STEVEN EVANS -Multifaceted Spiritual Facilitator – Palmistry, Astrology, Aura Reading


Steven Evans is a Multifaceted Spiritual Facilitator from Hendersonville NC.

For 28 years Steven works as an Eclectic reader, and counselor for many hearts, in many locations.
Utilizing a refined skill set of palmistry, astrological tools, aura reading, tarot, and acquired wisdom from many philosophical traditions, life challenges are discussed freely; with a focus on Solutions. 
Any and all subjects are welcomed, honored and held in a discerning, non-judgmental container.




Please check the Event Calendar for dates he is available.

$40 for 30 minute session, cash
$60 for 45 minute session, cash
$80 for 60 minute session, cash

Drop in or call the store at (828) 687-1193 for an appointment!