Planetary Trends for June 2018

Belinda Dunn

What’s Up! by Belinda C. Dunn

Gemini New Moon – June 13  @  3:43 pm
Summer Solstice – June 21  @  6:07 am
Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon – June 28 @  12:53 am

Happy, sunny, hopeful and enthusiastic June begins with an uplifting combination of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune (June 1- 3). In harmony, these three planets activate the intuition while freeing and lifting hearts to divine connection. Bestowing grace and ease, this combination is known as a grand trine, one of the more fortunate of planetary alignments.

Later in the month, Mercury joins Jupiter and Neptune in a second grand trine (June 18-21). Like bookends to the month of June, these grand trines provide a backdrop of gentle compassion and intuitive sensing. These alignments are subtle, numinous, and even elusive in the hustle of everyday pressures. Simply being aware opens the door of consciousness, allowing access to these gifts.

To understand these alignments, it is helpful to consider the elements. In astrology, as in many traditional and mystical systems, considerable attention is given to the elements; fire, air, water, earth. Both of these grand trines are in the element of water, activating the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

The imagery of water speaks volumes. Cancerian water is symbolized by the lake, river, brook and stream. On the surface, Scorpio water appears to be a stagnant, muddy swamp, but beneath the earth are hidden subterranean rivers, and deep wellsprings of pure, vital and refreshing water. Pisces represents the fathomless ocean filled with mysterious life. Bestowing nourishment, water is life itself, pouring forth upon the wasted plains of dry and arid earth.

This brings us to the element of earth, equally represented by three major planets in their transit through the earth signs of Capricorn and Taurus (Saturn, Pluto, Uranus). The emphasis on earth is substantial, and current trends are all about practical manifestation.

This clear and important pivot is toward realism, common sense and taking responsibility for manifesting ideals. It is now possible to actually bring inspiration down to earth, and live the dream. Thus, June provides a beautiful interface between intuitive guidance, heartfelt feeling, and the practical steps to overcome obstacles and manifest a new reality.

Back to the imagery of water and earth. Consider the garden. Too much water floods the tender seedlings. Too little water leaves the earth dry and barren. It’s all about balance. This delicate balance translates to daily life. Water = emotion. Earth = manifestation.

One more image . . . think of moving earth with a shovel and wheelbarrow. Moving earth takes great effect, persistence and patience. This is not the month to give up on your goals, but develop the fortitude to carry through. What gives that extra assurance to power through obstacles? It is positive emotion, and deep heartfelt feeling that leads the way and inspires all action.

More than likely, planetary trends during June will bring up tremendous emotion. Mercury, the planet of cognition, is highly activated. The month begins with Mercury in Gemini, and enters Cancer on June 12. When Mercury opposes Saturn on June 15, and opposes Pluto on June 23, logic goes out the window, and the mood may sours, turning pessimistic and cynical. This clouds decisions as there is a tendency to analyze and perceive from a negative, self defeating standpoint.

From beginning to end, Mercury aligns with all major planets. Thinking tends to vacillate between subjective to objective at a moment’s notice, and current social dialog adds to potential confusion and delusion. In the swirl of emotion, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to keep one’s feet on the ground, and actually put one foot in front of the other.

The New Moon on June 13 provides a boost of insight and important information. In the zodiac sign of Gemini, be on the lookout for significant communication that flings open doors of understanding, and alters perspective. Gemini is the networker and translator of the zodiac. The air waves will be active with controversy along with plenty of revelation.

The Gemini New Moon is the day before Trump’s 72nd birthday, and activates the most challenging area of his karmic blueprint. In esoteric astrology, the evolutionary lesson for Gemini is honesty on every level. Honesty begins with self then emanates from this center of self awareness. However, when Trump was born, Mercury was in stressful relationship with Neptune, the planet of illusion. His critics point out his habitual lies, tendency to blow things out of proportion, and say whatever is on his mind. His supporters believe and hang on  every word he utters.

Once again, this planetary combination of Mercury and Neptune is in full swing throughout June. Not only does Mercury square Neptune on June 5 – 7, but Neptune appears to be stationary at 16 degrees Pisces in preparation for its annual retrograde phase beginning on June 18. Personally and collectively, there is a wide spectrum of possible effects, but these conditions are reminiscent of a thick, all encompassing fog. It’s virtually impossible to see the way ahead. Thus, it’s advisable to slow down, gather more information, take a second look, and question appearances.

The word “smokescreen,” is coming in loud and clear. The dictionary definition is stated as “something designed to obscure, confuse or  mislead.” Uncertainty and confusion are rampant on a national and global level. Those individuals and groups that dwell in the shadows may take advantage of these conditions to manipulate and sway public opinion. Considering the sensitive and attuned psychic nature of two grand trines in water, it is important to stay alert throughout June, and not absorb the temper and tone of public discourse.

