mountains in the background, lightning bolts shooting from the sky, the crimson importance of a rose – into how I would explain the cards’ meanings to my friends and clients. The incredibly brilliant creators of the Tarot system did not arbitrarily insert ANY image unintentionally.   Every aspect of every card contains a deep, iconic meaning that I’ve continued to study my entire life.

However, the one image that completely baffles me, that no amount of study or reading of academic articles has ever satisfied my insatiable curiosity, is this: why there are Hebrew letters strewn throughout the entire system? Unless, of course, the originators of this complex divination process were Kabbalistic scholars.

The main argument I’ve encountered for the ancient alphabet’s inclusion into the tarot’s intentional, yet mysterious creation is the very obvious fact that there are 22 Higher Arcana cards and, that the Hebrew alphabet also contains 22 letters. This couldn’t possibly be a coincidence, could it? And no, as a practicing psychic, I certainly don’t cotton to “coincidence,” especially one of this magnitude.

But here’s the rub. The Kabbalah is the mystical aspect of Judaism and was not available in the public domain until about 50 years ago. This highly prized, much protected Kabbalstic information was reserved ONLY to rabbis over the age of 40, NEVER to women and ONLY to those whose entire life’s work was to study the Torah.

How do I know that?

Several years ago, I studied with a Kabbalistic scholar and author – Gabriella Samuels – who wrote of the book Kabbalah Handbook: A Concise Encyclopedia of Terms and Concepts in Jewish Mysticism. Being able to take a class on this previously unavailable body of Jewish law was exciting because the much-hidden knowledge of the ancient practitioners was finally accessible for public consumption. But then it led me to this ultimate conundrum as to why the Hebrew letters are scattered throughout Tarot decks.

Because no one can pinpoint the exact origins of Tarot’s inception, its beginnings are shrouded in secrets. Some historians state the deck surfaced in France (Tarot de Marseilles) in the 1500s. Some claim the Egyptians came up with this form of divination.  Others (my favorite) believe the Knights of Templar discovered the tarot on their quest into the Middle East while trying to spread Christianity throughout the world. But truly? No one really knows.

Nevertheless, the historical timing blatantly begs the question: Who inserted these symbols into the structure of the cards?

Although the answer to this question might never surface, I find it fascinating to ponder yet another lovely aspect of the Tarot. I’m certain my fellow practitioners might beg to differ with my reasoning, and I welcome any and all discussion about our favorite form of fortune telling because the Tarot is a never-ending journey into the spiritual realm.


Allison Frank (Asheville Oracle) has dedicated her life to reading Tarot cards to help people solve problems by accessing the higher dimensions. She’s been a reader at Crystal Visions for the past 8 years and you can book an appointment with her through the store. You can Contact Allison at or at Asheville Oracle Tarot on Facebook.




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Trust Your Intuition by Cheryl Grace

Trust Your Intuition
by Cheryl Grace

Everyone knows something about intuition, such as recalling a moment when you “just knew” that a particular event would happen a certain way. Having a premonition or an intuitive hit before it happened has been referred to as “women’s intuition,” and as “gut instincts” when skillfully making a business decision that contributed to a company’s success.

If we choose to trust the information we receive through Intuition, we are also learning to abandon the importance of our ego and its constant chatter. Most of our obsessive thinking has some form of attachment to our past or anticipation of the future. By quieting the mind, you begin the process of awakening your Intuition. It improves your concentration, allows you to feel more calm and relaxed, and opens doors to tapping into what you already know. It’s like having a bottomless vault of wisdom.

The need to control your life experiences often stems from fear or anxiety of the unknown, which hinders the intuitive process. Consider the number of decisions you have to make in a day. Some choices you make consciously and some you do unconsciously. We have all gotten into our car and arrived at our destination without any clue of how we got there! The same is true for Intuition. When you are aware that by tuning in you can easily access intuition and by acting on it you can manifest what is best for you. With practice, it becomes a reliable source of guidance for major decisions and at the same time unlocks your creative approaches in all aspects of your life.

