Planetary Trends for June 2019

Belinda Dunn

What’s Up! by Belinda C. Dunn

Gemini New Moon – June 3  @  6:02 am

Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon – June 17  @  4:31 am

A New Moon in Gemini launches the new month. In this flowing, cyclical dance of life, there are always endings and beginnings, and Gemini knows this well. As our Sun transits through Gemini, each of us can benefit from the curious, adventurous and adaptable qualities of this zodiac energy.

At its very best, Gemini instills an atmosphere of open mindedness. Consider for a moment the qualities of air, the element associated with Gemini.  Breathing, speaking, singing . . . air flows within us and around us. Air is invisible, yet its effects are profound. Air is the connective atmosphere of communication and free exchange of thoughts and ideas within the shifting landscape of public discourse.

Many of the planetary trends for June are transitional in nature as individuals, the nation, and the world stand on the threshold of new experience. It is clear, a major evolutionary leap is in process. The stakes are high. The Gemini New Moon seeds the potential for important conversations over the course of the expanding lunar cycle.

The natural inclination of Gemini is to be open, frank and free. These traits are intensified by the Full Moon on June 17. At this point, the Moon in Sagittarius joins Jupiter in Sagittarius. A multitude of issues are on the table for discussion, but not necessarily resolution. It is essential to sort through ideas and ask questions to clearly determine what is viable, possible, and practical in the long run. This is a month to explore options and stay awake to reality.

As Jupiter transits through Sagittarius, the call for truth and justice is front and center. Along with the tension of this Full Moon, Jupiter is in stressful alignment to Neptune. The fine line between reality and illusion is vacillating, fluctuating daily, subject to argument, righteous indignation and controversy. In this atmosphere of dissent, individuals and groups are more susceptible to manipulation of the facts, propaganda and zealous ideals. Emotions are heightened and nerves are raw.

During the Trump presidency, public discourse has been louder and more persuasive than ever. It is now reaching a fever pitch. The call for diplomatic, productive and realistic dialog has long been ignored, but the voice of reason can no longer be restrained.

The first stressful aspect between Jupiter and Neptune took place in mid-January. Launching 2019, these planets gave a boost of exuberant optimism along with tendencies toward excess, over extension of resources, and an escalation of the crazy, weird and bizarre.

However, as these planets come into exact alignment on June 16, optimism may be waning, and getting an attitude adjustment. The third and final alignment takes place on the Autumnal Equinox. Thus, 2019 is a strange blend of fact and fiction, and it is up to each of us to navigate these trends on a personal level, and make decisions accordingly.

Neptune is, by far, one of the more difficult planets to get a handle on. As the “pie in the sky” planet, it inspires vision and uplifts consciousness. But all too often, its effects can appear enthralling, glamorous, nebulous, dreamy and confusing. A Neptune transit tends to sap energy and dissolve resolve. It is appropriate that mind altering substances, and addiction itself, comes under Neptune’s rule.

Eventually and inevitably, every idealistic Neptune vision is tested in the tangible world of fact and form. On June 16, the same day of the second stressful alignment between Jupiter and Neptune, Saturn is in harmonious and supportive aspect with Neptune. On a planetary level, Saturn is the voice of reason as well as the voice of wisdom and maturity.

Astrologer Leah Whitehorse articulates this beautifully, “If we are going to create anything at all, we need to find a starting point, so we can make a sensible plan. Saturn reminds us that we can’t just wave a magic wand and hope our dreams will manifest. Neither can we expect a lucky break to appear out of nothing. Fulfilling our dreams takes hard work, dedication and self discipline – and most of all, time.”

Sound harsh? That’s Saturn the taskmaster. The voices of reason and practicality are blending with voices of hopeful idealism. This is well and good, and from a positive standpoint, greatly accentuates imagination, whimsy and creativity. However, the contradictory nature of the mind itself can present challenges. It’s essential to pay attention, and sort out various points of view.

Overall, June is the reality check month on many levels of individual and collective experience. This process is supported and magnified by the Sun, Mercury and Mars transiting through the zodiac sign of Cancer. Mars entered Cancer on May 15 and will remain in Cancer all month. Mercury is in Cancer for most of the month (June 4 – 26), and our Sun marks its annual entrance into Cancer on the Summer Solstice.

