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Birth Mix Patterns

Some sources say that Valentine’s Day dates back to the 5th century and is a symbol of new beginnings. Today, the commercialized version of the 14th of February is all about relationships. Over time there is a bigger price to pay than cards, candy, and flowers; it becomes important to be clear on who should be in one’s inner circles. There is a way to approach learning about yourself and those around you by blending the three arts of Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order to answer questions with a level of accuracy that these age old fields can, independently, only provide with detailed analysis. It’s called Birth Mix Patterns.

Create a Relationship Table using Birth Mix Patterns
Below is a format to craft a simple relationship analysis. Follow these steps:
1. Reference the At-A-Glance Table (if more details are needed to calculate…, go to, “Education,” “Calculate Astrology, Numerology, Birth Order”).
2. Record all your specific information in the table. Wait. Don’t Analyze yet.
3. Tally (IIII I) Inward/Outward and Yin/Yang shown on Birth Mix Patterns At-A-Glance table.   
4. What do you notice about the relationship on paper? How two (or more) people balance? What makes it great? What makes it challenging?

A general awareness of personality patterns is the first step to creating supportive circles in all areas of life: financial, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual.

Birth Mix Patterns Relationship Table   


Life Path
Core Theme & Pattern

Sun Sign

Core Theme & Pattern

Birth Order Core Theme & Pattern

Tally Inward/Outward

Tally Yin/ Yang


Someone else

Birth Mix Patterns At-A-Glance 

Personality Type

Core Theme

Core Problem / Solution Pattern Trend

Life Path #

Core Theme

Core Problem / Solution Pattern Trend

Life Path 1


Outward | Yang

Life Path 2


Inward | Yin

Life Path 3

Informed Speaker/Communicator

Outward | Yang

Life Path 4

Realist/Builder of Order

Inward and Outward | Yin and Yang

Life Path 5

Unending Talent/Mult-Tasker

Outward | Yang

Life Path 6


Inward and Outward | Yin Processing and Yang Execution

Life Path 7


Inward | Yin Analyzer/can be Yang Fierce Protector of Analysis

Life Path 8

Material Manifester

Outward | Yang

Life Path 9


Inward | Yin (if activist, Yang communicator)

Life Path 11

In-the-moment Intuitive

Inward | Yin

Life Path 22

Material and Humanity Master

Inward and Outward | Yin and Yang (also see 4, 8, 9 patterns)

Life Path 33

Spiritual Teacher

Inward and Outward | Yin and Yang (also see 6 patterns)

Astrology Sun Sign

Core Theme

Core Problem / Solution Pattern Trend


The Charming Achiever

Outward | Yang


The Stabilizer

Inward & Outward | Yin Execution


The Witty Change Agent

Outward | Yang


The Comforter

Inward and Outward | Yin and Yang


The Leader of the Pride

Outward | Yang


The Detailed Constant Expander

Inward | Yin Analyzer/can be Yang Fierce Protector of Analysis


The Balancer

Inward and Outward | Yin Execution


The Patient Achiever

Inward | Yin Analyzer/can be Yang Fierce Protector of Analysis


The Life Partaker

Outward | Yang


The Climber

Outward | Yang


Out of the Box

Inward & Outward | Yin to Re-energize


The Intuitive Visualizer

Inward & Outward | Yin to Re-energize

Birth Order

Core Theme

Core Problem / Solution Pattern Trend

First Born

The Achiever

Outward | Yang


The Turbo Achiever

Outward | Yang/Yin to Research or Re-energize


The Negotiator

Inward and Outward | Yin and Yang


The Charmer

Outward | Yang

More on Birth Mix Patterns

Find more details in any of my three Birth Mix Patterns books available at Crystal Visions on this subject. Two of the three books focus on using Birth Mix Patterns to analyze relationships and groups. You can also find offerings for printed reports, video training, audio and video interviews on this subject on

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