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Birth Mix and the Balance of Power – American Presidents and First Ladies

I published this first “Birth Mix Patterns” book in 2005, so all U.S. Presidents and first ladies were analyzed up to George W. and Laura Bush.  If you’re a history fan plus astrology, numerology, and birth order, “When researching all Presidents and First Ladies of the United States some interesting trends surfaced:

Astrologically and Numerologically, U.S. Presidents trends show that (include but not limited to):

    • Pisces, Aries or Sagittarians are usually found in the 19th Century.
    • The few Gemini’s and Virgos are found in the 20th Century.
    • Cancers and Leo’s were twenty-seven percent of the Presidential mix in the 20th and 21st centuries.
    • While sun signs are evenly spread, clear trends of “good” and “bad” experiences and number of service years exist in connection with the signs.
    • Life Paths 2, 3, 4 and 22/4 are found least.
    • Life Paths 1, 3, 22/4 are only found in the 19th Century.
    • The one Life Path 2 is found in the 20th Century (William Henry Harrison didn’t count since he died within a month in office).
    • Life Path 8 is connected with more Presidents than any other number, but only two are in the 20th Century, and they inherited the office.  Thirty-two (of one-hundred and eleven) years of the 19th century or earlier saw Life Path 8’s in office.
    • Life Path 6 ranks number one in connection with Presidents’ years of service and (with exception to one), all served in the 20th century and beyond. 
    • All Life Path 5’s were known for major accomplishments—Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Astrologically and Numerologically, U.S. First Ladies show that (include but not limited to):

    • All but one Leo was in office in the 20th Century. The one Leo in the 19th Century only served as First Lady for one month (her husband died within a month of office), but she was to be the grandmother of another President nearly 50 years later.
    • Capricorns and Sagittarians were less likely to become First Ladies and these astrological signs were associated with less balanced experiences.
    • Geminis were most active in the 19th century and earlier.
    • Virgos were found only in the 19th century and earlier and were considered more intense.
    • Life Paths 2, 5, 9 and 22/4 were least prominent.
    • Life Path 7 was most prominent with another master number coming in second 11/2 but most served in the 19th century or earlier.  These two master numbers combined outnumbered the Presidents.
    • Life Path 6 was a more prominent number in the 20th century (twenty years –1901-2008).

Overall trends on the balance of divine feminine and masculine (include but not limited to):

    • The Presidents and First Ladies (First Ladies Birth Orders that could be found) were ranked nearly equally on Birth Order:




             #4—Youngest (no First Ladies were recorded as youngest)

    • When a President did not have a strong life partner/First Lady, many historians acknowledged that the Presidency was weak as a result (the missing link… balance of the masculine and feminine energies).
    • Many First Ladies served as speech writers, attended important meetings in connection with the Presidency or in place of and served as confidants on major decisions (to what extent we will never really know). 
    • In the 20th and 21st centuries (combining U.S. Presidents and First Ladies), Life Path 6 influenced over 40% of the Oval Office terms (1901 thru 2008).

(Excerpts from “Birth Mix Patterns: Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order and their effects on Past, Present, and Future, pp. 109-112)

In this same book, I analyzed U.S. Presidents and First Ladies in much more detail.

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