Planetary Trends for October 2018

Belinda Dunn

What’s Up! by Belinda C. Dunn

Libra New Moon – October 8  @  11:47 pm
Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon – October 24  @  12:45 pm

October begins with our Sun, and its messenger Mercury, in the zodiac sign of Libra. Symbolized by the scales of balance, daily life reveals itself as a balancing act of epic proportions. Contemplation on Libra reveals the fundamental nature of relationship on this dimension. Known as one of the most karmic zodiac signs, Libra tests each of us in terms of heart attitude, continually asking us to refine and upgrade this delicate art of relationship harmony, or lack thereof.

To sum up October, is to sum up the current state of your personal relationships. People are habituated to focus on linear, person to person interaction, but don’t leave out the most primary relationship of all, the personal and direct connection with Source. In this sense, there is a deep dive of consciousness to address some of the most compelling questions of our interactive existence.

On a conscious, or perhaps unconscious level, October is a month of preparation. Daylight is rapidly shortening, there is a frosty chill in
the morning air. You may find yourself looking ahead to the holidays. Who will you be celebrating with? And as winter days descend, do you know who you will be sitting with around the fire? This may seem very simple and obvious, but as we take a peek at current planetary trends, you will understand how significant this topic of relationship is.

Each zodiac sign has a planetary ruler. In this case, Venus is the planet most closely associated with Libra. Many areas of life come under the domain of Venus. A feminine goddess archetype, she is associated with beautification in many forms. She is the artist’s muse, the gardener’s inspiration, the decorator’s assistant, the diplomat’s right hand. Every time you go to the closet and choose what to wear, Venus comes to the forefront as the planet of adornment. As the planetary ruler of the heart, Venus is continually nudging each human heart to awaken and choose love, tenderness, kindness and connection.

Venus has a very mystical path through our sky, and her orbit has been closely tracked since first humans gazed into vast reaches of heavenly space. Like many planets, Venus goes through retrograde cycles. When tracing these cycles over the course of years, Venus marks a perfect five pointed star in the sky, the sacred pentagram.

On October 5, Venus makes her mark once again as she stations retrograde for the next six weeks. The very word retrograde implies an instinct to pull back for the purpose of review. In some situations and relationships, this may appear as a very intense recoiling  from the unsettling, distasteful, crass and gross. You may find desires suddenly take a turn in new directions, altering the course of relationships. This natural and necessary phase of withdrawing can end some relationships as well as deepen relationships that are meant to continue.

On the most subtle level, Venus represents core values, what we hold dear. Many of us will be reviewing what is important and valuable, and where this matters in a variety of settings. Differences in values may arise in terms of money, sexuality, politics, art, decorations, adornment . . . the list goes on.

Venus is also the planet of human love, thus deep seated issues around affection, intimacy, self expression and compatibility can arise. Sensibilities are heightened with Venus in magnetic and charismatic Scorpio. The flip side of attraction is repulsion and revulsion, so
there is a wide range of potential effects.

Adding to this compelling and strange mix of planetary influences is the fact that Venus engages Uranus in her retrograde phase. This means that three times Venus will oppose Uranus, the wild card planet, so anything goes during these potentially tumultuous and unsettling weeks. The exact dates of this opposition are: September 12, October 29 & November 30. Thus, we will see a distinct overhaul within and without. It’s like getting a makeover, whether we ask for it or not.

In addition to the more immediate and personal level, these trends point to many twists and turns that can significantly alter social, national and global interactions. Let’s consider the fact that Mars is part of this mix. During the entire month of October, Mars is completing its lengthy transit through the zodiac sign of Aquarius (May 17 through August 12 & September 11 through November 15).

Unsettling to say the least, Mars in Aquarius has kept us guessing, on the edge of our seats, ready to pivot and change plans at a moment’s notice. An aura of uncertainty has kept many projects from moving forward as one delay after another arises in surprising and unexpected ways.

The week of October 7 brings things to a potential breakthrough point. First, there is a Libra New Moon on Monday evening. There can be a clear and definitive knowing as to who you are, what is important to you, and where you need to be. The desire for connection and belonging can set the stage for releasing relationships that you have outgrown while opening to new relationships. On a global level, new alliances will be formed as old alliances fall away.

Secondly, on October 10, Venus engages Mars in a tense relationship known as a square. Normally, Venus and Mars are lovers, working in tandem, tuning out the world, locked in intimate, passionate embrace. However, in this case, Venus and Mars are at war with each other, rubbing each other the wrong way, on edge, grumbling, perhaps competing for the upper hand.

Another piece to the planetary puzzle is Venus going retrograde in Scorpio as Jupiter is completing a one year transit through Scorpio. As you may recall, it was last October when Jupiter entered Scorpio, and the first allegations of sexual misconduct and the #metoo movement really got underway. On October 9, Mercury enters Scorpio to give voice, and sum up many explosive revelations that have been brought into the light of day. Nothing can hide in this rare moment of illumination.

Entering Scorpio on October 23, the Sun moves into stressful alignment with Uranus in Taurus. By the next day, October 24, Moon joins Uranus in this opposition, forming a T-square, and this is also a Full Moon. Unusual and extraordinary events can transpire, especially around power and shared resources. Information that has been carefully hidden may surface, precipitating crisis, and the necessity for reorganization. By Friday, October 26, as the Sun joins retrograde Venus, there is a keen awareness of what needs to be released in order to move forward.

One more fascinating piece to this planetary puzzle . . . in a rare moment, Pluto is crossing the ecliptic from north to south on October 31. Metaphorically, this represents Pluto’s return to the underworld. Pluto has a 248 year orbit, and the last time this occurred was 1770. Pluto governs enormous collective cycles including the evolution of collective consciousness.

A profound purging is in process. I am reminded of a burnt pan, encrusted and abandoned as ruined, but this is a valuable cooking pan, albeit neglected, so it is a matter of exerting the elbow grease to scrub it clean to the very bottom. In other words, those individuals and groups with clear goals and focused plans will not recoil from putting in the time, effort and discipline to surmount obstacles.

Taken together, these trends point to conflict. There will be those individuals and groups that hold fast to the past, and resist progress. All these planets are in what astrologers call “fixed” zodiac signs. In everyday language “fixed” basically means stubborn, obstinate, unyielding, unteachable, unchanging. Thus, the powers that be may meet their match in terms of strength and commitment.

Again, we are living the theme of core values. What can you stand by, no matter what? What needs to be released once and for all? Even destructive mindsets may be revealed for what they are, simply programmed habit. As long standing conditions can no longer sustain in the gale force winds of planetary change, these trends support a true breaking free from limitations.

And, finally, be on the lookout for sabotage. On a personal level, this means all the ways a well meaning individual can trip themselves up. On a social level, we may see intense slander and subterfuge lay to waste the best laid plans of the powerful and elite. The house of cards is about to fall. I realize this is a strong statement, but these are the words that come to mind as I contemplate these extraordinary planetary influences.

Halloween, the very last day of October, takes on special significance this year. A festival of rattling skeletons, and laughing away fear, Halloween is the reminder that life on this dimension is transitory. Not only is Pluto crossing the ecliptic signifying a breakdown/ breakthrough transformation of epic proportions, but Venus in Scorpio is preparing to rise in the morning sky. Clearly, a multitude of terrestrial affairs hang in the balance, awaiting the dawn.

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