2. TRAVELING MYSTICS: Find the Heart of Your Story – Sept 22-23

The Heart Of Your Story

Saturday, September 22 –  9:00 am- 5:00 pm
Sunday, September 23 –  9:00 am – 3:00 pm

A beautiful weekend journey devoted to discovering and stepping into the compellingly powerful next chapter in your life. In this two day workshop in lovely Asheville, North Carolina, find the heart of your story – the authentic voice within – that calls you to live a fulfilling and happy life being and doing what the Divine brought you here to do.

Urban Shaman Amy Randolph, Spiritual Coach Mary Carr, and Mystic Tomi Llama deliver two engaging days of uplifting and life affirming activities that bring your future into the now.

Registration Fee: $349 (early bird pricing of $275 available until August 31). Register here.

You can sign up for both events (Friday night and Weekend Workshop) here (Payment is required to register)*

The Heart Strong Champion focuses on Resiliency, Fierceness, and Love.

Resiliency: You’ve heard the saying “knocked down 7 times, get back up 8”. The world breaks our hearts over and over. We get knocked down. The heart breaks because we care about and love something or someone deeply. You have two choices: spend the rest of your life on your knees, picking up the shards of your broken heart or you can let your heart break open to hold more. More love, more joy, more compassion, more kindness, more empathy. The Champion’s Heart knows how to feel what it feels, let the hurt go and take the lesson forward with grace and power. That is resiliency.
Fierceness: Life is going to bloody your lip. It just does. That means you have to be fierce about rising again and again. To have the courage to get out of bed every morning despite feeling overwhelmed and small you have to be bigger than what’s in front of you. That is fierceness.
Love: Love for love's sake is love without regard. The starting point for that is to love yourself. Only when you love yourself unconditionally can you begin to shine your love in every direction without regard to race, religion, or any other divisive factor. It is also about falling in love with humanity. And when we act from the place of love, we have the power to transform anything and everything. It’s easier to be tragic than to shine like the whole world is yours. By choosing to find your Champion’s Heart, you choose to find the light within and let tragedy fuel your desires rather than burn them to the ground. Come shine with us!

Urban Shaman Amy Randolph: Amy is a  co-creator with the Universe, partnering with those who seek a deeper experience of creating an authentic life rich with joy, purpose, love, and well-being. She became a guide, coach, and energy worker during her many transformative experiences over the last several decades. As part of this journey, she learned how to reclaim and strengthen her personal power so that she could take full responsibility for her life. She believes that when one embodies the universal truth of one’s heart, one’s life will flow with joy and ease.

Mystic Tomi Llama: Tomi unique mystical abilities include reading the energetic imprints on a person’s heart and understanding the heart of each person’s mission in this life. Tomi Llama is able to make an immediate impact for her clients with her intuitive sense of people, her deep understanding of systems and how they work, and her ability to tap into her personal knowledge of ancient global wisdom gained from reading thousands of books, attending workshops all over the world, and working with people and organizations from all walks of life.

Spiritual Coach Mary Carr: Mary is a certified Life Coach who is also a channel for the philosophy and living practice her guides call The Honoring Way.  Acting as a Spiritual Coach and teacher, Mary’s mission is to elevate our worldview to a new “worthiness paradigm” where the Divine Source that created humankind holds us in high regard.  The Honoring Way acknowledges our value as both spiritual beings and human experiencers who’ve been created on purpose with purpose on Earth.  By incorporating a combination of teaching, channeling and coaching, Mary helps her clients create their own life worth living through integrated self-actualization.