Numerology with Michelle Payton for May 2020

Monthly Energetic Management: Calculating Personal Months

In January 2020, I analyzed when the U.S. federal government began its operations on March 4, 1789. This is when three separate but equal branches of government were created–the legislative branch (makes the law), the executive branch (enforces the law), and the judicial branch (interprets the law). As of April (four months later), all can see how the year 2 energy for the state of the union is evolving in real time (put theory into practice).

As a reminder, the 2020 Personal Year 2 is about Compromise and Cooperation. It feels a bit more yin, requires patience because growth can be a bit slower. This is a year of developing life-long partnerships as long as mindfulness is a part of the mix. Confrontations are best handled through subtle and gentle means. Compromise rather than force works best in this year to achieve goals.  

What this means is throughout the year there is an overarching theme of compromise and cooperation, but at the time of January 2020 publication, it was also mentioned that May, July, August, and September required even more inner work, flexibility, and tact for the three equal branches. For deeper clarity by month, here are the steps to calculate Personal Months.

Step 1. Calculate personal years—see on steps—calculation hint: current year (2020) + birthday month (January, February, etc.) + day of birth (1-31) = personal year (1-9, single digit number). In this example, 3 Equal Branches Personal Year is 2 and My Personal Year is 9.

Step 2. Calculate personal months by adding the month number (January = 1, etc.) plus the personal year (Step 1). Reduce the number between 1 and 9 (see the following table).

Current Month (2020)

The 3 Equal Branches Personal Months*

My Personal Months*


4 (April) + 2 (PY) = 6

4 (April) + 9 (PY) = 13… 1+3=4


5 (May) + 2 (PY) = 7

5 (May) + 9 (PY) = 14… 1+4=5


6 (June) + 2 (PY) = 8

6 (June) + 9 (PY) = 15… 1+5=6


7 (July) + 2 (PY) = 9

7 (July) + 9 (PY) = 16… 1+6=7


8 (Aug.) + 2 (PY) = 10… 1+0=1

8 (Aug.) + 9 (PY) = 17… 1+7=8


9 (Sept.) + 2 (PY) = 11… 1+1=2

9 (Sept.) + 9 (PY) = 18… 1+8=9


10 (Oct.) + 2 (PY) = 1+0+2=3

10 (Oct.) + 9 (PY) = 19… 1+9=10… 1+0=1


11 (Nov.) + 2 (PY) = 1+1+2=4

11 (Nov.) + 9 (PY) = 1+1+9=11… 1+1=2


12 (Dec.) + 2 (PY) = 1+2+2=5

12 (Dec.) + 9 (PY) = 1+2+9=12… 1+2=3

*Notice that once April is calculated, the numbers are chronological (1-9 only), so make sure you get that first number right.

Step 3. Add themes to your table (see “…Theme/Summary” table and example with added themes)

Personal Month and Year Number

Personal Month and Year Theme/Summary


New Beginnings and Opportunities


Patience and Tact


Social and Lighthearted


Harvesting Opportunities


Constant Change and Good Fortune


Balancing Personal Growth and Relationships


Solitude and Rest


Material Rewards


Clutter Cleaning

Current Month (2020)

The 3 Equal Branches Personal Months

My Personal Months


6—Balancing Personal Growth and Relationships

4—Harvesting Opportunities


7—Solitude and Rest

5—Constant Change and Good Fortune

How to interpret basic Personal Month summaries
Many want detailed answers in life; they want their futures to be laid out to create comfort. It’s understandable when others say, “Just tell me what to expect and what to do!” However, this is not the purpose of the Personal Month exercise. For Personal Months to become actionable, after all steps are complete, reflect on one month at a time.  

For example, April, for the 3 Equal Branches, is to balance personal growth and relationships (this goes past the individual and toward the masses); at the same time, my personal month is about harvesting my personal opportunities. I am aware that the entity called 3 Equal Branches may be interested in building relationships with me as I harvest my personal opportunities.

Another example is May, the 3 Equal Branches seek solitude and rest (go within, separate from others); at the same time, my personal month is about change and good fortune. I am aware that the entity called 3 Equal Branches isn’t energetically available to me for that month. That’s okay to. Now I know.

One can compare numbers to anyone or anything, but one can also just look at one’s own Personal Months.   

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