12-14 / Tuning Fork, Crystal Healing & Energy Sessions w/ Katie Namet

December 14th
Time: 12 pm – 5 pm

Walk ins welcome – appointments preferred -call at: 810 278-6497

Katie Namet, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Bio-Sonic facilitator, certified (tuning forks-singing bowls, sound therapy), Reikimaster facilitator and teacher (certified in Usui, Celtic, Shamballa, Quan Yin, Atlantean crystal reiki and more)

TUNING FORK SESSION 45 minutes $80 cash Includes Bio-Sonic Tree of Life healing, grounding, chakra clearing and alignment, auric field clearing and “fluffing”. Additional tuning fork healing on all of your organs, bones, muscles, adrenals, circulation, and all systems.

CRYSTAL HEALING SESSION 45 minutes $80 cash Includes a Tree of Life crystal layout, a crystal healing layout for YOUR body-mind-Spirit, chakra and aura clearing, healing, grounding and aligning.

ENERGY SESSION 45 MIN $80 cash Includes an Intuitive channeled reiki and Quan Yin session, balancing imbalances, releasing, healing, regenerating and rejuvenating your body/mind as you relax in a calm healing state. I also clear your chakra blockages and realign, clear your auric field and ground you.


My name is Katie Namet, a psychic empath and former founder of EarthStar Wisdom and NorthStar Healing in Michigan. For almost 30 years I have been a Spiritual counselor, intuitive healing facilitator and teacher of healing modalities globally, along with being a published author, writer, and speaker, inspiring all to be and feel the best at who WE are.

I offer sessions using vibrational medicine to balance the imbalances of our bodies, restoring the frequencies to allow healing to take place. I do a clearing, healing and balancing with tuning forks, healing crystals needed for YOUR body-mind-Spirit, along with channeled energy.

I’m looking forward to knowing you! – Katie


or call at: 810 278-6497