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WHAT’S UP – September 2021
Belinda C. Dunn

Virgo New Moon – September 6 @ 8:52 pm
Pisces Full Moon – September 20 @ 7:54 pm
Autumnal Equinox – September 22 @ 3:21 pm
Mercury Retrograde – September 27 – October 18

Signs of autumn are beginning to be more visible, although summer’s heat lingers for days to come. A renewed focus on work and school makes September a transitional month, but the change occurs most notably in the seasons. It begins with the light. Daylight dwindles a little earlier each day, giving way to an evening sky; luminescent, indigo, velvety, filled with stars, the perfect backdrop for Mercury and Venus.

September begins with both Mercury and Venus in Libra, the zodiac sign of relationship. While Venus rapidly completes her time in Libra, entering Scorpio on September 10, Mercury remains in Libra for many weeks. Due to an approaching retrograde phase, Mercury transits through Libra until November 5, a lengthy duration underscoring a core theme revolving around people, partnerships, social interaction, and how to reasonably keep the peace in a variety of circumstances. More on this later . . .

A Virgo New Moon on September 6 introduces the necessity for practical solutions. The astrology chart shows Sun, Moon and Mars in Virgo, harmonizing with Uranus in Taurus. This is a supportive blending of a realistic and practical approach combined with possibility. The Virgo traits of analysis, precision, and excellence, while admirable, may obscure solutions that are readily available with flexibility and spontaneity. It is a matter of showing up and allowing the extraordinary to make itself known.

However, it is helpful to be aware of another key planetary influence in the New Moon reset, and September in general. The Virgo time of year underscores the fundamental importance of health, and how it pertains to productivity. Virgo is up close and personal in shining the light on personal habits and lifestyle choices that may easily be ignored, and appear inconsequential on a daily basis, but slowly erode vitality over time.

Meanwhile, Neptune in Pisces opposes these Virgo placements. The downside of this alignment can erode confidence, confuse direction, undermine vitality, and manifest hard to diagnose conditions. The high side of Neptune transit through Pisces (2012–2025) can be accessed through the spiritual gifts of trust, faith, compassion, and forgiveness of self and others.

Neptune in in Pisces helps each of us to set aside the stressful burdens of worry, fear, powerlessness, and other agendas, to actually open to transcendent guidance. Sincere surrender allows space for grace to step in, especially when the “best laid plans of mice and men,” fall short of projections and expectations.

The Virgo New Moon carries forth to a Full Moon on September 20. At this time, the Moon in Pisces joins Neptune, and together they are in opposition to the Sun. If you find yourself or another having a hard time “getting a grip on reality,” perhaps it is time to ask, “What reality am I trying to get a grip on?”

Fleeting and illusory “reality,” may be mesmerizing and distracting, whereas the reality beyond all appearances bestows calming assurance. The prominent emphasis on Virgo implies facing reality with Reality, a honing of purpose that can offset confusion, aimlessness, and apathy. Key dates are September 2–7, 13–14, 18-20.

Another key factor during September involves six retrograde planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Retrograde implies review, and it is important to continue steady progress, despite possible setbacks. In many instances, it is a matter of holding the course, one foot in front of the other, in a push to complete anything and everything that may have been put on hold in 2020, due to pandemic restrictions. Resilience and adaptation to what is now considered “the new normal,” allows attention to flow into other areas, and in many ways, playing catch up is the name of the game.

Due to extreme and vacillating conditions, one of the signatures of these times is an atmosphere of uncertainty, and deception is rampant. Confusing information is coming at the public from all sides, leaving vast swathes of the population in the lurch in terms of housing, employment, health care, education, finances, and immigration. It may appear hard, if not impossible, to pin people and plans down in these shifting seas of social change.

Autumn begins on September 22 as the Sun enters Libra, symbolized by the scales of balance, the only inanimate zodiac symbol. This gives an important clue to Libra, the ability to see many perspectives, to fairly weigh all evidence, and impart equitable and impartial conclusions. If one thing is clear, this is a lofty aim in the current social climate, and quite the challenge in this day and age!

Additionally, Mars is in Libra for the remainder of September through to October 30, and Mercury is in Libra for weeks to come, beginning a retrograde phase on September 27. All these factors taken together indicate numerous and complex legal issues surging to the forefront with potential resolution. However, there are no easy answers in these contradictory and tumultuous times.

Mercury retrograde is typically challenging, but depending on the aspects in your personal chart, some retrogrades are more intense than others. You may find yourself breezing through a Mercury retrograde, and even being grateful for the pause to complete projects and catch your breath. Other retrogrades may bring breakdowns in communication as well as technical glitches and mechanical failures. Meanwhile, major life decisions can hang in the balance awaiting further consideration in order to proceed.

Aside from the personal effects, this upcoming Mercury retrograde indicates major challenges on the collective level. Why? As Mercury goes retrograde on the 27, it is within orb of influence to a square with Pluto. Additionally, this alignment activates a long-term Pluto square to Eris, a little known but powerhouse planet, named after the ancient goddess of discord. Eris cannot stand to see injustice, she embodies the strong woman archetype that stands up, and speaks out for the “underdog,” and those disadvantaged and vulnerable, for whatever reason.

Mercury will activate Pluto/Eris three times exactly (September 22, October 1, November 2), however through the autumn months, it looks like numerous circumstances, on many fronts, are coming to a boiling point. Like a set of dominoes, one thing after another precipitates the next. But this isn’t child’s play, the planet Pluto catalyzes breakdowns and breakthroughs in very consequential, and ultimately life altering ways.

Pluto’s action is to expose toxicity, dysfunction, and corruption, all that is hidden in the shadows, beneath the surface of everyday acknowledgment. It blasts through denial, shakes up the status qua, and reveals underlying conditions. Pluto’s square to Eris was exact three times in 2020, and now approaches a fifth and final activation in early October.

Thus, it is clear this process has been building for some time, perhaps far too long, but it is Mercury that gives voice to the dysfunction. Transiting through Libra, Mercury helps to acknowledge, confront, and call out dysfunction, perhaps once and for all, in some circumstances. Emphatically, Mercury states, “Enough is enough!”

On the personal level, Mercury in aspect to Pluto may catalyze a crisis in a specific relationship or test one’s internal reference point in terms of relating in general. This can manifest in a variety of ways. On one hand, this planetary configuration can expose deal breakers, and catapult alliances to the breaking point. On the other hand, there is a readiness to confront dysfunction by admitting secrets and probing into the more hidden and complicated emotions of relationship. This can actually clear the air, deepen intimacy and support connection.

This planetary trend applies to large groups such as communities, governments, corporations, and countries. This implies ethical dilemmas, and the necessity to rework alliances, laws, contracts, agreements of all kinds. Timing is everything. Watch the first week of September for clues. But what erupts to the surface in late September will probably simmer until early November when Mercury makes its final square to Pluto/Eris, at which point, changes are more likely to be integrated.

To sum up, September is a month to pay attention by adding an extra dose of discernment, self-care, and by all means . . . “keep your wits about you.” Like a log jam in the river of life, all sorts of things will be breaking lose. This process is not to be feared, although there is great fear upon the planet now. This process is not controlled, because in so many ways, it is out of any one person’s hands. There may be moments of feeling powerless, but this too, can be welcomed as a reckoning for humanity, a reality check as to what is, and what is not important.

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