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Aries New Moon – April 1 @ 2:24 am
Libra Full Moon – April 16 @ 2:55 pm
Taurus Solar Eclipse – April 30 @ 4:28 pm

Spring is in full swing as we enter another month with tons to unpack from the cosmic perspective. Right from the get go, an Aries New Moon provides a reset for new beginnings. Mid-month a Full Moon showers illumination on terrestrial matters while leading to a spectacular Solar Eclipse on April 30th.  Clearly, the flux and flow of Moon’s cycle is very strong this month, providing the thematic framework for numerous long term planetary trends.

Depending on your time zone, the New Moon will occur on March 31 or April 1. In the eastern United States, Moon will join Sun in the depths of night’s darkness. Like an egg being fertilized, much is going on beneath the surface, out of sight. It is a time of gestation and preparation, a time of intention, holding the faith in that which is unseen.

As the first zodiac sign, Aries gives an energetic push to forge ahead despite obstacles or detours. A spring flower pushing up and through dense earth, or a tender tree sprout growing through cracks in concrete, the signs of rebirth are testament to life’s primordial strength, forever dwelling within apparent delicacy.

Three significant and impressive planetary alignments show up in this New Moon chart. First, Moon and Sun are couched between Mercury, the planet of conscious awareness, and Chiron, the wounded healer. Thus, the primary focus is standing strong as an individual, trusting and allowing a direct connection to the greater whole. It is no longer a matter of relying on other gods, but to go directly to Source as a felt sense of unification and spontaneous healing.

Chiron, a little known planet discovered in 1977, is the archetypal healer. In mythology, Chiron was a centaur with a horse’s body and a human head. Centaurs are immortal, but as the story goes, Chiron was deeply wounded, and in his search for relief, Chiron discovers and cultivates many facets of the healing arts.

Today, after decades of research, astrologers interpret Chiron as the process of uncovering deeply suppressed wounds that numb down, dumb down, and block presence. It is tricky business to come into human form. There are many distractions and desires, challenges, and tests, all designed as a complete package in earth school curriculum. Energetically, Chiron plays a unique role in amplifying awareness as to the nature of wounds, giving permission to come out of denial while providing the impetus for coordinated and synergistic holistic healing.

The second major alignment in this Aries New Moon reset is a joining of Venus, Mars and Saturn, all in Aquarius, the zodiac sign of friendship. This unique planetary combination signals major turning points on a global scale. Shifting alliances open new channels for exchange in a cross fertilization of innovation and resources. Blended together, Venus aims for cooperation, Mars activates the will to take action for good or ill, and Saturn is a restraining force.

When Mars exactly conjoins Saturn on April 4, more than likely, the international community will be prepared to take measured and restrained action to curtail unlawful aggression on many levels. There is a tightening of controls, doling out of consequences, underscoring the reality, there is no going back from here. Saturn’s transit through Aquarius (2020-23) is accelerating the kind of rapid change that typically comes out of pressing circumstances, bringing to mind the proverbial, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

The third major alignment involves Jupiter’s conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, exact on April 12. These planets align every 14 years, or so. However, this alignment is especially potent as both planets have an affinity to Pisces, and the last time this occurred was 1856. Blended together, this trend amplifies themes of dissolution, disorientation, loss, release and surrender.

A watershed year, much is passing away on this dimension. Familiar ways of organizing reality are falling short of providing structure, individually and collectively. On one hand, uncertainty, anxiety, and fear are at an all time high. On the other hand, a transforming and transcendent spiritual opening is incomparable to anything ever experienced before. Triggering a karmic delete of multiple time lines, mass consciousness is ripe for revelation.

In the face of many unknowns, grounded clarity begins emerge by the Full Moon of April 16. The Moon is in Libra, elevating and illuminating the spirit of cooperation. By now, both Venus and Mars have entered Pisces, giving an extra push for compassionate outreach and humanitarian aid.

Softer and gentler, Venus conjoins Neptune on the 27th, and conjoins Jupiter in the final hours of April 30th. Energetically, human love is elevated beyond self-interest to encompass altruistic values. At this moment, with so much turmoil and tragedy in the world, it is not hard to imagine under what circumstances the human heart may truly be touched, opening to genuine loving care and kindness.

