Planetary Trends for November 2021 by Belinda Dunn

WHAT’S UP – November 2021
Belinda C. Dunn

Scorpio New Moon – November 4 @ 5:15 pm (Eastern daylight time)
Taurus/Scorpio Lunar Eclipse – November 19 @ 3:57 am (Eastern standard time)

Echoing through the corridors of time, November begins with observance of All Saints Day, honoring the perennial wisdom of sages, mystics, ancestors, and continuity of life experience through all dimensions, through all existence. Both Sun and Mars are in Scorpio now, highlighting the interconnected nature of spirits in the birth/death/rebirth process, repeatedly, as the wheel of fortune turns.

Scorpio is known as the most mysterious zodiac sign, the domain of occult knowledge, sexuality, procreation, death, and the mythological realm of unicorns, dragons, and phoenix rising from ashes of destruction. Embodying the principle of surrender, transformation, and transcendence, Scorpio can best be understood within the context of release, letting go of earth plane limitations, and embracing the nature of eternal existence.

November begins with a wrap-up of Mercury’s transit through Libra. For a full ten weeks, Mercury has been in the zodiac sign of arbitrator, mediator, diplomat, peacemaker. As shared in the October article, many relationships reached a “make it or break it,” decisive turning point. In many cases, still reeling from disclosures, participants have a better understanding of where the other stands, and can move forward from here.

On November 2, Mercury makes its third and final tense aspect with Pluto, leaving Libra on the 5th, and in rapid succession transits through Scorpio until the 24th, entering festive Sagittarius just in time for Thanksgiving on the 25th.

Setting the pace for the next lunar cycle, let’s take a deeper look at the Scorpio New Moon on November 4. The dark of the Moon gives way to a powerful reset, calling for adaptation to shifting conditions, particularly in the areas of commerce, finances, possessions, investments and resources.

The holidays are going to be different this year; the grab and spend mindset that has dominated seasons past will be undergoing an evaluation. From the astrological standpoint, there are numerous factors pointing to restructuring of financial markets, government agencies, transport of goods, as well as personal cash flow.

Marking a new moon, Moon conjoins Sun in Scorpio, and together they are in exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus. This combination tends to be unsettling at the least, implying sudden and unpredictable conditions requiring rapid response. An atmosphere of urgency may permeate the collective mindset as individuals and groups come to terms with reality. In the long run, Uranus tends to generate significant and necessary breakthroughs, but immediate effects may appear disruptive.

Throughout 2021, Saturn and Uranus have been playing off each other, and Saturn is a key factor in this new moon reset. While Uranus thrives on risk, Saturn prefers predictability, and together these planets bestow cautious optimism. Like a roller coaster of ups and downs, it’s a wild ride, thrilling for some, but terrifying for many.

These potentially unstable conditions act as a precursor to a lunar eclipse on November 19. Eclipses always produce revelations, and in this case, Mars, Mercury, and Sun align in Scorpio to take the covers off and reveal what is really going on beneath the sheets, and behind the scenes. With Uranus and Moon in Taurus, revelations help to ensure progress through addressing corruption, and exposing power plays.

This is a particularly important lunar eclipse activating the zodiac polarity of Scorpio/Taurus for the first time since 2012/2013. Due to an 18.6 year cycle, eclipses change zodiac signs. For example, recent eclipses have been in Gemini/Sagittarius. Archetypal themes over the past 18 months have centered around more abstract topics such as information, education, ideology, justice, and global connection.

Although this eclipse sign change may be subtle, for those sensitive to energy, it will be palpable and demonstrable as attention shifts to more tangible areas such as finances, money, possessions, banking, insurance, inheritance, and shared resources. The key phrase for Taurus is, “I want.” The key phrase of Scorpio is, “I desire.” This lunar eclipse will kick off a whole series of eclipses in effect throughout 2022.

Energizing both the new and full moon, Mars is transiting through Scorpio. Mars entered Scorpio on October 30, and throughout November Mars will apply pressure to matters that have been suppressed, avoided, ignored. As the planet of action, Mars can be impulsive and driven, however in Scorpio, Mars adds an extra dose of emotional intensity.

For some individuals, this influence may contribute to obsessions, brooding and introspection. It’s as though everyday awareness is brimming over with unresolved emotion. Mars in Scorpio drives the consciousness deep within to reveal inner motives, an opportunity to get to the bare bones of repressed emotion held within the memory track.

Psychologically probing, the zodiac sign of Scorpio lends courage in the exploration of shadow material, subtle realms, and mystical experience.

Moment by moment, letting it go, and letting it flow, brings rejuvenation through the clearing of trauma and unconscious material.

The most strategic and secretive of zodiac signs, Scorpio is very penetrating in setting aside the superfluous, and getting to the heart of most matters. Appearances can be deceiving, and beneath the surface of everyday life, there exists a shadowy realm of criminal activity, pornography, drug lords, authoritarianism, and covert operations. Transiting through Scorpio until December 12, Mars in Scorpio is the detective in ferreting out the truth and exposing unlawful conduct.

This brings us to a very important transit beginning in November, and in effect through winter months. Venus, the goddess archetype, enters Capricorn on November 5, and due to an extended retrograde period, remains in Capricorn until March 6.

Generally, Venus is associated with adornment (cosmetics, apparel, jewelry), artistic expression, and many forms of beautification. At her best, Venus is sensual, affectionate, loving, demonstrative and generous. However, Venus transiting through Capricorn may curtail   excess, frivolity, glamour, and ostentatious display, especially because Capricorn prizes quality above quantity.

The key phrase of Capricorn is, “I utilize.” In practical terms, this can alter the holiday gift list to focus more on what is useful and functional. It’s less about wants, and more about needs. Luxury purchases may appear wasteful, not really addressing the needs of many people struggling in an uncertain economy.

Venus is associated with money, suggesting a reining in, saving mentality in the general populace. Venus in Capricorn suggests moderation in a likely shortage of goods, and perhaps restrictions in spending. Discussions and decisions can focus on prioritizing expenditures on every level from household expenses as well as governments of city, state and nations.

Overall, Venus in Capricorn is inclined to be matter of fact, detached, moderate, reliable and committed. Love isn’t all flowers and chocolate, hugs and kisses. Over the next four months, as Venus transits through Capricorn, attention will gravitate to demonstrating love in reliable, workable, practical and tangible expressions.

In her transit through Capricorn, Venus will energize, harmonize and complement Mars in Scorpio. These zodiac energies don’t play around when there is a task to accomplish, a mission to achieve. For many people and projects, November is a month to make up for lost time, get ahead of the curve, buckle down and get the job done.

Additionally, Mercury plays a supporting role in speaking up, and giving voice to current events. Speeding through Scorpio (November 5 – 24), Mercury enhances communication and mental acuity. While this suggests major disclosures, Mercury in Scorpio may crack open the door to more realistic and discerning attitudes.

In fact, revelations may be so potent as to cut through the dense, dark fog of illusory, bizarre and fantastical ideas and ideology. November 10, an especially potent day, Mercury conjoins Mars, and together these planets activate Saturn. The raw, unfiltered truth may engender disturbance, but in the long run, this leads to progress based on assessment of realistic goals.

Before we know it, 2021 is rapidly drawing to a close as November wraps up with Thanksgiving. In a country overflowing with abundance, how can there be so much scarcity? On a planet graced with beauty, how can human greed have wrought so much destruction?

Questions of the ages . . . answers buried deep within the labyrinth of human nature. Answers ready to be discovered, treasures waiting to be uncovered. When eyes are open, the heart is primed, it begins with gratitude, endures in generosity, and circles around in everlasting appreciation for all that is.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;

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