Numerology with Michelle Payton


Spring: New Beginnings and Plantings,

Opening to the Possibilities

“When observing the cycles of the Earth, our physical and spiritual existence are keenly aware of the Earth shifts. We observe them by responding to the cycle as if we were a plant or animal. The theory is that our bodies are seventy to ninety percent water. What happens to water when seasons shift?

“Our physical bodies, even if we don’t recognize it, are going through similar transitions. If ignored, we get physically sick, have problems achieving goals, and more.”

“Spring is the Earth’s New Year and our bodies and experiences will have a tendency to match that of nature. Spring comes in gently, gradually and requires patience as we anticipate what is to come. How this cycle might affect you in-the-moment is as follows.


Cycle Theme: To renew.

Role: To prepare and gently set in motion.

Best at: New thoughts, ideas, growth and introductions.

Challenge(s): Being patient. Balancing the transitions of being docile to moderately active.


F – Strong time to develop new strategies, thinking and positioning.

I – Strong time to gently execute new ideas and learning from the reflective winter and prior cycles.

P – Strong time to awaken your physical body but not to shock it with too much activity (relative to the physical activity you currently experience).

So – Strong time to begin to re-introduce yourself to people you haven’t seen or talked to since the fall cycle.

Sp – Strong time to slowly open yourself up to new practices or re- introduce yourself to productive old ones.

Spring Observations: Ground hog and other animals begin to emerge, buds on trees and bushes, birds building nests, animals mating, baby animals emerging, indoor plants growing new sprigs, gardens/crops/fields are being prepared for planting and/or being planted, outdoor bugs are beginning to show themselves (in seasonal climates). What do you observe in your climate?

Excerpts from “Birth Mix Patterns: Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order and their effects on the Past, Present, and Future,” pp. 89-91.

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