Crystals & Jewelry

In our mineral case you’ll find treasures from around the world.

Our large assortment of sparkling clusters, spheres, points and rough minerals is extensive.

If you’re seeking massage points, crystals for healing, or beautiful mineral specimens for display, you’ll find them here.

Diverse traditions and designs are found in our jewelry department, with offerings from local artists as well as Deva Designs, Peter Stone, Uma, Crystal Earth, Silver Forest, and more!

Most pieces are Sterling Silver with gemstones, with several being unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Crystal Point Pendants

Crystal Point Pendants

with Triquetra, Triple Aspect Goddess , Tree Goddess or Crescent Moon Goddess

From Deva Designs

Chakra Pendants

Sterling Silver pendants with gemstones

Dragonfly Pendants

Each pendant carries one of six special messages cleverly disguised in the pattern of the wings.

From Deva Designs



Beautiful Ruby and Zoisite


Earrings from dainty to fanciful to very dressy.


A wide assortment of sterling silver pendants – many with gemstones, some faceted, some rough…

Jewelry by Jane “Starwalker” Wasson

Handcrafted gemstone jewelry

by Jane “Starwalker” Wasson


Selenite wands, spheres, massage points and very large wands!


Fluorite in stunning greens and purples:

Spheres, massage points, hearts, statuary and more!

Amethyst Clusters and Formations

Deep purple amethyst clusters; rough and tumbled unique specimens…

Clear Quartz Clusters

Array of Minerals