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WHAT’S UP – March 2021
Belinda C. Dunn

Pisces New Moon – March 13 @ 5:21 am

Spring Equinox – March 20 @ 5:37 am

Libra/Aries Full Moon – March 28 @ 2:48 pm

In the northern hemisphere, March is typically a transitional month as final weeks of winter come to a close, offering one last blast of bone chilling cold. Meanwhile, fragile and fresh sprouts rise up out of winter’s restful darkness to make an appearance, signaling hopeful signs of spring with warmer and lighter days ahead.

March begins with Sun in Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac wheel. As with all endings, there can be resistance, bargaining for things to be different, but Pisces is associated with Neptune, a planetary energy that dissolves boundaries and instills faith in the unknown. After all, Neptune is the mythological god ruling over the vast, mysterious oceans; waters filled with awesome creatures, undulating currents, infinite variety, a world unto itself.

For many reasons, as you read on, this article is a deep dive into the effects of Neptune on human consciousness, especially important at this juncture of history. During March, as the faster moving planets of Mercury and Venus join Neptune, and the Sun aligns with Neptune, there is an opportunity to not only understand Neptune better, but to break through the veils of this most elusive planet. Like diving beneath the ocean’s surface to witness another world, each of us are explorers of the cosmos, a multidimensional existence.

 From the spiritual standpoint, Neptune is associated with the vast subconscious, unconscious and astral planes of existence. While these worlds are not visible to everyday awareness, they are the substrata, the undercurrent to all human activity. These realms are primarily emotional, highly charged with desire, easily swayed and influenced by outside forces, in particular the human mind.

Rightly or wrongly, clear or distorted, Neptune is the stuff of belief, the essential factor that can elevate consciousness to heightened communion with all that is. However, just as likely, Neptune can be the slippery slope of delusion, addiction, falsehood, brainwashing, and in the extreme, mental illness. Because of these extremes, and its illusory nature, Neptune’s influence can be one of the most difficult planetary energies to get a handle on, personally and collectively.

The current social environment is particularly susceptible to the lower vibrations of Neptune. Take for example, the prevalent and pervasive input of technology in the form of television, movies, internet, social media, video games, and more. On a daily basis, the impressionable mind is bombarded by a smorgasbord of contradictory information, the sensitive emotions are pummeled by ghastly images, and subliminal programming interferes with sanity and reason.

Turning now to the most commonly used astrology chart for the United States (July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm, Philadelphia). Neptune appears on the mid-heaven, the most elevated and visible point of the nation’s destiny. In this case, Neptune is in Virgo, acting as an overarching influence with great potential for extremes.

On the high side, Neptune in Virgo elevates the ideal of public service, along with compassion for the underdog, summed up in the adage, “Love in action.” From the more troubling and challenging vantage point, Neptune has produced the glamour, seduction, and fantasy of the entertainment industry, and most of the world knows the United States through the export of these images. Again, Neptune is about image, but not necessarily practical reality.

Not only this, in the country’s chart, Neptune in very stressful aspect with Mars in Gemini, a core part of the nation’s identity. On its own, Mars in Gemini instills a fighting spirit, reminiscent of the wild west, a showdown at the local saloon. This influence tends to be combative, zealous, fanatical, prejudicial, and quick to judge. Mars in Gemini thrives on debate and the presentation of legal argument. On the positive side, Mars in Gemini bestows tremendous intellect, mental strength, and the courage to examine other points of view.

According to astrology, the overall drive of the nation is curiosity, impartiality, honest examination of the facts, and appreciation of diversity. Mars in Gemini places value on free speech, fair elections, impartial representation in legal affairs, education, transportation, public parks and green spaces.

However, when Neptune is part of the mix, the passionate drive of Mars can so easily be misled and distorted. Currently, this is especially the case as slow moving Neptune is activating this Mars/Neptune combination in the United States chart. This signals a confusion of sorts, because the only factor that cuts through Neptune’s foggy spell is awareness. Like awakening from a bad dream, it is possible to shake off the spell and see clearly, but it is a process.

(For those interested, from the technical perspective, Mars in Gemini closely squares Neptune in Virgo in the USA chart. Transiting Neptune in Pisces moved into orb of influence, squaring Mars, and opposing Neptune last year. The exact alignment continues through 2022.)