Add to these fast moving transits . . . the fact that the North Lunar Node is currently in the zodiac sign of Cancer. The North Lunar Node is like an arrow pointing in the most optimal, advantageous and productive direction. It fundamentally lights the way and is a key factor in the manifestation of eclipses, and the next round of eclipses are looming on the horizon with a Solar Eclipse on July 2, and a Lunar Eclipse on July 16. Therefore, circumstances in June will spill over into July with major consequences for the long haul.

While conditions have been building for some time, it is Mars in opposition to Saturn on June 14, and Mercury in opposition to Saturn on June 16, that reality sets in. Hitting the wall, individuals and groups will be encountering limitations, examining ethics, and defining responsibilities. Relationships can appear one-sided, especially in the home and work environment, as people are encountering the boundaries of what is, and what is not, acceptable and even doable. A supportive attitude is to focus on what is working rather than give into Saturn’s propensity for cynical negativity.

This second week of June sets the stage, but the week to watch starts with the Full Moon on Monday, June 17, and wraps up with the Summer Solstice on Friday, June 21. These significant cosmic events act like bookends to an exact alignment between Mercury, Mars and Pluto. This very stressful and combustive combination of planetary energies can bring numerous issues to a critical climax.

On Tuesday, June 18, Mercury joins Mars in a frank conversation of blunt and undiluted truth. Words that may have been held back in courtesy and caution tend to erupt and explode. If you find yourself or others in an irritable or combative frame of mind, this is a day to be extremely aware of what needs to be said, and perhaps what needs to remain unspoken. This combination tends to be impulsive, and accident prone, therefore exercise caution in all matters, not to the point of rigidity, but keenly aware of these potent planetary forces at work.

The very next day, on Wednesday, June 19, this Mercury/Mars combination makes an opposition with Pluto. Respected astrologer Robert Hand writes, “This transit can represent the culmination of successful effort, or it can be a time when the opposition becomes so fierce that you have to give up. This transit is a powerful sign of severe interpersonal power struggles. The chief danger is that either you or your opponent in a struggle will act with absolutely no regard for ethics or for the other person’s feelings and situation. This combination acts ruthlessly and relentlessly.” And, I might add, unconsciously.

In consideration of current events, and in light of the USA astrology chart, this planetary combination suggests that what has been hidden from the public is ready to be exposed, especially information regarding legal and financial matters. More than likely, there will be major power plays in an attempt to hide information that can very well alter the course of history. The writing is on the wall . . . whether it’s Trump’s tax returns, tariff negotiations with China, the Middle East, immigration, stalemate in congress, the stock market, the economy itself, this is a critical time for the nation.

On the personal level, let’s hone in on the conjunction of Mercury, Mars and the North Lunar Node. One of the definitions for hone is, “to make more acute, intense or effective.” In this case, the process of honing is actually a homing. All these astrological factors are in Cancer, the zodiac sign of safety, security, family and home.

This combination can produce a heightened and persistent nagging, a genuine gut response toward safety, and even retreat if necessary. Fight, flight or freeze? People will be feeling and acknowledging vulnerability, and the ways they do not feel secure. Beneath the surface, behind the scenes, and out in the open, people will be asking questions, and making decisions based on what feels safe. These themes span every aspect of life on the individual and collective levels.

On an annual basis, our Sun reaches its zenith, marking the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Additionally, from our vantage point on Earth, Neptune appears to be stationary (June 17 – 25), initiating its annual retrograde phase exactly on June 21, the Summer Solstice. The mystical and magical essence of Neptune’s long term transit through Pisces is blending with the Sun’s illumination to expand human consciousness beyond its current state.

Summer is typically a season for recreation, a chance to step away from daily routine, and explore new horizons. As June draws to a close, four major planets are retrograde, and working in pairs. The consequential and heavy planetary influences of Saturn/Pluto are slowing things down, calling a halt to forward momentum and progress. This is necessary for catching up, resting up, and reviewing long term goals.

The inspirational planets of Jupiter and Neptune are working together to uplift vision, and bestow a more transcendent point of view. Clearly, if there was ever a time to invoke the surprisingly present and transforming power of the supernatural, it’s now.


Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;