Numerology with Michelle Payton for July 2020

Day of Birth, Heart’s Desire, and Expression Numbers and How They Connect to Life Path

In addition, to the Life Path number (covered earlier this year), there are three other core numbers that complement the general Life Path journey: Day of Birth, Heart’s Desire, and Expression Number. Here’s what they mean and how to calculate them. Note that if the same number shows up in one’s chart (for different calculations), it’s even more significant. It’s not good or bad, it just is.

How to Use Day of Birth Number
The day of birth connects to specific abilities. Looking at one’s Life Path (more of a basic idea of what may be experienced in this lifetime) with Day of Birth gives a clearer picture on specific tools one might use to achieve goals and overcome challenges.

How to Calculate Day of Birth Number
Step 1: If the day of birth equals 15 then 1 + 5 = 6 (final number should equal 1-9, 11, 22, of 33).

Step 2: When looking at the summaries provided at the end of this article, it will be important to critically think about personality traits (a full chart, of course, will reveal more specifics). For instance, 6 is The Responsible One/Server. Family and community would be one of high priority.

How to Use Heart’s Desire Number 
This is the inner self, underlying urges, one’s true motivation. This is calculated by the vowels—a, e, i, o, u, and y—in one’s full birth certificate name.

How to Calculate Heart’s Desire Number
Step 1:
Assign numbers to vowels on full birth certificate name.  Jane Ellen Smyth = a (1) + e (5) + e (5) + e (5) + y (7) = 23 = 2 + 3 = 5 (final number should equal 1-9, 11, 22, of 33).

A = 1
E = 5
I = 9
O = 6
U = 3
Y = 7
(Bryan, Gary, Yvonne are examples where y sounds like a vowel)

Step 2: When looking at the summaries provided, it will be important to critically think about personality traits. For instance, 5 is Unending Talent. Freedom, change, new experiences, and travel would fuel motivation.

How to Calculate Expression Number
Those who embrace the concept of past lives will view this as an evolutionary number. Another way to view this is all experiences—good and bad—connect to personal development. This number is where one has evolved in or by this lifetime. To compare, one’s Life Path is the major direction in this lifetime; Expression is one’s being—basic nature (issues and abilities accumulated in this lifetime, or over many lifetimes). This is calculated using one’s full birth certificate name.       

Step 1:
Use the chart shown and assign numbers to letters on full birth certificate name–Jane Ellen Smyth = 1+1+5+5+5+3+3+5+1+4+7+2+8 = 50 = 5+0 =5  (final number should equal 1-9, 11, 22, of 33)

Assign Numbers to Letters

Step 2: When looking at the summaries provided, it will be important to critically think about personality traits. For instance, 5 is Unending Talent. Freedom, change, new experiences, and travel would be a part of one’s basic nature.

General Understanding of the Numbers
These are excerpts from Birth Mix Patterns: Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order and their effects on the Past, Present, and Future to gain a bit more understanding of traits connected to numbers.

#1 – The Leader
Personality Theme:  Being ahead.  Do it better and faster.  Seek finer things. 
Role:  Provider. Leader.
Best at:  Being own boss.
Challenge(s):  Taking orders from others. 

#2 – The Inward Creator/Motivator

Personality Theme:  The perfect tranquil environment.

Role:  Counselor.  The bringer of balance within diverse situations.

Best at:  Team motivating.  Listening.  Inward creativity.

Challenge(s):  Overt leading.  Fully expanding own talents (tend to hold back to serve others and keep the peace).

#3 – The Informed Speaker/Communicator
Personality Theme:  Being informed.  Being respected as a result of being informed.  Being heard.

Role:  The expert and/or informer to inspire others.

Best at:  Sharing information.  Executing  as a result of being well-informed (requires focus/education).

Challenge(s):  So busy at being informed and informing, may prefer not to bother with money and other detailed processes to run daily life.

#4 – The Realist, Problem Solver, Builder of Order

Personality Theme:  Create order.  Create method and process to overcome  life challenges.

Role:  Problem Solver.  Hard Worker.  Establish foundation.

Best at:  Making decisions, organizing, persevering, being detailed and dependable.

Challenge(s):  Scattering energy too far to solve too many problems at one time.  Being too rigid or dogmatic. 

#5 – The Unending Talent

Life Path 5 – The Unending Talent

Personality Theme:  New experiences.  Change.  New Ideas.  Freedom.

Role:  Change Agent.  Out-of-the-box on their terms.

Best at:  Brainstorming.  Innovation. 

Challenge(s):  Focus due to so many ideas and overall talent.

#6 – The Responsible One/The Server

Personality Theme:  Serving others.  Compassionate.

Role:  Cosmic Mother or Father.  Organizer to help others accomplish goals/heal.

Best at:  Leading charismatically and reliably.

Challenge(s):  Interfering or saving others too much.  Creatively expressing him/herself fully.  Over tasking.

Life Path #7 – The Source of Knowledge. Expert, Thinker, Analyzer

Personality Theme:  Absorbing vast amounts of information to become an expert.

Role:  Utilizing or sharing knowledge to create clarity for others, self, and/or events.

Best at:  Exploring, thinking, and putting the pieces together for “truth.”

Challenge(s):  Being too guarded and self-centered.  Not being open and trusting of others and their ideas.


Life Path #8 – The Material Manifester

Personality Theme:  Accumulate wealth.  Create wealth.

Role:  Manager.  Visionary.

Best at:  Manifesting money or other means when needed.

Challenge(s):  Holding onto wealth longer-term and effectively managing flow.  Connecting to less material areas of life.

#9 – The Humanitarian

Personality Theme:  A better world.

Role:  Faith.  Commitment.

Best at:  Breaking ground where few others have the compassion to. 

Challenge(s):  Balancing needs for physical rewards with spiritual.  Can be too focused on dreams and when not achieved can detach and may even blame others (feels victimized). 

#11—The In-the-Moment Intuitive
Personality Theme:  Maximizing the journey and life experiences (highly charged “2”).
Role:  Seer or Visionary.
Best at:  Inventing in the moment (as life flows).  Leading intuitively. 
Challenge(s):  Grounding and being practical with matters in the physical. 

#22—The Material and Humanity Master
Personality Theme:  Achieve ultimate financial and spiritual dreams (highly charged “4”/insightful “11”).
Role:   Committed to balance.  Ambitious.  Insightful.  Methodical.
Best at:  Breaking ground where no others could.  Self-confident. 
Challenge(s):  Resting and taking a back seat to the constant opportunities and projects that present themselves.

#33—The Spiritual Teacher

Personality Theme:  Spiritually uplifting to (wo)mankind (highly charged Server “6”/insightful “11”/manifesting “22”).

Role:   Devotion.  Seeker of Understanding and Wisdom.  Judgment Free.

Best at:  Strong spiritual influence.  Compassion. 

Challenge(s):  Interfering and enabling rather than helping.

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