Planetary Trends for February 2017

Belinda Dunn

What’s Up! by Belinda C. Dunn

Aquarius/Leo Lunar Eclipse
February 10 @ 7:33 pm

Pisces Solar Eclipse
February 26 @ 9:58 am

It’s February,and powerful signs of nature’s rebirth are visible. From first crocus pushing through obstacles, emerging into light, to tiny spring beauties gracing the earth with color, the dynamic upward thrust of life itself is inevitable. It is reassuring to welcome these early signs of spring around the corner.

Nature provides a centerpiece of beauty and serenity against the backdrop of human doing. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, there are no easy answers for a species that chooses to learn fundamental lessons the hard way. The planetary influences throughout February continue to emphasize a basic premise. Humanity appears to be distracted, lost on a spinning world of gigantic and universal proportions, with very little comprehension of life’s purpose. Ranting, raving, running . . . how much longer can humans avoid the unavoidable?

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the veils of illusion are dissolving in the light of a Lunar Eclipse on February 10, and a Solar Eclipse on February 26. Eclipses are part of an 18 year cycle between our Earth, Moon and Sun. This natural and cyclical alignment exerts a tremendous gravitational pull that intensifies emotion while playing an instrumental role in the ups and downs of human affairs. Both lunar and solar eclipses tend to bring subconscious material to the surface of conscious everyday awareness. Issues can no longer be ignored as they surge to the surface for reckoning and resolution.

The Lunar Eclipse on February 10 is a Full Moon, activating the zodiac axis of Aquarius and Leo. With Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo, these strong polarizing energies tend to bring power struggles to a head, for better or worse. This is a compelling combination considering that humanity is posed on the threshold of the Aquarian Age, and the U.S. Moon in Aquarius gives the country a humanitarian, scientific, community oriented, progressive edge.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign of experimentation, and the experiment of democracy requires on-going participation. A heavy handed and autocratic leadership style doesn’t go well with Aquarian values. No doubt, the incoming administration will be tested and challenged on numerous fronts as Leo the king meets Aquarius the masses.

February is a intensely energized month. Mars just entered energetic and passionate Aries on January 28, initiating the Chinese New Year of the Rooster. Venus follows suit, entering Aries on February 3. The zodiac signs of Aries and Aquarius are very complementary and supportive of each other as they instill the confidence for courageous and pioneering action.

More than likely, these astrological influences can contribute to the sweeping reform promised by a new administration. Likewise, they provide an extra dose of radical and revolutionary volatility. The push for reform is coming from every front. There will be those in many sectors of society, especially law, government and commerce, that will take advantage of these destabilizing and chaotic planetary energies, using them as license to take action for profit based on power and privilege.

Likewise, these planetary alignments are there for those with vision and conscience. There is an enormous rising up, a tide of participation and contribution that will get the ball rolling in numerous ways for our collective benefit. Enormous advances are possible across the board in technology, science, medicine, environmental and humanitarian causes. The doldrums are over, no more waiting around, the time is now.

On the personal level, if you have been feeling stuck, bored, uncertain, distressed and dismayed at the direction of the country or other things outside of your control, the planetary energies of February will help put you back in the driver’s seat of your own life. A T-square, a very unique planetary alignment between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, is activating and propelling the ideal conditions for a profound and permanent breakthrough in consciousness over the next six months.

Unavoidable signs of breakdown/breakthrough intensify the week of February 20. Many good, progressive and viable alternatives will emerge the beginning of this week. Minds are active, intuition is keen, and solutions to problems appear out of nowhere. But, genuine change can feel threatening and unsettling in even the best of circumstances. On February 22, Mars is in stressful square to Pluto. The Moon in Capricorn energizes this combination, instigating a breaking point, and providing an atmosphere of rash impulsiveness that may get many people in trouble.

As you can see, a veritable tidal wave of pressure for progress arises in February. There is no need to worry or hurry this process. Whether the transformation appears to be coming at you from outside events, or you feel a deep rumbling of life force arising within you, give yourself permission to take your time. A simple acknowledgment, a welcoming of the process, is all that is needed to fortify your walk through the fire, crossing over and emerging in new terrain.

This brings us to a dramatic and life altering Solar Eclipse on February 26. The astrology chart for this eclipse shows a major alignment of factors in the zodiac sign of Pisces (Sun, Moon, South Lunar Node, Mercury, Pallas Athene, Chiron and Neptune). Pisces is the final and 12th zodiac sign representing completion of a cycle. Indeed, according to ancient calculations, the 2,400 year Age of Pisces is wrapping up, and humanity is on the bridge into a new era.

