Planetary Trends for February 2020 by Belinda Dunn

Belinda Dunn

Leo/Aquarius Full Moon – February 9 @ 2:33 am

Mercury Retrograde – February 16 @ 7:54 pm

Pisces New Moon – February 23 @ 10:32 am

February begins with a keen sense that light is on the horizon. Whether it is an ever so slight increase, such as another half hour of daylight, or an internal lightness and release of tension, this is a month to breath deep, and take advantage of winter’s restful repose. Whether you are reading this article from the deck of a cruise ship, or basking in the sunshine on a remote beach, or enjoying a cup of tea in your most comfy chair at home, it is important to take advantage of this pause.

In comparison to the last six months, February’s planetary energies can be likened to floating down a lazy river, enjoying the sights, and allowing crystal pure water to wash away struggle and strife. The recent conjoining of Saturn and Pluto in early January, alongside a triggering and potent lunar eclipse, was a culmination of months, if not years, of unsettling chaos and turmoil. These planetary trends have been quite demanding in a myriad of ways; personally, nationally, globally.

However, this isn’t just a month of, “row, row, row your boat gently down the stream.” For challenges lie ahead, and fast-moving rapids could appear around the next bend. Even though Saturn and Pluto have defined the course to a large degree, it is a matter of staying the course, alert to all possibilities, ready to dig in and do the real work.

The month begins with Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, the zodiac sign of detachment. Now it is possible to step back from the drama, and see with new eyes while recognizing the endurance, work, focus and exertion needed to positively manage and stay on top of these strenuous planetary alignments. Together, Saturn and Pluto have called forth many virtues, especially discipline. You may consider those areas of life where you have been called to set aside personal agendas, and act on behalf of the greater good. Like flashing neon lights, this resonant theme is permeating throughout society.

As far as the nation goes, this is another story. The plot continues to have many unusual twists and turns. In researching planetary trends, it is clearly evident, 2020 is a pivot point for the United States. Precisely on February 23, transiting Saturn exactly conjoins the nation’s Pluto. This activation will occur two more times, August 4 and again on November 20.

Additionally, Saturn is opposing the country’s Mercury, a hallmark of deep thinking, serious decisions and long-term consequences, paving the way to a reset of fundamental principles. Clearly, this year that will stand out in the nation’s history for decades to come.

Not only do these planetary themes resonate in the United States chart, but these trends are echoed in the president’s chart. In fact, the point where Trump’s karma intersects the country’s destiny is clearly shown as transiting Saturn/Pluto oppose his natal Saturn/Venus throughout the year. I am staring at a computer printout giving exact dates, but suffice it to point out, whether he is removed from office through an impeachment trial, or hangs in there to run for election in November, this is a year of defeat and heartbreak for Trump.

A Full Moon on February 9 lights up the sky in early morning hours. With Moon in radiant Leo, opposing Sun in cool, calm and collected Aquarius, an enlightened perspective begins to dispel darkness. In fact, as the zodiac sign of friendship and connection, Aquarius is all about community and global networking. Informed by a prescient knowing, this Full Moon supports a conscious turn toward the future. Aquarius is all about asking questions, thinking outside of the box, discovering extraordinary answers for the problems that plague society.

Putting another fascinating twist on current events, at the time of the country’s inception, the Moon was in Aquarius. In a nation’s chart, the Moon represents the public, and the emotional tone of the populace. Generally, Moon in Aquarius is inclined toward free thinking, innovation, progress and autonomy. Considering the conditions under which the country came together, the call for freedom reverberated strongly in the founders’ original intentions and continues to resonate today. However, freedom is an ideal, subject to interpretation in terms of practical issues and real time. No human can really know where freedom begins or ends.

February begins with Mercury in Aquarius exactly joining the Moon of the United States. Increasingly, politicians and leaders are realizing the impeachment trial is now in the court of public opinion. It is unlikely these issues will be resolved by early February, precisely because of an upcoming Mercury retrograde. So, even though the senate may vote in favor of the president remaining in office, these issues linger as a bad taste in the mouth of the electorate.

Considering Mercury retrograde from this perspective, Mercury goes retrograde on February 16. Astrologers consider what is called the shadow of Mercury which relates to the zodiac degrees that a given Mercury retrograde transits. In terms of this current shadow phase, Mercury goes direct on March 9, exactly joining the United States Moon in Aquarius. More than likely, decisions and repercussions will continue to roll out until the Spring Equinox can potentially reset the narrative.

Additionally, our Sun enters Pisces on February 18, followed by a Pisces New Moon on the 23rd. Along with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, these factors can muddy the waters, and aggravate attempts for clear and decisive action. The planetary ruler associated with Pisces is Neptune, the mythological god of oceanic depths, undersea life, tidal currents, a world of its own, hidden from view, but there nevertheless.

This brings us back to the United States astrology chart. In examining current trends, it is important to take into consideration the unfolding destiny as seen in a technique called progressions. In this chart, the progressed Sun is in Pisces. Over the past 4 years, transiting Neptune has been activating the country’s identity as represented by the Sun. This influence is peaking over the next several months. This phase can be likened to an enormous tidal wave; swirling, churning, stirring up the sandy shore, painfully gritty, sweeping away all that has come before.

Outwardly Neptune represents the ocean. Inwardly, on a deeper level, Neptune holds sway over the ocean of emotion, and the collective unconscious. The watery influence of Neptune tends to vacillate, manifesting in extreme highs and lows. Neptune is one of the more challenging planetary trends to ride out, because emotions inform the mind, and together they are highly susceptible to manipulation, delusion and illusion. From the standpoint of astrology, these trends contribute to the bizarre, weird, irregular and aberrant nature of current conditions.

As the final sign on the zodiac wheel, Pisces illuminates the imprisoned ego, the lengths the human ego will go to defend, control and protect its own interests, to the point of its own deception, and ultimate demise; the insanity of it all within the context of a multidimensional being that just happens to have a physical body at this timely point in existence. Caught in the undertow, or riding the wave, from a mundane perspective, all this too, shall pass.

Let’s take an in-depth look at this upcoming Mercury retrograde in terms of personal relevance. Beginning in February and carrying though to mid-April, Mercury will spend weeks in the zodiac sign of Pisces. This is not a strong placement for the mercurial mind that prefers to analyze and deliberate over life’s decisions. On a positive side, Mercury in Pisces supports creativity, intuitive perception and spirituality. On a more troubling side, emotions can overtake common sense. This trend implies being comfortable with quiet introspection and developing faith in things unseen.

Staying grounded is paramount and possible as Mars enters Capricorn on February 16. This is an exalted placement for Mars, the planet of action and momentum. Goal oriented and practical Capricorn gives Mars a track to run on. At the same time, Source beckons each of us to higher ground, offering the invitation to step into high and higher vibrations of divine love, given freely and available to all.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;

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