One caveat on the personal level, these trends underscore the need for self-care. For everyone, but especially sensitive individuals, there is a susceptibility to stress, because veils between dimensions are very permeable, and psychic boundaries are dissolving. Extreme sensitivity, emotional overwhelm and exhaustion, can indicate an absorption of collective distress. Of course, this actually harms rather than helps. If you notice this happening, it’s time to step back, turn off technology, eliminate distractions, cultivate stillness, and spend time in nature.

Another key factor in late April involves Pluto’s long-term transit through Capricorn reaching a point of retrograde on the 30th. Considering Pluto’s influence in fueling authoritarian styles of government, this retrograde suggests a review of objectives, especially in matters of domination and control.

Pluto has been direct since October 5, accelerating power grabs and destructive forces. For the coming five months, retrograde Pluto indicates a halt, even an about face. More than likely, overt aggression will be thwarted and bogged down in diminishing support as Pluto’s intensity and timing throws up roadblocks.

All these factors are building to a Solar Eclipse on April 30. Generally, there is a felt sense of an approaching eclipse, although effects can build for weeks before, and stretch out for months to come. Eclipses come in pairs, and this Solar Eclipse/New Moon will be followed by a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on May 18.

Eclipses are always game changers. This specific eclipse is in Taurus, the zodiac sign of ownership, banking, exchange, commodities, currency, and possessions. This eclipse is especially significant given the roller coaster ride of money markets, supply chain disruptions, reliance on fossil fuels, runaway inflation, widespread poverty, and homelessness.

Coming to a critical head, this eclipse activates Uranus in Taurus (2018-2025). Known as the wild card planet, the action of Uranus tends to be sudden and unpredictable, especially in circumstances that have been stagnating in status qua mediocrity.

This Solar Eclipse sets the stage for rapid and pervasive adjustments in financial matters, personal income, and lifestyle choices. Beneath all the material stuff of things money can buy, is the foundation of value. This is an optimal time to sincerely consider, and rediscover your true motivations, and thus true worth.

Living in a world that places so much value on possessions, perhaps this eclipse will play a part in redefining value, including humanity’s connection to Earth. It is fitting that Earth Day is celebrated every April 22nd as Sun enters Taurus. A fascinating synchronicity to note . . . this year marks the 22nd Earth Day on the 22nd day of April in 2022. In numerology, 2 is the number of relationships, collaboration, and partnership.

In spring 1970, the first Earth Day was born out of a growing concern over the use of toxic pesticides, led in large part by Rachel Carson’s research, and seminal book, “Silent Spring.” I clearly recall seeing, “Silent Spring,” on my parent’s bookshelf, a Book of the Month selection, sent out to all subscribers. The title was ominous, how could spring be silent?

Carson, a conservationist, made it her life work to educate the public on long term effects of pollution. Initially, Carson’s controversial book met with fierce opposition, especially from chemical companies manufacturing the pesticide DDT. Despite opposition, eventually DDT was banned, leading science and government to acknowledge human impact on the environment, and the seeds of a grassroots environmental movement were planted in the hearts and minds of humanity.

Here we are 50 years later in a reality check of gigantic proportions. Although many successful strides have been made, much remains to be accomplished. As one species after another is facing extinction, we may ask ourselves, “Is human life staggering on the brink of survival?”

If we look closely with open eyes and open hearts, a paradigm shift has been taking place over these decades. For those that remember, the prevailing mindset last century was based on Earth as a thing, an unlimited resource to be coaxed and prodded, mined and drilled, used, and abused. Little thought was given to human activity and industrial impact. Those days are over.

Every day, human consciousness is expanding to include Earth as a living ecosystem, a rare gem of a planet in a vast, revolving, evolving system of galactic proportions. The human body is designed to connect deeply to Earth while soaring to the heavens. In reality, we are living in a beautiful garden where nature gives abundantly, freely, unconditionally. May we receive and share these gifts with humility, gratitude, and generosity.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;