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Belinda Dunn

Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon – November 12 @ 8:34 am

Mercury Direct – November 20 @ 2:12 pm

Sagittarius New Moon – November 26 @ 10:06 am

November begins with a deep dive beneath the surface of just about everything. On Halloween, Mercury entered a 21 day retrograde period in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Inquisitive, penetrating, fearless and determined, Scorpio leaves no stone untouched in the quest for answers. Symbolized by the detective, spy, psychoanalyst, researcher, shaman and mystic, the essential nature of Scorpio is to uncover and reveal what is typically hidden from conscious everyday awareness.

Speaking for my profession, astrology has an exceptionally profound connection to psychology, and the famed psychoanalyst Carl Jung used astrology extensively. In fact, psychology and astrology are very complementary, and fields related to psycho/spiritual growth are advancing and growing by leaps and bounds.

As Mercury transits through Scorpio until December 9, it is possible, especially with the introspection provided by a retrograde phase, to clearly see the concise and critical nature of the shadow within and without. The shadow tends to sabotage the best of intentions on the conscious level, and contains the unconscious emotions, conditioning, urges and desires that typically drive the projected personality to act out. In one of its most productive expressions, Scorpio exposes the saboteur in human nature; the reality that anyone of us can be our own worst enemy.

Getting to the bottom of mysteries is Scorpio’s job, and the suspense builds the very first week of November. On November 5, the planets closely associated with Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, are in tense alignment. These two powerhouse planets will square off, intensifying power struggles, probably bringing disruption in their wake. Mars in Li bra is not afraid to fight for what is true and lawful while passionately upholding justice.

Meanwhile, Pluto is plodding through Capricorn’s in its slow march to expose corruption. Adding to this volatile mix, Mars and Pluto activate the trans-Neptunian planet Eris, named after the ancient goddess of chaos and disruption. At a most basic level, the first week of November is a time to choose battles wisely, and to quote from Star Wars, ”There is a disturbance in the Force.”

The second week of November begins on Veteran’s Day, November 11, as Sun and Mercury conjoin in Scorpio. Acting as the messenger of solar intent, this is a significant day in any Mercury retrograde cycle. Watch for insight and revelation, those cosmic “aha” moments that serve to catalyze decisions.

This conjunction of Sun and Mercury supports and feeds into the Full Moon on November 12. The full illumination of the Moon’s surface is an energetic culmination of previous weeks. When activated, our Moon is known as the luminary of emotion. Thus, as with any Full Moon, emotional reactions are intensified. It is quite common to feel overwhelmed, but it is also helpful to remember that a gut response can circumvent the mind’s tendency to minimize and distract. A raw, undiluted, honest response may be out of character for the more stoic personalities, but this process of disclosure leads to healing.

This Full Moon actually harmonizes with the taskmaster planets of Saturn and Pluto. In their slow march toward a major conjunction in January 2020, Saturn and Pluto are exposing the cracks in numerous foundations. On a personal level, it is time to identify the areas of your life that need fortification and renovation. On the national level, it appears the country is heading into a major constitutional crisis. On a global level, the environment is deteriorating at an alarming rate. This Full Moon enhances a unique receptivity to practical and wise solutions, but not without work, focus and discipline.

A palpable energetic shift occurs the 3rd week of November. Especially be aware of Mercury going direct on Wednesday the 20th. Armed with the necessary insight and information, it is possible to move forward with clear decisiveness. Regularly, I hear people bemoan a Mercury retrograde period. Yes, there can be problems with communication, mechanical breakdowns and delays. But we live in a wise and supportive universe, and Mercury retrograde plays a role in slowing things down, just enough to offset the tendency to willfully force issues, and rush headlong into problematic situations.

Picking up where Mercury leaves off, Mars enters Scorpio on the 19th, where it will transit for the remainder of the year. Like a detective novel, Mars will continue delving into the secrets, unraveling the mysteries behind the scenes. Watch the plot unfold in surprising and unusual twists and turns. Adding an intensity to get a move on, Mars in Scorpio can instill the determination and stamina necessary to carry projects through to completion.

Luckily and fortuitously, the zodiac sign after Scorpio is Sagittarius, the prophet, philosopher and seeker of higher truth. On November 1st, Venus enters Sagittarius, and conjoins Jupiter on November 24. This lends a buoyant, optimistic and celebratory mood to the approaching holiday season. As Venus bestows a loving and generous atmosphere, Jupiter comes along to expand and amplify these positive vibes.

As Venus and Jupiter join, they are transiting across the Galactic Center of our Milky Way Galaxy (27 degrees Sagittarius). This is very rare, and the last time Jupiter crossed this celestial point was twelve years ago. Represented by the centaur aiming its arrow, Sagittarius points to the great beyond in the quest for ultimate truth. As the ancient Heart Sutra states, “Gone, gone, gone beyond. Hail the goer.”

Inspiring and aspiring, Jupiter entered Sagittarius last November. Despite the tumult, chaos and dissent, this has been a year of examining beliefs, gaining perspective, and seeking higher ground. Jupiter exactly conjoins the Galactic Center on the 19th, thus November 18 – 24 is a week of major planetary activation. This strongly suggests upgrades that boost vibration, including renewals in faith and spontaneous openings to cosmic consciousness. This lays the ground for Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn beginning next month when aspirations and ideals are going to be tested in reality.

On November 26, a New Moon in Sagittarius seals the deal. Kicking off the holidays with Thanksgiving, this week is a definite turning toward the future. Throughout 2019, the focus has primarily been on the deleting and clearing old programs from the past. It’s similar to pushing the “control alt delete” button on the cosmic hard drive.

To drive home this point further, Neptune is stationary on November 27, and once again begins advancing through the zodiac sign of Pisces. In its monumental and very slow orbit, Neptune remains in Pisces for the next five years.

Neptune’s influence can be summed up by the image of child’s play; frolicking by the seashore, building a sandcastle, only to have it washed away by the next wave. Not only does Neptune dissolve creations, it dissolves everyday awareness in its unbounded connection with Source. On the larger collective level, Neptune’s transit through Pisces is like a tidal wave, churning up the surf, sweeping away any misguided creations of the little and limited human mind.

In the final days of November, Thanksgiving is late this year, but it’s never too late to express gratitude. It’s a very interesting phenomena of human nature, but life hands us our lessons on a silver platter, and yet we push them away in the push and pull of desire and personal will. “We want what we want,” speaks volumes about the human predicament.

Surrounded by astounding wealth, progress and prosperity, many of the country’s citizens will consume Thanksgiving dinner with barely a thought of the purpose of this holiday. Giving lip service to gratitude is like eating the menu, it isn’t the real thing. Gratitude can be cultivated, and it is an attitude of the heart. This is a heart that realizes the immense gifts of incarnation itself, and the selfless nature of existence. To conclude, quoting one of the most influential mystics of the last century, Osho reminds us, “Either you can be in Existence or you can be in the self – both are not possible together.”

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;