Numerology with Michelle Payton for January 2020

Making New Years’ Resolutions Compatible with your Life Path Number

APA Survey on Resolutions
According to a survey from the American Psychological Association, “93% of Americans made a resolution to change some aspect of their behavior” (, but many fall short of those resolutions. To follow-thru effectively, people must not use generally accepted terms to set their individual resolutions; people must use words compatible with their personality types.

Using the Most Accurate Words to Sustain Resolutions
If someone has a core problem/solution pattern that is inward and yin, and the goal is to exercise by going to a public gym three times per week, this isn’t compatible with this person’s personality; it is too outward to go out in public. In addition, if someone is a Life Path 6, “Responsible/Server” and the resolution doesn’t fill some part of the Life Path, the goal is not sustainable. This doesn’t mean that the 6 can’t enjoy self-care, but it does mean that self-care must have a connection to the core theme. For instance, the 6 could say, “schedule one hour of self-care four days per week to keep energy high to serve my community.”  

To be clear, outward personalities are capable of completing inward work; inward personalities are capable of completing outward work. However, it’s important to put this work in words that are personally compatible to be sustainable in the long-term. Below is a chart to get you started on creating the most effective New Years’ Resolutions using your Life Path Number.   

Numerology Life Paths-At-A-Glance to Understand Your Problem/Solution Pattern

To calculate your own Life Path
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