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WHAT’S UP – May 2023

Belinda C. Dunn

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

May 5 @ 1:34 pm EDT

Mercury Direct

May 14 @ 11:17 pm EDT

Taurus New Moon

May 19 @ 11:53 am EDT

Across the globe, many ancient traditions recognize, honor and celebrate the beginning of May. To this day, Gaelic/Celtic traditions are preserved in the celebration of Beltane. Known as a Cross Quarter Day, Beltane marks the halfway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. Children dance around a May pole, and leave baskets of flowers on neighbor’s doorsteps. Communities gather around a bonfire to symbolically cleanse the dank, dark days of winter, and welcome the return of increasing sunlight.

In the Buddhist tradition, the Full Moon in May is known as Wesak festival, a commemoration of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. Spiritually significant, the veils between dimensions are known to part, and guidance is more readily available to aspirants. It is a time for honoring the Masters, those that have gone beyond the constrictions of dense earthly consciousness to find freedom in the eternal NOW.

Turning to astrology, our Sun is transiting through Taurus. From the mundane perspective, Taurus is the zodiac sign of ownership, the keyword, “I have.” Yes, Taurus governs earthly possessions, and everything the senses can experience, but on an esoteric level, Taurus is the memory track.

For example, picture your favorite flower or favorite place. Remember the smells, feel the touch, allow memories associated with special moments to surface. Perhaps a flood of memories arise, and the experience becomes full bodied, even to the point of momentary transformation.

Now, all this is well and good with positive recall, but what about trauma, the exceedingly painful memories that linger, distort and deny present moment awareness? When these memories are triggered, humans are habituated to react in a variety of ways, most of which exacerbate the problem, negatively impacting others, and society at large. Everyone suffers hurt and pain, it is part of the human experience, but how one deals with this is a matter of choice.

So, what does this have to do with astrology, and the planetary trends for May, specifically? This brings us to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 5. All eclipses are powerful turning points, and this Full Moon is no exception. Sun is in Taurus, beckoning us outdoors, into the garden and the beauty of nature. However, Moon is in Scorpio, recognized as the most intensely emotional zodiac sign.

The powerful alignment and activation of eclipses is connected to the lunar node cycle of 18.6 years. Currently, the North Lunar Node is in Taurus, and the South Lunar Node in Scorpio. The growth point is Taurus, and the cultivation of gratitude and grounding. The South Node represents what is stuck, repetitive, habitual and unconscious.

More than likely, this Full Moon can intensify emotions due to deeply held animosity, past grievances and unresolved issues. Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio struggles to forgive and forget. This is a challenge point of confrontation as the shadows of the past surge into view, personally and collectively. Leaders and nations on the world stage are especially susceptible to exaggerated power plays. The symbols speak volumes. Reminiscent of the garden, the serpent like scorpion hides, ready to strike, quick to defend.

However, the positive thrust of growth and opportunity clearly points to Taurus themes. In addition to North Lunar Node – Mercury, Sun and Uranus are currently transiting through Taurus. To use another gardening metaphor, this combination serves to prepare the ground; turning over soil, composting waste, digging out weeds, dealing with roots and stones that may compromise growth.

Especially relevant is Uranus transiting through Taurus (May 2018 – July 2025). Spending approximately 7 years in a zodiac sign, Uranus is the game changer planet, stirring up the status qua, not only insisting on change, but actively showing the way toward progress. To review, Uranus in Taurus highlights the fundamental areas of currency, banking, financial institutions, ecology, food production, natural resources, and the environment. Undergoing upheaval, and ripe for innovation, these specific areas tangentially affect almost everyone and everything.

One of the most notable examples, at the top of the list, climate change is no longer a fantasy. Floods, fires, landslides, and mega-storms are making it a reality. Whole populations are being displaced due to dwindling resources. The impact of fossil fuels on air quality is spurring on development of electric vehicles. Toxic explosions and poor water quality are opening eyes to the vital importance of clean technology.

On the cutting edge of the future, Uranus is the planet of radical and sweeping change. The common adage, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” speaks to the action of Uranus. This is just the beginning. Yes, there are things to wrap up, but for the most part, this entire month initiates a full on focus toward the future.

Progress depends on awareness, information and education. The month begins with Mercury, the planet of communication, retrograde in Taurus. It can be helpful to look back to April 20/21st. Not only was there a Solar Eclipse in Aries, but Mercury went retrograde. While there can be frustrations and delays, this retrograde phase signifies the need for careful examination, planning, research and review. Taking the extra time is worthwhile and necessary in order to be prepared when Mercury goes direct on May 14.