In light of recent events, specifically protests turned violent on January 6, and unfolding repercussions, it is important to bring these planetary patterns to the forefront. Throughout the nation’s history, there have been critical periods, even to the point of violence, but underlying these dangerous time periods is exaggerated patriotism. In fact, this planetary combination brings patriotism to whole other level. Throughout this year and next, the nation will have a chance to review the passionate urges of allegiance, get in touch with overriding purpose, and renew commitment to fundamental goals.

In the more immediate picture, the month begins with Mercury in Aquarius conjoining Jupiter on March 4. Due to a retrograde phase (January 30 – February 20), Mercury has been in Aquarius since January 8th. This retrograde has been especially relevant as the country has Moon in Aquarius. These weeks have provided a dramatic view, and review of the public’s mindset, and its susceptibility to persuasive rhetoric.

Mid-March, specifically the weekend of 13/14, Mercury will cross over this Moon in Aquarius for a final wrap up of this most controversial, and difficult of presidential transitions. As a nation, there will be a sense of putting the past in perspective along with the necessity of moving on, even though residual struggles may continue for some time.

Another very important transit involves Mars leaving Taurus and entering Gemini on March 3. More than likely, this shift will be palpable for those sensitive to energy. Since January 6, Mars has been in Taurus which is stabilizing, at times slow going, giving the year a plodding start as though things can’t move fast enough.

As Mars transits Gemini for the next seven weeks, there may be a sense of catching up from the slow start. Mars in Gemini can be hard to pin down, the overall urge is to move quickly, unencumbered, throw off reservations, and explore one’s world. Additionally, on March 26, Mars conjoins the North Lunar Node, another positive indication of discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary course of daily life.

After a full year of COVID related restrictions, the general public is not only disheartened and exhausted, but ready to get moving. Getting children back in school, safe travel, reliable postal services . . . these are just some of topics that will soar to the top of the list with Mars in Gemini. This can mean different things for different people, but the overall trend is to expand horizons.

Turning now to a New Moon on March 13. An atmosphere of mystical and transforming potential is tangibly present with Venus, Neptune, Sun and Moon in Pisces. Surprisingly creative, spontaneous and flowing, this alignment can provide a welcome reprieve from mundane routine. Genuine surrender to what is, opens up a world of beauty, but it cannot be forced. In general, Neptune’s long transit through Pisces (2010-2025) supports a dynamic awakening of mass consciousness, a spiritual revival of enormous possibility.

Venus is the planet of personal love, whereas Neptune is an uplifting awareness of spiritual, unconditional love for every being, and life itself. When combined, there is a blending of these energies, and relationships are brought into a new light. While human love tends to be focused on the needs and desires of personality, compassionate love dissolves the bonds of attachment. Often the case in relationship, it is so tempting to get caught in momentary trappings, when in reality, each of us are spiritual beings.

Additionally, because this Pisces New Moon conjoins Neptune, activating the Mars/Neptune in the USA chart, mid-March is a time of revelation leading to the dismantling of systems that no longer serve the greater good. On the surface this can manifest as a time of testing, calling forth surrender, and relinquishment of control. “In God we trust,” is not just an ideal, but a very real response to very challenging conditions. The heart’s yearning to participate in service, and lighten the load for others, is a call to action.

By the Spring Equinox on March 20, the Sun moves into Aries, although Mercury, Neptune and Venus remain in Pisces. This planetary combination supports a deep letting go, perhaps cleaning out the clutter, initiating spring cleaning, within and without. As spring gets underway, the urge to purify is so easy and natural in comparison with other times of year.

The dynamic month of March concludes with a Full Moon on the 28th. Illuminating the way forward, Sun in Aries is in exact, to the degree, alignment with Venus and Chiron, the wounded healer. Meanwhile, Moon in Libra supports emotional intelligence, and the need to consider all points of view.

Issues may arise around individuality and partnership. When is it on purpose to be independent, “doing your own thing?” When is it on purpose to compromise for the sake of peaceful and harmonious co-existence? It is not a matter of choosing self over others, or vice-averse. This Full Moon encourages balance through refining communication skills. Truly listening with an approach of loving care goes a long way in sorting through differences, each person feeling heard, and everyone getting their needs met.

On an annual basis, the Aries/Libra Full Moon precedes Easter. In fact,the reason Easter changes from one year to the next is because of this Full Moon. It is one instance where organized religion still observes the lunar cycle. Easter is earlier than usual, the first Sunday in April, and no matter one’s religious/spiritual orientation, the month wraps up with anticipation and celebration in the beautiful promise of nature’s renewal.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;