Planetary Trends for February 2018

Belinda Dunn

What’s Up! by Belinda C. Dunn

Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse – February 15  @  4:05 pm

I have been writing this article since 1992, and never before has there only been “one” major astrological pattern to list above. From a quick glance, the month of February may appear relatively quiet, free of major planetary influences to report. However, a Solar Eclipse, especially in the potent and progressive zodiac sign of Aquarius, is always a game changer.

Eclipses are part of an 18.6 year cycle designed to keep us on our toes, alert, on purpose, awake to life’s growth potential. I see eclipses as the exclamation points of astrology. Typically, personal circumstances and collective events act as triggers whereby specific themes surge into conscious awareness demanding attention, and possibly resolution. Eclipses are essential to the learning curriculum in Earth school, and similar to taking a final exam, the process cannot be ignored or scooted under the rug.

In order to understand February’s eclipse, it is helpful to back up, and consider recent events in light of the SuperMoon lunar eclipse on January 31. And, in order to appreciate and embrace upcoming trends, it is helpful to step back six months ago, and consider circumstances around the “The Great American” solar eclipse last August.

Spanning the zodiac signs of Leo and Aquarius, these eclipses are a mirror of each other. Simply put, Leo is the leader, while Aquarius represents the masses.  In an ideal world, the leader is a chosen representative of the people, but in these complicated times, with so many competing factions, it is rare to find a leader that is a true representative of the collective. A truly effective leader exemplifies admirable character traits that can transcend differences in perspective.

In natural settings, the majestic lion/lioness rises to the top of the food chain while establishing authority and dominance with its powerful roar. This potent astrological symbol can manifest in several ways when it comes to personality. Ruled by the Sun, many individuals with Leo prominent in their astrology chart seek the limelight, and stand out in a crowd. It is easy to recognize this type of Leo. To the extreme, they demand respect and loyalty, and tend to be enamored with a sense of self importance.

As you might guess, Trump has strong astrological factors in Leo, and the solar eclipse last August exactly aligned with his Mars and ascendant. Thus, the set of eclipses 6 months ago energetically gave him more authority, and fanned the flames of his already “huge” ego.

In all fairness to all you beautiful Leos out there, let’s consider the high side of Leo. Just like the Sun radiates life force, most Leos choose to radiate love, care and affection to those around them. This is not to get anything or garner favor or maintain the upper hand. This evolved expression of Leo is magnanimous and generous. They live to love, and naturally bring playful lightheartedness to everyday existence.

Now let’s consider the upcoming solar eclipse on February 15, calling into play the opposite zodiac sign of Aquarius. The symbol of Aquarius is poignant and revealing, especially relevant in these troubled times. Aquarius is the water bearer pouring forth the essential nourishment of prana/manna/chi upon the Earth, and all its inhabitants.

It was during the revolutionary decade of the 1960’s when the musical “Hair,” proclaimed for all to hear, “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.” As the higher, lighter, more refined vibrations of Aquarius stream onto the planet, humanity lives in an era of karmic completion. Meanwhile, the age of Pisces, characterized by the victim/perpetrator/savior archetype, is dissolving and resolving. For millennium, like herds of sheep, groups of people have been habituated to mindlessly follow the leader, trained to rely upon blind faith.

Not so with Aquarius. The key phrase is “I know.” Over recent decades, technology has made it possible for the general public to be informed, participate in social causes, and global affairs. The value of intuition, and connection with inner guidance is now encouraged and accepted. Leaders and their armies hold less sway, and people are taking a stand for Aquarian ideals. Every day the world is shrinking as people realize the bond of common humanity on this small globe of life in an infinite universe.

Recently I heard a news commentator use the apropos phrase, “the era of identity and race.” This is a perfect example of the reality that we are entering a new age. Aquarius is all about belonging, but not blindly following the herd instinct. First and foremost, Aquarius supports radical and unique individuality as the foundation for participation, contribution, solidarity and friendship. In fact, Aquarius is the zodiac sign of community, and peaceful co-existence is dependent on addressing problems that are bigger than the individual while honoring each person’s capacity to contribute.