Another important planetary trend begins as Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16th. This is especially significant in that Jupiter has a twelve year orbit through the zodiac, spending approximately 12 months in a given zodiac sign. Therefore, over the course of the next year, the general atmosphere is more practical, down to earth, steady and stabilizing.

Of course, recent years have been anything but stable, in fact, unsettling and tumultuous. So this trend is relative to current conditions, but overall, most people will experience Jupiter in Taurus as the opportunity to take a breath, slow down, and “stop and smell the roses.“ Although many challenges remain, this is a phase of acclimation, defined as, “becoming accustomed to a new climate or new conditions,” the new normal. Jupiter in Taurus enhances the important qualities of resilience and tenacity in the midst of life’s vicissitudes.

Offering a unique opportunity, the faster moving celestial bodies are lined up to activate Uranus very powerfully. Sun conjoins Uranus on May 9, Mercury conjoins Uranus on June 4, and Jupiter conjoins Uranus next spring, April 21, 2024. Computers can pinpoint exact dates, but in reality, watch for specific themes emerging this spring that continue to build over the next 12 months.

One of the most extraordinary qualities of Uranus is synchronicity. Be alert to random and weird happenings that appear to come out of nowhere. Spontaneous and radical realizations sweep away the past. Technology continues to advance at a dizzying rate. Perhaps initially disorienting for the general public, a burst of innovation reinforces a new trajectory toward the future. For example, what if extraterrestrials landed on the White House lawn? Although, I don’t necessarily see this happening, the implications are mind boggling, and a fun way to think outside of the box.

Now, if this isn’t enough . . . let’s add Pluto into the mix. As mentioned in previous articles, Pluto just entered Aquarius. But, on May 1st, Pluto goes retrograde, retracing its orbit for the next five months. In the process, Jupiter in Taurus will square off with Pluto, exact on May 17. Additionally, Mars enters Leo on May 20, and opposes Pluto. Known as a T-square, this planetary combination increases contradiction, but cuts through ambivalence, procrastination and resistance.

Simply put, all these factors translate into powerfully, consequential and transforming days, May 15 – 24. The words that come are, “Do or die.” Some relationships may hit a wall. Many situations can run amok, not as punishment, but as hard, cold facts bear down, and cannot be avoided any longer. It is a reality check of gigantic proportions. Why? Mars fights to survive and thrive. Jupiter enlarges and expands. Pluto digs up the dirt for evolution and transformation.

As a whole, humans are stuck between a rock and a hard place, with no easy remedies in sight, no ready solutions to fall back on. There is an intensity, an urgency to act, to fix, manage and control. It is likely, there will be those individuals, groups, leaders and countries that give into the pressure to assert control. Top down management, authoritarian proclamations, cumbersome regulations, inequitable application of laws, complicated theories . . . all these serve to topple false ideologies and free society from illusion.

What is Pluto’s long term transit through Aquarius really mean? Simply put, it is power to the people. It’s grassroots collations of engaged citizens saying loudly and emphatically, “Enough!” It is returning to the core values of one’s inner heart, connecting with the reality of Earth’s magnificence and nature’s beauty. It is autonomy and freedom through taking personal responsibility. It is commitment to choose life sustaining and enhancing lifestyles.

All of the above is clearly the higher octave of Pluto in Aquarius, but we know Pluto has a dark and dirty side. Flashing in neon lights, the signs are already visible. Transiting through Aquarius for the next 20 years, technology is altering the human experience and experiment.

Scientific advances are rapidly revealing expanding universes beyond comprehension. Quantum psychics is unveiling a truer version of existence. Medical science is drastically improving health, longevity, and perception of the human body/mind complex. The on-going development of artificial intelligence holds both promise and peril.

So many assumptions, but little do we know. All the so called improvements and apparent progress are breeding a multitude of issues that must be addressed. Questions that Pluto in Aquarius will address over time. What are the short and long term effects of technology on the human mind and body? The effects of technology on young and impressionable minds? The potential power of the media to distract, persuade, delude and divide people? What about the core ethical and moral considerations of what is acceptable and unacceptable for society at large?

All these questions hit at the heart of what is means to be a human being in global community. Spoken like a true millennial, my daughter summed it up, “Look at all the problems technology is creating. It gives us something to do, but it can take over our life, if we let it.” Frankly, we nervously laughed at the absurdity of it all. And my mind flashed on my day, another day in the life of a baby boomer stretching to learn and adapt in this ever expanding landscape of technological wonder.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;