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WHAT’S UP – May 2024

Belinda C. Dunn

Taurus New Moon

May 7 @ 11:22 pm

Sagittarius Full Moon

May 23 @ 9:53 am

Spring is well under way by now, and any slowdowns or delays are in the past. Perhaps a late frost threatened tender young buds, or tempestuous winds stripped the ground bare. This is all part of the cleansing power of nature in preparation for fertile growth ahead. This sentiment applies to our personal lives as well. Between Mercury retrograde most of April, Mars in Pisces, and the reset of a monumental Solar Eclipse, it’s time to put the past to rest. Planetary energies during May signal full speed ahead.

First, Mercury continues its lengthy stint in Aries, but returns to the exact degree of retrograde around May 13-14. Known as the shadow phase, this means all decisions/plans/communications from mid-March onward, are wrapping up and resolving. On May 15th, Mercury leaves Aries to enter Taurus, and attention naturally turns to more practical and grounded matters.

Transiting in Pisces throughout April, Mars just entered Aries, and May begins with an energetic push of can-do action. The ideas, dreams, visions and inspiration during winter months have been sorted through for practicality, and are now ready for manifestation. “Just do it,” is more than a Nike slogan, it’s an attitudinal mindset exemplified by Mars in Aries.

Excellent for any activity that requires effort such as competitive sports, athletics, physical fitness and rehabilitation, Mars transits through Aries every 2 years. Across the board, in all types of endeavors, taking initiative can be challenging, but once the ball is rolling it is much easier to continue the momentum. The last two weeks of May are especially activated when Mars energizes themes around the recent Solar Eclipse (19 degrees Aries).

Last month, one of the most important planetary trends of 2024 activated as Jupiter conjoined Uranus on April 20. This aspect was not just for a day, but continues to offer support and possibility for years to come, especially in the areas of sustainability, agriculture, earth sciences, environmental causes, landscape beautification, productivity and economic progress.

On May 7th, a Taurus New Moon assists in grounding projects and manifesting visions. Each and every New Moon is optimal for seeding intentions; really taking the time to sit with, clarify and state intentions. Considered the most fertile zodiac sign, Taurus ensures growth when conditions are right. The astrology chart demonstrates an impressive line-up of Venus, Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Uranus, all in Taurus. Despite a social atmosphere riddled with chaos and uncertainty, there is a movement toward simplicity and serenity as the majority of people choose to build security, as much as humanly possible.

However, in these turbulent times, the ripples and waves of dissent continue to undulate over the landscape, locally and globally. As Pluto begins its long term transit through Aquarius (2023-2043), humanity is facing down numerous dire consequences beginning with neglect of natural law. It is up to people to adjust and survive on an evolving planet, not the other way around.

It is fascinating to watch the symbols and signals when a major planet, such as Pluto, changes zodiac signs. For example, the epic film, “Oppenheimer,” made its debut last year, winning numerous awards, including Best Picture. Historically accurate, the film expertly depicts the heretofore little known story of the development and detonation of the first atom bomb. Taking place in the decades following Pluto’s discovery in 1930, the film conveys a stark picture of reality, what is at stake for humanity, and global implications.

Other signposts of Pluto entering Aquarius are visible. Artificial intelligence is a big one, and here to stay. The long term effects of technology on the human organism, especially the development of young minds, has widespread implications for the health and sanity of society. As authoritarian leaders battle it out, concentrated power is in the hands of a few. Already there is a massive humanitarian crisis due to warfare, climate change, immigration, and economic disparity. What do these issues have in common? On some level, they affect everyone to some degree, underscoring the fragility of life on planet Earth, and the urgent need to come together in solving world problems.

Why this focus on Pluto? Drilling down, this powerhouse of a planet is stationary April 29 – May 7, beginning a retrograde phase on May 2. Astrologer Erin Sullivan writes, “At the station-retrograde the planet is virtually at a standstill, and has appeared so for a couple of weeks. Its power has become concentrated and its apparently inert station creates a sense of impending change, but the quality of change is unknown. The mood of a station-retrograde is one of suspense.” Retrograde for the next 5 months, Pluto goes direct on October 11, another major turning point of 2024.

Moving on . . . there are many fortunate developments throughout May as Sun and Jupiter are closely aligned, exactly conjoining on May 18. Be aware of a palpable energy shift on May 20 as Sun enters Gemini, and Jupiter closely follows, entering Gemini on May 25th. Of course, Sun transits through Gemini yearly, but Jupiter’s orbit is significantly longer, 12 years. We can look forward to Jupiter in Gemini until June 2025.

The contrast between Jupiter in Taurus during the past 12 months, and Jupiter in Gemini for the next year, promises to pick up the pace, and quickly! While Taurus has supported slowing down, grounding and getting back to basics, Jupiter in Gemini indicates a readiness for discovery, learning, and expanded horizons.

“The cat is out of the bag,” so to speak. No more stalling and beating around the bush, Jupiter in Gemini is frank, talkative, engaging, friendly and transparent. This is the zodiac sign of siblings, neighbors, relatives, short journeys and education. Jupiter’s benevolent rays of open mindedness suggest a growing atmosphere of interest in discussing differences, cultivating commonality, teaching and reaching across the fence.

In many cases, this trend increases the potential for shrugging off animosity, and stepping away from disagreements for the sake of relationship. However, since Jupiter’s influence is to enlarge and expand, the flip side can produce heightened allegiance to cherished belief systems, fixed opinions, and extreme dogmatism. Certain factions may become even more reactionary, vocal and impassioned, mobilizing to defend entrenched beliefs, rightly or wrongly.

Overall, the culminating Full Moon on May 23 is optimal for taking the pulse on emerging trends. By now, Sun is in Gemini, and the Moon opposes in Sagittarius. This combination ramps up activity, movement and travel. A sense of freedom permeates the air as schools begin to let out for summer, and graduations take place across the country. Experiential learning takes the place of book learning as vacation plans get underway.

Awesome and inspiring, every Full Moon stirs the soul, lighting up the landscape and dispelling darkness. Not only is this an astronomical phenomena, but a Full Moon heightens and sensitizes emotions while illuminating human affairs. A point of culmination, little remains hidden, especially in the human psyche, and this Full Moon is potently charged with revelation, a real turning point for the nation and world.

The zodiac sign of Gemini functions as journalist, teacher, conversationalist and storyteller. Sagittarius rises above the fray to take in the big picture, aiming for the real truth, and nothing but the truth, in the administration of justice. In the astrology chart for May 23, both Sun and Moon harmoniously aspect Pluto in the early degrees of Aquarius.

From all appearances, Pluto stirs up trouble, but its primary action is to expose corruption, purge dysfunction, and detoxify environments, leaving little untouched. While many issues linger from the past, begging for resolution, Pluto in Aquarius is more about where we are going, than where we have been. A reckoning of gigantic proportions is taking place across the globe. Of course, this can’t happen over night, but the wheels of transformation are already in motion, and the next several years are crucially important.

From the standpoint of astrology, multiple planetary cycles are in various stages of completion, and a new age is dawning. But, even in darkness, there are glimmers of saving Grace. Reflecting on the recent conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, a message rings true, “Cultivate gratitude and appreciation in daily life. Notice the little beauties in front of you every day. Nature’s gifts, freely give, are priceless. Take the time to find a pace you can live with that incorporates relaxation and recreation, balance is key.”

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;