Being receptive is another way to create new opportunities and positive life experiences by adopting an attitude of accepting things just as they are without judgment or trying to change it. When you are fully present in the moment, it activates intuition so that you may receive intuitive messages. Your thoughts are crystal clear.

The practice of meditation clears away the mind chatter and creates space in the mind for intuition to thrive. You may experience new ways to do things by the way of dreams, imagery, thoughts, or feelings. You open up to the possibility that by removing lack and limitation from your mindset, you will break through to a new level of awareness. Intuition offers new ideas and ways of doing things that may have not been readily apparent. Rather than paralysis for over-analysis, you are able to access multiple options for any life challenge.

We all have intuitive ability when we avoid making assumptions and judgments about everything. Your willingness to give up your attachment to being right will accelerate the intuitive process by opening up the possibility for things that you either have not thought of or that hadn’t been previously revealed. If you want to keep your life just as it is, then don’t do anything different than you are right now. If you want to make room for new something new to enter, then let your intuition guide you. Take a chance by trusting your instincts and see where it takes you.

It is on the intuitive plane that you can tap into the universal consciousness where all information is available to you. This is considered the highest form of truth. Perhaps you’ve had a decision you were struggling with and decided to “sleep on it.” This is a great way to awaken intuition by being open to any and all solutions and allowing it to emerge at its own pace.

In the same way it takes time for a plant to grow, so does the natural pace allowing events, circumstances and people to line up to create your ideal life.


Cheryl Grace is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer and specialist in Sacred Contracts. Cheryl is a Reader at Crystal Visions. Check the store calendar for her schedule. For more information on Cheryl, visit

Planetary Trends for March 2024 by Belinda Dunn

WHAT’S UP – March 2024

Belinda C. Dunn

Pisces New Moon

March 10 @ 5:00 am (EDT)

Spring Equinox

March 19 @ 11:15 pm (EDT)

Libra/Aries Full Moon

March 25 @ 3:00 am (EDT)

March begins with a felt sense of life force rising from winter’s slumber as early green sprouts push up toward sunlight. Springing into view, one by one, nature’s parade begins. First, barely noticeable tiny spring beauties, than crocus, followed by daffodils, hyacinth and tulips.

Moving and stirring everything awake, this very same life force moves through the human body as a resurgence of vital energy. Almost overnight, moods lift and attitudes shift as daylight grows day by day. As with any seasonal transition, change requires resilience, adjustment and adaptation. In spring, this is especially the case as the body is more vulnerable to extreme temperature fluctuation. The common adage, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,” speaks to the winds that can vary from fierce and frigid one day, to gentle and mild the next.

As the month begins, Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune transit through Pisces, the 12th and final zodiac sign. Implying there are things to clean up and finish up in order to prepare for a new cycle, Pisces is contemplative, intuitive, sensitive and mystical.

In particular, a Pisces New Moon on March 10 has the potential to call forth these introspective qualities as a honing tool of direction and guidance.

The New Moon is couched between Saturn and Neptune. These planets represent the gap between manifested reality and idealistic yearnings. It can seem nearly impossible to close the gap without the broad perspective that spirituality offers. Presently, we don’t have to look far to witness the desperation and depression written on the face of humanity. If you dare to, just look around, it can be overwhelming, but this is when the healing balm of Pisces can step in to offer forgiveness, release, understanding and compassion.

Other clues point to the ending of cycles. Not only is this the last New Moon before Spring Equinox, but Venus transits through Pisces, March 11 – April 4. Then Mars joins the party, transiting through Pisces March 22 – April 30. This suggests some lag time between the energetic jump start, so typical of spring, and the introspective nature of Pisces which instinctively seeks a slower pace for quiet reflection.

In astrology, Aries is the 1st zodiac sign, and spring is considered the beginning of the astrological new year. Like seeds planted in fertile soil, intentions planted during the equinox have great potency for successful manifestation. As Sun enters Aries, the equinox chart shows an unusual planetary line-up of North Lunar Node, Mercury and Chiron. Let’s unpack this configuration one by one.

