03- 25 / Aging Gracefully a series w/ Regina Casey Rae

Aging Gracefully Series
Saturday March,  25th
Cost: $30/ session day of and $25/ session with pre-registration

Aging is our birthright. We age from the moment we are born until we pass on. ‘Aging’ is not the villain. Life brings certain experiences that seem to pile onto our existence and create more and more struggle. There are certain things we can do to extend that lifeforce energetically. In these three group sessions, healer Regina Rae will deeply nourish your energy system and address areas that are specific to aging more gracefully, particularly as it relates to the brain. You will be invited to sit back, relax, and receive the energy as your system is bathed in energetic nourishment. A more nourished system contributes to clearer thinking, a more relaxed nervous system, better sleep and a healthier immune system.

Each session will be a ‘stand alone’ session, though it is highly
recommended that you attend all three as they will build on one another.
Masks are encouraged. BYOM. (Bring your own mask.)


March 25 – Revitalize the Brain 

The onset of dementia is a serious and debilitating issue. Just the thought of the possibility of dementia can bring up many fears, which in turn can create stress, which in turn can cause problems in your system – becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy! In this group session, your brain will be ‘tuned up’ to make the system more pliable and resistant to this and other diseases. Regina will work on the emotional energy body (to address the fears) and then on the brain and the pathways supporting the brain.
This session will work more deeply on the brain and its energetic pathways. Other systems will also be deeply cleared and strengthened to create a healthier and more energized system.

Day of Event Registration: $30/ session (If space is available. Preregistration is highly recommended. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early if you want to register that day. Again, space is not guaranteed.)
Advanced Registration: $25/session
To register in advance,  Cash, PayPal or Venmo accepted.


Regina was drawn to healing work early in her early twenties when a dear and trusted friend introduced her to a healer. She wasn’t necessarily looking for healing but thought it would be cool to have some sessions. She found the sessions to be amazing, inciteful and so helpful in her life. Fast forward years later, life had become overwhelming and stressful. She found respite and fell in love with yoga and eventually became a certified Yoga Therapist. She then moved to India for three years, becoming steeped in yogic practices and in the essence of India as well as other healing modalities. As life progressed, and challenges progressed, she found herself seeking deeper healing through energy work, but now it was different – it wasn’t just for fun. Not only did she receive healing on physical levels (chronic pain began to subside), but she also found healing on mental and emotional levels, accompanied by a deeper feeling of connectivity and wholeness. She knew that this unfolding in her life was absolutely her path. She knew she would become a healer; it was her dharma. She is trained in and uses multiple modalities in her practice, though primarily VortexHealing®.