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The World Year 2020


What energy does the personal year support for the world?

The world is leaving 2020 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4

The world is entering 2021 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5

According to numerology, 2020 is about finishing and 2021 is about new learning.

Personal Year 4—Harvesting Opportunities… “One, two, three, go!”

“A wise (wo)man will make more opportunities than s/he finds.”–Francis Bacon, OF CEREMONIES AND RESPECTS, ESSAYS (1625)

Year “Four” is a year to finalize.  The past three years may have felt a bit like a roller coaster.  Trail blaze (“One”), go within (“Two”), then back out in the meet new people and experience new ideas (“Three”).  But now it’s time to reap the rewards.  In addition to your expected manifestations, realize that it’s likely you unknowingly laid the groundwork for the surprise opportunities as well.  Some experiences in Year “Four” could be:

Personal Year 4  ~  Harvesting Opportunities (Fall Vibration) 

Year Theme:  To reap the harvest (over the past three years).

Role:  To take advantage of any opportunities (planned or surprised).

Best at:  Finishing projects.

Challenge(s):  Prioritizing the many opportunities so not scattered.

F.I.P.S.S. (Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Spiritual): 

F – Strong time to make sound investments in career, and other financial endeavors.

I – Strong time to be detailed and organized and get into the nuts and bolts of learning.

P – Strong time to revisit physical body issues that haven’t been addressed.

So – Strong time to focus on inner circle and functional outer circle.

Sp – Strong time to solidify your rituals and ceremonies and practice them.

Personal Year 5—Constant Change and Good Fortune… “Think Fast!”

“Tis better to be fortunate than wise.” – John Webster, THE WHITE DEVIL (1612), 5.6

So you’ve come off a year of opportunities now let’s sprinkle on a little luck.  The key is to think fast and be flexible (as our family often says, keep a little bend in your knees).  There are times when you won’t have a lot of time to make decisions.  It’s time to trust your intuition so that you receive the full benefits of your “Five” Year.  Don’t look back and say, “I knew I should’ve…”  Some experiences in Year “Five” could be:

Personal Year 5  ~  Constant Change and Good Fortune (Late Spring/Early Summer Vibration)  

Year Theme:  To take every advantage of a lucky year.

Role:  To optimistically ride the wave of constant opportunities.

Best at:  Being quick, raising to next level utilizing intuitive reflexes.

Challenge(s):  Being still.  Not productive to use old learning for new opportunities.

F.I.P.S.S. (Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Spiritual): 

F – Strong time to change jobs, careers, investment strategies.

I – Strong time to consider new learning paths and processes, particularly through travel.

P – Strong time to consistently move your physical body and be fit for the opportunities that arise.

So – Strong time to keep flexible relationships as you move forward (could also include physically moving).

Sp – Strong time to add flexibility in your rituals and ceremonies, maybe new information.

Excerpts from “Birth Mix Patterns: Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order and their effects on the Past Present and Future” (pp. 101-102).

Now that you know how to calculate your life path, personal year, month, year and more how does this fit for you?

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