First, the transiting North Node has been in Aries since summer 2023. Like a shining north star, this position shows the optimal growth pattern for individuals and collective consciousness. It is like a theme song always playing in the background. In this case, Aries is encouraging and promoting the dynamic qualities of self awareness, self reliance, and courageous assertion of what is meaningful and true for you.

Next, Mercury is transiting through Aries for a lengthy stay of many weeks, March 10 – May 15. Due to a Mercury retrograde phase April 1 – 25, there will be many opportunities to see these themes in action. It isn’t necessarily an easy process as social conditioning leans toward people pleasing, and going along with the crowd. One of the best ways to access the constructive side of Aries is through physical activity. Aries energy is pioneering and entrepreneurial, forthright and bold. Whether your goals are small or large scale, personal or work related, these are weeks to really get traction, and take advantage of these energetic trends.

The third factor is Chiron’s transit through Aries (2019 – 2026). Discovered in 1977, and observed by astrologers to this day, Chiron remains an enigma. It has been dubbed, “the wounded healer.” In the personal chart, it suggests the deepest core wound, but most importantly, the alleviation of suffering through effective healing techniques. In the decades since its discovery, personal growth and alternative healing methods have grown exponentially.

In order to access Chiron’s healing potential, it is necessary to break through denial. At this point in evolution, humans manufacture suffering out of ignorance of natural consequences. Laboring under pressure, humanity is lost and burdened with ancient wounds of a psychological/spiritual nature. As an archetype, Chiron shakes things up, strips away resistance and removes barriers to admitting painful wounds. Only then, can effective solutions be accessed for self, others, and society as a whole.

Chiron in Aries speaks to individual rights against the backdrop of societal relationships. Increasingly, the individual appears to be losing rights, hemmed in by cumbersome regulations, restrictions, moralistic judgment, and financial pressure. While there are numerous examples, the pandemic brought these issues to the surface, especially in forced mandates. The public at large rejected these mandates, and eventually it came down to the individual choosing autonomy whenever possible.

In addition to the Sun’s transit into Aries, powerful trends are gathering momentum for an upcoming eclipse cycle activating the zodiac signs of Aries and Libra, namely a Lunar Eclipse on March 25, and a Solar Eclipse on April 8. In general, the effects of eclipses are far reaching, and repercussions can manifest for months, but short term intensity begins to build approximately 4 weeks before the exact date. Therefore, March and most of April are intensely energized by these eclipses.

Astrologer Lorna Bevan writes,” Eclipses are dramatic cosmic wildcards in our horoscopes. They shake us out of complacency so we can move from one level of maturity to another. They are some of the most dramatic tools the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change. They uproot us, surprise us, and get us moving to a higher plane, and they work very rapidly. Eclipses want us to change, and change we do!”

Let’s take a look at the astrology chart for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. As mentioned, there is a major alignment in Aries, but Moon is opposing in Libra. This zodiac polarity shows the juxtaposition of self and others. Already themes are clear, relationships are the focal point of change in many arenas. Business and personal partnerships are due for honest and open communication with the goal of cooperation and teamwork. However, conflicted relationships can reach a point of no return, because the growth pattern is toward authentic self expression.

Symbolized by the scales of justice, Libra is the zodiac sign of legalities. The daily news is saturated with one legal battle after another in a combative tussle for influence and supremacy. At great expense, the courts are bogged down and burdened to the point of dysfunction. This lunar eclipse suggests, if not guarantees, major disclosures and decisions in most legal matters, but there are no easy, straightforward answers.

As Mercury prepares to go retrograde on April 1st, there is a crescendo of complications that may take weeks to resolve. Mercury ensures a thorough, in-depth reckoning with matters at hand; personally, nationally, globally. If this isn’t enough, consider the upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 8 is exactly conjunct Chiron. As a cosmic weather reporter, these are unusual and unpredictable trends to watch closely, learn from, and adapt to. With a good dose of curiosity and detachment, Aries helps us fearlessly meet each and every challenge with good humor and trust in favorable outcomes. Meanwhile, the planets remind us, “Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.” Enjoy the show!

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;

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