We have all known people that talk incessantly, wrapped up in their own story. It is as though they live in their head, barely able to recognize that others have a point of view and something to add to the conversation. But, genuine communication is a two way street that goes way beyond words. In fact, it is body language, intonation of voice, and even psychic connection that conveys the true message between humans.

June is the month to deepen communication skills. Listening, empathy, focus and presence are essential components of genuine communication. Activating these skills makes it possible to effectively respond to others when timing is optimal. Active and conscious engagement facilitates positive and supportive relationships.

The lightest and longest day of the year occurs on Thursday, June 21.  The Sun’s annual entrance into the zodiac sign of Cancer marks the Summer Solstice, and it’s time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Look for a spectacular Capricorn Full Moon on the evening of June 27/28. This Moon joins Saturn, the planet of responsibility. Putting three days on either side of the exact Full Moon, this final week of June is best used for realistic appraisal of what needs to be taken care of. Necessary projects and activities can no longer be avoided through procrastination. Issues that have been put on the back burner now beg for attention. Saturn’s influence can feel heavy and obligatory, but it is a matter of striking a balance between responsibilities and self-care.

In addition to the solstice, Venus and Mars engage each other in a rare opposition. In mythology, Venus is the goddess, promoting beauty, love, sensuality, affection, adornment and creativity. Mars is the warrior archetype, and tends to express as active, aggressive, competitive and sexual. The interaction of this divine duo increases attraction and magnetism between the sexes. Perfect for a romantic solstice picnic!

However, as much as these two planetary energies can attract, they can also repel. For example, what happens when someone comes on too strong? Or one person tries to dominate and control the other? There are a myriad of examples to draw upon in the dance of interpersonal relationship.

However, in taking a look at this opposition between Venus and Mars, there is a wider and bigger picture. Mid-month, these dynamic and relational planets join the lunar nodes, the most karmic and potent of contacts. It’s as though the pendulum of cause and effect is swinging widely, and the general atmosphere tends to be chaotic, combative and hostile. An eruption of contrary forces may threaten to weaken and disrupt alliances. This can show up in interpersonal relationships as well as nationally and globally. It is a defining moment as these two planets illuminate the contrast between hatred and acceptance, fear and love, war and peace.

This brings us to the red planet, Mars. On June 26, Mars begins a retrograde phase that continues until August 27. In its eccentric orbit, Mars only goes retrograde every two years. For two whole months, altogether nine weeks, this important planet, in terms of momentum and action, is taking a hiatus.

As in any retrograde phase, momentum turns inward. Generally, situations come to a head, and external drive tends to reverse. There can be a reversal of interest, involvement and engagement. Since human nature tends to impose, push and force personal agendas onto life circumstances, this phase of stepping back is a necessary stepping stone to clear perspective.

With Mars retrograde, the hazy, lazy days of summer take on greater meaning. When obstacles arise and frustration mounts, it is time to slow down, and step back. Individuals and groups will be addressing issues around aggression, and questioning what is worth fighting for.
The incessant cacophony of discordant voices in the media fuels the spin, and it’s a conscious choice to step away from the demands and pressures of the daily grind.

Quiet contemplation, perhaps sitting near flowing water, is the perfect antidote to the relentless and habitual striving so pervasive in modern society. With two grand trines in the element of water, June is the month to invoke the healing, releasing and cleansing waters of forgiveness. Along with Mars retrograde, these trends serve to remind each of us that we are human beings, not human doings.

Most of us can recall the exhilarating ring of dismissal bell on the last day of school. Signaling weeks of playful freedom, the bell rings with a contrary sigh of relief along with a burst of energy, and sense of adventure.

As summer fun gets underway, it’s time to throw caution to the wind. Or is it? Looking to the distant horizon a storm appears to be brewing. Just a heads up . . . there are eclipses ahead. Two eclipses in July, and one eclipse on August (July 13 & 27August 11). Eclipses usually come in pairs, so this is a rare occurrence. And not only are there eclipses, but Mercury is retrograde (July 26 – August 19).

These summer months are pivotal, and things can turn on a dime. Why know about it ahead of time? In my decades of following the planetary trends, I have found repeatedly that awareness can actually soften, uplift and transmute the challenges.

The young child is content to spend hours seaside building sand castles and chasing waves. The older child seeks the thrill and dare of amusement parks and roller coaster rides. No matter what your passion is, the coming season is filled with excitement. Yes, there will be highs and lows, ups and downs, twists and turns, but one thing is for sure . . . we’re along for the ride.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;