The Age of Pisces has been characterized by a compelling psychological dynamic known as the interplay between victim/villain and hero. It is fascinating to consider that any one of us at any moment tends to respond from one of these three positions. Roles can blend and shift depending on circumstances and relationships. Basically, the victim is in a weak position to be taken advantage of by the villain, and the hero rushes in to save and rescue. This cycle tends to repeat over and over until someone wakes up from the trance, and chooses liberation from these karmic bonds.

This major alignment in Pisces provides an opportunity for a mass consciousness awakening, an awakening that is ripe and fortuitous during Neptune’s transit through Pisces skies (2011 – 2025). Governing the mysterious oceanic depths of consciousness, Neptune represents the idealist, artist, dreamer, visionary and mystic. Like entering another world, the ocean is vast, surreal, mesmerizing in its beauty.

Neptune is a very difficult planetary energy to handle in earthy matters, because it presents a quandary of potential confusion between appearances and reality. A good example is Neptune’s function in cinema. During a compelling movie, it is easy to get lost in the scenes, meld into the story, lose personal orientation and perspective. Upon leaving the theater, there is an adjustment as one’s senses adapt for re-entry into common everyday reality.

Neptune’s influence is highly sensitizing, seductive and addictive. When Neptune is active, reality can feel like a hall of mirrors bordering on the bizarre. Even the most sane people can find themselves questioning reality, living on the border between fact and fiction.

From a planetary standpoint, Neptune exaggerates all sorts of emotional and psychological conditions as it is the instinct to escape the harsh circumstances of physicality. Some personalities are more susceptible to these strong pulls, gravitating toward addiction and various modes of escapism.

In light of these understandings, and reviewing the astrology chart for the United States, I notice the progressed Sun of the country is in Pisces, and the Sun represents the leader. Last November Neptune exactly joined the south lunar node in Pisces, initiating a slippery slide into the potentially treacherous and nebulous waters of the “post-truth” world we find ourselves in.

Currently, Neptune exactly joins the Sun of the U.S. This very rare combination has only occurred once during the country’s history, and it will align three times over the course of the next 12 months. Additionally, this alignment is occurring in the 3rd house of communication representing state of mind, flow of thoughts and ability to process information. Considering these astrological forces, I find myself pondering the media’s role in numerous areas of our social experience. From the media’s seductive impact, to the rise of fake news, to the power of social media, humanity has entered new terrain.

In the astrology chart for the country, Neptune is the most elevated planet, shining over the destiny of the country as a whole. Reaching toward the spiritual and humanitarian ideals set forth by the founders is an ever present challenge. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

How does a nation bridge the gap between these illustrious ideals and the current state of reality? Finding answers to this question, and coming to terms with reality, becomes an inside job for each planetary citizen. As Saturn transits through Sagittarius for the duration of 2017, it has the potential to trigger landmines of delusion while supporting a more grounded and realistic approach.

In addition to Saturn’s profound influence, the progressed Moon is crossing over the most visible point of the country’s chart, ascendant in Sagittarius. In astrology the Moon symbolizes the feminine characteristics of nurturing, empathy, home, family, land, safety and security. While computer calculations show this alignment exact on February 25, the nomination of a woman for president has been catalyzing this emerging trend for months.

It is fascinating and encouraging to note the outpouring of women, along with those that love and support the divine feminine, taking a stand for human rights. Considering the progressed Moon has a 28 year cycle, this trend is not going away any time soon, and 2017 is the year to cut through illusion and stand strong for truth.

Since election day, I have witnessed a torrent, a flood of articles, letters, speeches and conversations. Everywhere I go, the topic seems to bubble up. It is truly inspiring, and I have encountered many viewpoints. No doubt, there is a global movement for speaking up, and telling it like it is.

One of the articles I came across is entitled, “The Donald: America’s Shadow Steps Out of the Looking Glass.” Written by an astrologer from the U.K., this catchy title continues to stick with me. It makes sense. Both individuals and nations have a shadow; the wounded, manipulating parts that choose to hide from the light, and control the show.

This astrologer writes that Trump is a symbol of “America’s grabbiness.” Can this be? The newly elected president represents America’s shady infatuation with glamour, glitz, gold and power. Only time will tell what role Trump plays on the world stage. Is he the hero coming to save the day? Is he the villain so many loudly proclaim? Is he a victim of the press as he would like us to believe? Or could he be a victim of the ego’s incessant demands for prestige and power? Something to ponder in these dark days of winter’s last stand.

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