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In May 2020
, I shared how to calculate your personal months. For deeper clarity by day-by-day, here are the steps to calculate Personal Days.

Step 1. Calculate personal day by adding all columns in Table 1.

Ex.: Birthday = Nov. 12. Current Day = Dec. 10

Step 2. General summary
for personal days (Table 2).



General Summary


New Beginnings and Opportunities


Patience and Tact


Social and Lighthearted


Harvesting Opportunities


Constant Change and Good Fortune


Balancing Personal Growth and Relationships


Solitude and Rest


Material Rewards


Clutter Cleaning


How to interpret basic Personal Day summaries
A numerology report will show a bit more detail, but Table 2 gives a general idea how energy swirls around specific days. For this to become actionable, reflect on one day at a time: what new beginnings are showing up on a 1 day, what opportunities should be harvested on a 4 day…  

For more information on this subject
More details can be found in any of my three Birth Mix Patterns books available at Crystal Visions. You will also find offerings for printed reports, video training, audio and video interviews on numerology and Birth Mix Patterns on (click on “Education”).

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Planetary Trends for November 2020 by Belinda Dunn

Belinda Dunn

What’s UP – November 2020

Mercury direct – November 3 @ 12:50 pm

Mars direct – November 13 @ 7:36 pm Scorpio

New Moon – November 15 @ 12:07 am Gemini

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – November 30 @ 4:30 am


Penetrating beneath the surface of everyday awareness, November begins with our Sun transiting through Scorpio skies. All Saints Day is a reminder of the multidimensional nature of existence, the evolutionary and karmic cycles of death/rebirth, and everything in between.

Symbolized by the scorpion groveling in the darkness, ready to sting unsuspecting prey, Scorpio brings humanity face to face with the raw power of misguided desire fueling the undercover world of criminal intent. Inevitably the scorpion relents, evolving into the mystical and mythical Phoenix, arising from the ashes of destruction to discover hidden reserves of power, truth, integrity, and wisdom.

Spellbound, a nation awaits final election results as secret ballots are cast and counted behind closed doors. Sitting on the edge of our seats, the unfolding drama is hypnotic and intense, nerve wracking, however interwoven with decisive and determined resolve.

In the grand plan of things, it is no accident that voting day, November 3, is particularly focused on communication. Mercury, the planet of information, is completing a three week retrograde phase, exact around mid-day. Mercury is especially important in reporting accurate and definitive results.

However, the last time Mercury stationed from retrograde to direct on election day was the unforgettable Gore/Bush contest. The historic election of 2000 was defined by weeks of hanging chads and recounts, partisanship, and controversy, with final results ultimately decided in the Supreme Court. No wonder the electorate is dubious, especially focused on a fair and accurate count this time around.

The entire first week of November is held within the confines of a tense aspect between Mercury and Saturn. Exact on November 1, and again on November 6, this aspect ensures careful, methodical and meticulous measures in finalizing election results. However, Mercury in stressful aspect with Saturn tends to breed and exacerbate strong differences in opinion, and it can be difficult to accept other points of view.

Yes, there may be discrepancies and delays, and not everyone will be satisfied with end results, but the overshadowing energy of Mercury and Saturn demonstrates a disciplined, practical, serious and law abiding approach to this momentous election. As the reality check planet, Saturn cuts through illusion, bringing everything and everyone down to earth.

Adding to the intensity of high drama during October and November is another planetary trend. Known as an opposition, Mercury is in challenging aspect to Uranus, the game changer planet. This trend started the first week of October, repeated again on October 19, and concludes for the third and final pass on November 17. Unusual and sudden reversals, exposure of underlying issues, vacillating emotions, and strategic change of plans are simply part of the process.

It is interesting to note Mercury’s aspect with Saturn implies strict adherence to the law, but Mercury’s aspect with Uranus implies a breaking free of the norm along with upheaval and reform. Essentially and energetically, the past is colliding with the future in the crucible of transformation, and this election promises to reset the nation’s trajectory for decades to come.

On another level, transiting Mercury in Scorpio is opposing Uranus in Taurus. These are the zodiac signs of finances, possessions, and shared resources. The entire Mercury retrograde period tends to further destabilize these essential areas of monetary exchange. In so many instances, due to COVID restrictions, business and household budgets have been stretched to the max. Through the first half of November, important decisions can free up resources to address the shortfall. More than likely, the global economy and stock markets will continue on a wild ride with extreme fluctuations until the beginning of next year.

Jupiter conjoins Pluto for the third and final pass on November 12. It can be helpful to consider this long term pattern started on April 4, repeated June 29, and completes this month. Powerfully transforming, the concealed world of dark money and crime has surfaced into public awareness. Jupiter is the planet of aspiration, ethics, truth and justice. Power grabs in high places are increasingly obvious, undermining public confidence. Fortunes have been made and fortunes lost. The entire economy is undergoing an overhaul of gigantic proportions as systems are updated and adapted to address current challenges.

