Planetary Trends for October 2023 by Belinda Dunn

What’s Up Astrology – October 2023

Belinda Dunn

Libra Solar Eclipse

October 14 @ 1:55 pm

Taurus/Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

October 28 @ 4:24 pm

Autumn leaves gently falling, vivid blue and clear skies, what’s not to love about October. Signs of seasonal change are everywhere from shortening daylight to the first touches of frosty nights. And October really delivers in major astrological events, namely a Solar Eclipse on October 14, and Lunar Eclipse on October 28.

Eclipses occur as a routine alignment between Earth, Moon and Sun. In a Solar Eclipse the Moon comes between Earth and Sun, temporarily blocking the Sun’s light. In a Lunar Eclipse, Earth comes between Sun and Moon, casting its shadow upon the Moon. All of this occurs along the ecliptic, the magnetic plane of Sun’s annual rotation. A Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse is always a Full Moon.

Of special note are the lunar nodes, mystical points in space where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic. The point in the zodiac over which the Moon crosses from south to north latitude is called the North Lunar Node; the point over which the Moon crosses from north to south latitude is called the South Lunar Node. These points transition slowly through the entire zodiac over an 18.6 year cycle.

I know we’re getting technical here, but the main takeaway is the current position of the nodes. Last July 17th, the nodes shifted into North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra, where they will remain until January 2025. Essentially, this means the Libra Solar Eclipse kicks off a new learning pattern that continues through 2024.

All together these trends define the most relevant and current curriculum in Earth school. The lunar nodes in a personal chart suggest the optimal growth pattern for a given lifetime, including the karmic residual of familiar habits and conditioning from previous lives, and the evolutionary potential of constructive adaptation. Translating this to collective consciousness means the current growth pattern is toward the North Lunar Node in Aries, and away from the South Lunar Node in Libra. What does this mean ???

First of all, this activation is stirring up relationships big time. How many people do you know that are either ending a relationship or starting a new relationship? Or deeply considering the role of relationship in their life, and the importance of remaining true to one’s self, no matter what. This includes the vital importance of awareness, cutting through convention, and designing relationships in keeping with loving kindness.

If most of us are honest with ourselves, consistent and harmonious relations remain a mystery to be solved whereas skillful relating is a lifelong learning challenge. Why? This dimension is all about relationship. From horizontal relationships with self and others, to vertical relationship with Earth and Source, there is no way to avoid or discount the essential nature of connection. It is built into being human. But, unfortunately, this is one area where we are not given an owner’s manual, but mostly left to our own devices to figure it out.

Thus, we see the condition of society today. Turn on the news, the headlines reveal anything but peace and harmony, understanding and compassion, tolerance and wisdom. Instead, society is riddled with projection, polarization, blame, discrimination and judgment. So this is the learning pattern, and October’s eclipses are bringing all this, and more, to a critical point of no return.

The Sun is in Libra now, the master negotiator, mediator and peace keeper. Symbolized by the scales of justice, this is a month of weighing many concerns, examining situations for fairness, coming to terms with present and past relationships across the board. Don’t hold back the eyes wide open revelation of personal blind spots, tendencies to blame, offloading emotion onto other people and situations. Listen deeply, within and without, for ways to create more connection and true understanding. These are the golden gifts of a Solar Eclipse in Libra.

On the world stage, newsworthy stories run the gamut from constructive treaties and alliances to all out aggression and conflict. There will be a scrambling for international partnerships in commerce, finance, defense and government. In terms of law and order, expert mediators will be called in to negotiate terms of engagement in a sticky tangled web of lies and deception. Those in the legal profession will be working overtime. If at all possible, avoid legal disputes. If you are in the middle of legalities, know this month is a turning point, and ultimately justice wins out.

As a result of the Libra Solar Eclipse conjoining the South Lunar Node, the dark side of compliance is more obvious. Humans are taught from a very young age to follow all rules, do what you’re told, keep the peace, and don’t ever rock the boat. Of course, there is purpose in congeniality and consideration of others. However, these eclipses can intensify the extreme imbalance of going along with the crowd to the detriment of ethical standards. Peace can never be forced, especially when there are self centered ulterior motives hiding in the background.