We are currently in the eclipse season, and the upcoming solar eclipse on February 15 can intensify and surface these themes. In your personal life, be aware of the natural human instinct to belong in contrast to seeing where you don’t belong. Be curious in social interactions. Keep an open mind, allowing the Aquarius energy to help you experiment with various perspectives. It is through exploration that you can discover your essential inner knowing, the true guide in all of life’s situations.

In contrast to the major solar eclipse last August, this February   eclipse gives power to the people, especially as it conjoins the USA Moon in Aquarius. On the collective level, people in mass are taking to the airwaves and streets to express outrage at current events. There is a deep grass roots movement going on, and momentum is building. Despite enormous uncertainty within the social climate, the green shoots of new direction are rising up for all to see.

Repeatedly, the annals of history elucidate the age old dynamic of leaders and followers, and the pitfalls of power can be rocky, fraught with danger and conflict. In a multitude of forms, dynasties come, and dynasties go. So what happens when a group (large or small), attempts to overthrow its leader/leaders? The dictionary word for this is mutiny, defined as, “forcible or passive resistance to lawful authority,” and “concerted revolt.”

Understanding and upgrading this dynamic is a key part of humanity’s entrance into the Aquarian age. Loosely defined, perhaps we can say that a mutiny is going on. There are times when the established order needs to be overthrown to allow new leadership to emerge. Whether the current upheaval is purposeful or not, effective or not, there are times when the group rises up to assert its voice.

As the solar eclipse in Aquarius plants new seeds, be on the lookout for what’s next, personally and collectively. Out of all the zodiac signs, Aquarius is egalitarian, progressive, futuristic, ahead of its time, courageous enough to experiment, and thrive on the cutting edge of discovery. Even though direction may be unclear, Aquarius embodies the universal law of synchronicity. February is the month to actively invite those magical/mystical signposts to illumine your way.

Annually, Chinese New Year is celebrated on the Aquarius New Moon. The past 12 months have been the “year of the rooster,” characterized by plenty of crowing, vying for position and authority.  Across the globe, but especially in Asian communities, this lunation initiates the “year of the dog.” While roosters herald the dawn, they aggressively protect their territory. In contrast, even though a dog is protective, a dog can be a trusted, loyal, and friendly companion. It will be interesting to see how these symbols manifest on the world stage.

Another major planetary influence for February is Mars, and its transit through Sagittarius (January 26 – March 17). More than likely, passionate, intense and argumentative Mars will keep things heated up on the national scene. Even though the war of words, and the war of ideology, rages on, this is the month to find your true values, and sidestep the quicksands of distraction. Sagittarius aims for truth, sees the big picture, and elevates consciousness to higher ground.

As the month progresses, the zodiac sign of Pisces comes into play. As the Sun enters Pisces on February 18, there is an energetic shift into the mystical, intuitive and healing waters of universal connection. On February 21, Venus joins Neptune in Pisces, and together they instill ultimate compassion, release and forgiveness.

By the end of February, there is an extraordinary alignment of celestial bodies spanning the Pisces sky (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron). This creative combination evokes planetary healing, artistry and spirituality. In challenging times, art emerges. The miraculous, numinous, ineffable field of all potential is always present for inspiration, guidance and healing.

Even though eclipses tend to challenge the status quo, and heighten emotional reaction, this current eclipse season is potent with revelation on many levels of existence. In writing this article, I went back to the lyrics from the musical “Hair.” “When the Moon is in the Seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars . . .”

The very symbols speak volumes of pure inspiration. The Moon in the 7th house symbolizes the divine feminine, and the expression of loving care within the human family. Last month on January 6, Mars actually aligned with Jupiter, igniting the fires of truth and justice. And finally, the song’s last line is worthy of contemplation, “Then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.”

May February be filled to overflowing with grace, protection and blessings for every nation, all beings and the entire existence. Enjoy!

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation.;