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Belinda Dunn

What’s Up! by Belinda C. Dunn

Mercury Retrograde – March 5 – 28

Uranus enters Taurus – March 6 @ 3:35 am

Pisces New Moon – March 6 @ 11:04 am

Spring Equinox – March 20 @ 5:59 pm

Aries/Libra Full Moon – March 20 @ 9:43 pm

As noted above, March is a month of significant and profound shifts in  astrological trends. The familiar adage, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,” sums up the prevailing atmosphere on many levels of personal, transpersonal and collective experience. As the last vestiges of fierce winter wind blow away stagnation, there is a sense of purification and release in preparation for a major seasonal shift. By month’s end, a more gentle, grounding and calm atmosphere prevails.

Let’s begin with Mercury entering a retrograde phase on March 5. In addition, this is the day before a New Moon in Pisces. Therefore, at the very end of a lunar cycle, in the dark of the Moon, Mercury joins in to convey a message of slow down, don’t think so fast, it’s OK to pause and reflect.

Why exactly? More than likely, a conundrum of ambiguous mixed messages are swirling around, presenting complex dilemmas, and there are no easy answers. This is not the time to make assumptions, but to ask questions, seek guidance, and listen sincerely. Answers are forthcoming, but they cannot be clearly accessed from habitual ways of thinking and doing. Contributing to a prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty, and even a sense of “flying blind,” is the New Moon on March 6. As our Sun and Moon conjoin, they exactly align with Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces. In mythology, Neptune is the god of oceanic depths, holding his trident, ruling over the restless and mysterious realms of undulating seas.

Let’s consider the fact that planet Earth is halfway through Neptune’s long term transit through Pisces (2012 – 2025). Just like the ocean, Neptune’s influence on terrestrial affairs can vacillate between extreme highs and lows. Through various means, Neptune dissolves the boundaries of everyday consciousness, opening perception to a multidimensional cosmos. As the planet of contrast, its influence can feel confusing, hard to define, and bring a person to their knees in surrender.

Astrologers attribute several important social trends to Neptune’s influence in Pisces. Considering that Pisces represents places for retreat, confinement, healing and solitude, a variety of large institutions are being affected. Prisons and the criminal justice system are due for reform. Medical care and hospital systems are being bought and sold, remodeled and expanded. Meanwhile, the planetary energies for March shine a spotlight on the most needy and vulnerable sectors of the population.

Neptune’s most fundamental influence is to escape or transcend. On one hand, substance abuse is running rampant throughout society as people seek diversion and escape from the pressures of daily life. Another potential pitfall can manifest as apathy, aimlessness, self-pity and resignation.

On the other hand, there is a spiritual renaissance taking place as meditation, yoga and a variety of spiritual techniques are growing in public awareness. Thus, Neptune presents a stark contrast between destructive options, and life promoting, healthy lifestyle choices.

When an individual is tapping into the highest potential for Neptune, there is an attitude of “being in the world, but not of it.” In the quest for meaning and transcendence, altered states of consciousness may be invisible to the vast majority of people. However, to the person experiencing these rarefied and elevated states, human life becomes a gracious, beautiful and miraculous gift.

As astrology gives the gift of timing, let’s lay out the time frame. Look back to the powerful Super Full Moon on February 19. On that very day, Mercury joined Neptune in Pisces. You may ask yourself, did anything (events, discussions, creative projects, insights) call for your attention? Contemplating the vast expanse of your eternal being . . . is anything stirring and shifting in your consciousness? Be aware of these subtle, or not so subtle, urges as Mercury goes retrograde on March 5, followed closely by the Pisces New Moon on March 6.

Before and after, when Mercury goes direct on March 28, it is closely aligned with Neptune (March 24 and April 2). This signals a decisive moment, but complete clarity and resolution may not come until mid-April when Mercury leaves the zodiac sign of Pisces and enters Aries on April 17.

At the time of writing this article, Trump just announced a national emergency. Considering the planetary trends, especially in regard to Mercury, it doesn’t bode well for successful manifestation of long-term goals. In fact, the very image of Mercury in Pisces brings to mind a child playing at the seaside, only to have the next wave dissolve the sand castle in a matter of minutes. In the meantime, chaos and confusion reign supreme, keeping law makers on their toes in terms of feasible solutions.

This brings us to the Spring Equinox on March 20. Typically, this a time of tremendous surges in vitality and energy. However, with Mercury in Pisces for 9 weeks (February 10 – April 17), there may be a lag time. The dreamy, emotional, fertile, romantic, artistic and humanitarian energy of Pisces prevails for the time being.

That said, the Equinox is powerfully combined with a Full Moon. On the evening of March 20, just as our Sun is entering Aries, the Moon enters Libra. This Full Moon can surface and illuminate issues in regard to relationships. Generally, the Sun in Aries tends to be self-motivated and independently driven, whereas the Moon in Libra is about collaboration, and finding common ground.

In big and small ways, lines are drawn in the sand. You may consider the areas of your life where you need to act boldly and independently, and the areas of your life where it is advantageous to slow down in order to collaborate and harmonize with others. For the most part, relationships require adaptation and conversation. This Full Moon highlights these important matters that can make or break relationships and alliances.

In the swimming, swirling and choppy seas of human experience, these prominent astrological trends can feel like treading water, in a sink or swim environment. The collective consciousness may be faced with events that incite a veritable tidal wave of emotional reaction, changing terrain and altering perception. In times like this, when large numbers of people encounter forces beyond their control, there may be no other choice than to get out of the way, and seek higher ground.

There is good news from the planetary perspective as Uranus enters Taurus on March 6. Just in the nick of time, Taurus is the most earthy, grounding and stabilizing of zodiac energies. Boosting common sense and bolstering morale, Uranus will remain in Taurus for the next seven years.

Uranus is the planet of innovation and progress. There will be advances in the flow and exchange of money and resources. New channels will open for an abundance of positive green energy to flow throughout the world economy. This includes an increasing awareness of the natural environment, and the mounting crisis for survival and sustainability.

Inventive and solution oriented, Uranus in Taurus is ready and poised to offer viable options in many areas of our collective experience. Uranus in Taurus can enhance a mindset of prosperity, and an attitude of gratitude. In so many instances, there is plenty of money and plenty of good will, but society is encountering a problem with distribution.

This brings us to another major planetary influence, the approaching joining of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Even though the exact conjunction takes place in January 2020, humanity is already experiencing a building crescendo of far reaching challenges that demand fundamental change. As the planet of law and order, Saturn’s influence is always very consequential. Meanwhile, Pluto is exposing the corrosive nature of greed and self interest on many levels of our collective experience. More on this next month, as these heavy hitters come within 3 degrees of each other, and enter their yearly retrograde phase by the end of April.

On the personal level, you might be encountering real life circumstances that require a transformation of what is not working in your life. Saturn in Capricorn instills a sense of duty, grit and determination to work through the underlying issues that Pluto brings to the surface. The breakdown/breakthrough process is leading to a rebuilding in some area of your life. Resolution and direction is supported by a patient, practical, disciplined and focused approach.

All together, the planetary trends during March invoke vision, inspiration, direction and clarity. Take time out from the busyness of everyday life to settle and quiet the monkey mind. Pay attention to the still, small voice within. Guidance is readily available in moments of receptive quietude. Looking up, every moment is a chance to choose wisely, bringing heaven a little closer to planet Earth.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;