The month begins with Mars transiting through Libra, therefore passions run high, and people are willing to fight for what they believe. Mars entered Libra on August 28, entering Scorpio on October 12. In hindsight, September was a month of negotiation and diplomacy in both national issues and foreign policy. World leaders took the time to travel and meet face to face in strengthening alliances. In fact, during the last few days of September, Mars gave a preview of what is to come by activating the upcoming Solar Eclipse point.

On October 8th, Mars activates Pluto in a tense and stressful square. There is even more intensity applied in that Pluto is stationing retrograde, exact the next week on October 10. In the run up to the Solar Eclipse, a multitude of issues surface. Pluto has a repetitive quality. In other words, issues that were apparently resolved can rear up again, surfacing memories, reactions, and unresolved emotions. Navigating this planetary combination wisely takes awareness and detachment.

Transiting through Libra, October 4 – 21, Mercury acts as a supportive influence. Throughout August and September, Mercury was in Virgo, emphasizing daily routine, productivity, health and lifestyle. In Libra, Mercury will help cooler minds to prevail, and it’s not a moment too soon. You may find yourself in the middle of relationships, a go between, holding the space for cooperation and teamwork.

As the planet of communication, important and even life changing conversations are in the making. Speaking clearly and listening attentively can make a huge difference in a variety of interactions. Of particular note are the days of October 18 – 22. Both Sun and Mercury exactly conjoin the Libra South Node, but square Pluto. Speech tends to be insightful but blunt, and even tone of voice can giveaway underlying tension, irritation and frustration. Watch for secrets and true intent to be exposed and forced to the surface.

There is a dramatic shift of energy by the week of October 23 as Sun, Mercury and Mars transit through Scorpio. The shift from Libra to Scorpio is typically quite noticeable as Libra is more outer oriented and socially acceptable, whereas Scorpio is psychologically intense and internal. There may be an instinct of retreat to lick one’s wounds, or simply establish balance after recent turmoil. Scorpio has an extraordinary capacity to process complicated emotion, and address deep seated issues that many people avoid or deny.

This brings us to the Lunar Eclipse on October 28. In the zodiac signs of desire, value, worth and shared resources, financial conditions take a front seat. The astrology chart for this eclipse shows Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, opposite Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. Similar to a seesaw, the ups and downs of control can produce drastic differences in perspective, such as how to spend money, invest, take risk or hold back. Some individuals/businesses/government may be forced to go for broke while others take a more cautious route.

This eclipse also reveals underlying financial issues, personally and collectively. Because Jupiter is strong at this time, there may be disclosures around expenditures. In general, Jupiter is a beneficial influence, but Jupiter has a downside in excess, indulgence, gullibility, overspending and gambling. You may find yourself tidying up your finances, getting a grip on wasteful spending, repairing leaks in resources, and confronting others that may be taking advantage of a good thing.

These are just some possible manifestations of this Lunar Eclipse. In fact, many areas of personal and collective experience can feel the repercussions. Weather related disasters, social, geographical and geological instability can produce extreme financial pressure and loss of property. This leaves insurance companies scrambling for cover, and federal programs under pressure to deliver. Again, we are back to the theme of shared resources associated with Scorpio, activated by this eclipse.

Finally, some good news for celebrating Halloween. A playful and expressive Venus trine Uranus gets the creative juices flowing. Venus transiting through meticulous Virgo, gives extra attention to details, and in positive combination with Uranus, artistry is free and spontaneous. As Venus is the planet of beauty, love and affection, all relationships receive a boost of shared camaraderie and unbridled expression.

In conclusion, October is one of the most active and decisive months of 2023. Breakdowns and breakthroughs produce rapid change, but all in keeping with universal flow and cosmic purpose. Years ago, I wrote an article, “The Mystery, Myth and Reality of Eclipses.” To review, here is an excerpt: “Understanding the mechanics of eclipses, as well as the psychological response, goes a long way in dispelling emotional reaction. Rather than feeling out of control, as though something is happening to us, we can realize the benefits in this natural cycle between our planet Earth, Moon and Sun. Apprehension is replaced with encouragement and strength, placing us in the point of power. Eclipses are powerful statements of celestial alignment, the exclamation point of stellar signature. Seen in this light, eclipses evoke a sense of wonder, and we regain our intuitive connection with life.”

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;

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