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Recalling Memories and Creating Opportunities Using Basic Positive Hypnosis and NLP Techniques


Constants in 2020 have been the unknown and change. This creates chaos and questions. These questions, eventually, create silence as the brain shuts down to search for answers within. This creates opportunities.

In my book “’Soul”utions: Achieving Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Spiritual Balance with Soul” written in 2004, this excerpt moved me into silence at the time.

“To keep myself in balance, I held the vision that, ‘All is well in my world. All will come together for the good of all involved.’ I realized that this wasn’t as much about formal politics as it was the politics of life.

Each neighbor took positions on matters and some handled it with grace and others threw themselves into emotional trauma. At the same time, we were truly ‘one.’ The question was how could the ‘one’ create an energy that moved forward with mixed value systems. In my world, I was talking to my guides, visualizing healing light, creating mantras, affirmations, and the like. But was this effective in this mainstream drama with so many people outside of my circle?”

Excerpts from “’Soul”utions: Achieving Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Spiritual Balance with Soul” (p. 72).

The unknown—people outside my comfortable circle, change—the new reality, chaos–drama, and questions led to silence and opportunity—answers within.

Think of silence as a white board and opportunity as a way to brainstorm and search for positive past experiences. In this case, re-find experiences when you negotiated with others who had mixed values.

Consider these basic Positive Hypnosis and NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming steps.

1. Speed write or audio record a list of 6 to 12 positive instances where you have been able to negotiate with others who may not have differing opinions than you. This can be from today to when you were very young. Keep it simple.

2. “Yeah but” memories must be edited out. What I mean by this is use only positive moments in your memories.

3. Go back to each instance and see, hear, feel, taste, smell… the peak of each moment when negotiations went well. Write or audio record about how negotiations resulted in win:win moments.

4. Rank your positive memories by strength of re-experience. Then add a couple trigger words to each memory for easy recall. “Boss said yes,” “Gave sister…” Short phrases help you commit these to conscious memory.

5. When needed, recall negotiation successes you’ve experienced.

Notice that writing or audio recording can be used when recalling memories. Some people are more visual learners, while others are more audio learners. However, this doesn’t need to be an either or choice. Technology, even on cell phones, creates written transcripts from audio recordings. Stacking audio and visual learning is a very powerful recall mix. Overall, opportunities are harvested from within, from your specific experiences.

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