07-23 / Acupressure for Self-Healing w/Lethea Gerbers

Saturday, July 23rd – 2:00pm -4:00pm

Cost $40

Acupressure for Self-Healing!

Make your body happier!   Practice 7 easy self-healing acupressure recipes Lethea Gerbers created just for you.  Acupressure stimulates the acupuncture points developed through centuries of use in Eastern medicine.

Ease headaches, neck pain, back pain, and knee pain.  Improve digestion.  Sleep better.  Calm your heart and lower blood pressure.  Create energetic protection from the stress, feel grounded and calm.  Lower anxiety.  Reduce Insomnia. Energize your legs and be stronger.

 The $40 cost includes copies of the recipes for your continued use. 

Sign up at or contact Lethea at (828)424-9099