On November 13, Mars stations direct, shifting into a sense of relief and readiness to close this chapter, and turn the pages of history toward recovery on many levels. Still in Aries, the zodiac sign of action, Mars went retrograde on September 9. After a long haul of twists and turns, delays and detours, Mars speaks to the pioneering spirit in each of us. Mars in Aries gives that extra boost of vitality to pick up the pace and begin anew.
However, we are not out of the woods yet, as Mars remains in Aries until January 2021. Even though uncertainty looms large, and there are more questions than answers, Mars direct can offset malaise and ignite enthusiasm. On an individual level, Mars in Aries has served to clarify boundaries, especially in terms of relationships. On a collective level, Mars in Aries has contributed to civil unrest, heightening the potential for aggression and conflict.

On November 14, a few days after Mars is direct, a Scorpio New Moon sets the stage for progress. In supportive harmony with the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, this is a dig in, persevere, keep on keeping on New Moon. Scorpio determination and strategic resolve is in supportive harmony with Capricorn integrity and practicality. This is an optimal New Moon for clarification of long range goals and manifestation.

From here on out, Jupiter and Saturn are now direct, pulling away from the potent alignment with Pluto that has been the planetary bugaboo of 2020. Astrologer Pam Younghans beautifully sums up this rare and life transforming alignment. “Together, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are providing a powerful reality check, designed to make sure we don’t ignore social issues that need to be addressed. We are seeing the downfall of many of the systems and structures that society has relied upon to provide stability – but the truth is that many of these systems have deteriorated and no longer functioning for the good of the people. This is where we are seeing the strongest effects of the Saturn-Pluto influence as dysfunction and decay are exposed.”

Additionally, the New Moon chart shows the protective influence of Jupiter conjoining asteroid Pallas Athene, representing the guardian goddess of mediation, teamwork and diplomacy. Together, this rare combination supports the expansion of opportunity and optimism. Combining with Venus in Libra, these planetary patterns promote harmony in fair and equitable solutions.

Another important factor during these autumn months is Mars conjoining the small, outermost planet Eris, representing the goddess of discord. Taken as a whole, this entire combination is known as a T-square (Jupiter/Pallas Athene/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn – Mars/Chiron/Eris in Aries – Venus in Libra). Perfecting mid-November, this alignment presents an intense contrast between rich and poor, the advantaged and disadvantaged. The clash of competing and opposing perspectives is unmistakable, begging for attention, as diverse groups stand up to be counted.

Contributing to the theme of diversity is the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 30. Our Sun is in Sagittarius now, and abstract idealism meets earth plane reality, along with the necessity to rise above diverse agendas to find common ground. Eclipses are revelatory, peeling away layers of illusion and delusion to expose the true nature beneath surface appearances. This happens within and without, on personal as well as collective levels. Additionally, eclipses are connected to an 18.6 year cycle of the lunar nodes. This particular eclipse and the following Solar Eclipse on December 14, expose belief as the driving force of civilization.

Familial conditioning, societal and cultural beliefs are taken for granted, accepted as truth, despite evidence to the contrary in so many instances. These eclipses serve to “enlighten” the masses. For those listening and receptive, these eclipses can bring relief from a heavily conflicted election season, lifting consciousness toward high ground.

Another key planet during the final days of November is Neptune stationing direct on November 28. Additionally, Neptune is in stressful aspect to the lunar nodes, triggering a crisis of belief, representing an enormous and definitive paradigm shift for the nation. While Neptune dissolves limited concepts to reveal universal truth, Neptune is the planet of unconditional compassion born through empathy, and consideration of what is may be like to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.”


However, Neptune’s delusional quality can exacerbate addiction and mental health issues, especially in those vulnerable to Neptune’s influence. Neptune is highly sensitizing, and human beings have devised many methods to escape reality, many of which are destructive to mind/body/spirit. On a positive note, Neptune can increase the potential for spontaneous surrender, dissolving the boundaries of everyday awareness to instruct, uplift and redeem.

November comes to a close with the celebration of giving thanks. In a nation of enormous wealth, alongside contrasting deprivation, the attitude of gratitude is often overlooked, given a token nod, if that. But gratitude is a special feeling arising from the deepest part of one’s heart.

As one of the most fundamental virtues, gratitude is the key to satisfaction, generosity, and even cooperation, in a world desperately in need of solace. Sincere gratitude can transform everything! It can take an ordinary moment and make it beautiful. It can mend broken hearts and save lost souls. It can transform any meal into a joyous, sumptuous feast. Enjoy!

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;

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