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Dowsing For Dollar$, Divine Balance and Direction with Jonna Rae Bartges

May 16 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Happy Medium Jonna Rae Bartges will shine a light on a different topic selected to raise consciousness, spark curiosity, and increase intuitive ability. 

Each Class starts at 7:00 pm

$15 (cash)


May 16: Dowsing For Dollar$, Divine Balance and Direction

If you could focus and direct your energy to bring more love, joy and prosperity into your life, would you?  What about being able to heal relationships; check to see if your body is out of balance and bring it back into alignment, or even heal past hurts? In this Third Thursday presentation, Happy Medium Jonna Rae shares how dowsing is a simple and immediate way to do all of these things, and more.  Participants in this Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium class will:

  1. Make and learn to use dowsing rods and a pendulum (materials supplied)
  2. Use pendulums to scan and balance the body
  3. Use pendulums to change the energy of the past, present or future
  4. Dowse the energy of food, and learn how to elevate it


June 20:  I See You – A Crash Course in Intuitive Reading

Jungian psychologists call it “tapping into the Collective Unconscious.”  Physicists call it “entanglements on the unified field.”  Spiritual people call it “connecting with God Consciousness.”  Whatever you name it, it’s the same thing – being able to access and refine your natural intuitive ability to accurately and compassionately see into another person’s heart and soul.  In this Third Thursday – Reaching a Happy Medium presentation, you will learn how to recognize and trust your natural ability to enter into another person’s auric field, and retrieve information they truly need to know.  It’s time to “wake up.”  For real.


July 18: Dream a Little Dream of Chi

You spend roughly a third of your life in dreamtime “Night School.”  How much of the information you’re receiving are you retaining, and putting to practical, positive use in your waking hours?  In this Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium workshop, you’ll learn tips on how to remember, interpret and even program your dreams.  Which ones are bringing up wisdom from your past, or even past lives?  Which ones are trying to give you clarity on issues you’re currently dealing with?  Which ones might be foretelling your future?  Find out, and then sleep on it.  You will enrich every aspect of your life and make it just – dreamy.


August 15:  Past Life Regression: Oops, I Did it Again!

Claustrophobia. Financial instability.  A “knack” for musical instruments, or foreign languages.  How can memories from other times and places influence your life today?  Find out in this Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium fast-paced, interactive evening.  Happy Medium Jonna Rae will share how traditional healers like psychologist Carl Jung and MD Brian Weiss incorporate the concept of past lives into their work.  You’ll also experience your own past life regression, and learn how to use the information that comes to you in a positive, practical way.  You are invited to bring yoga mats, pillows and/or blankets to get comfortable for the regression.


September 19: Animal Communication: A Pet Project

Our dogs and cats are already talking to us.  How good are we at listening and responding?  This Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium event is the evening you’ll experience how to shift your consciousness to link up heart-to-heart with pets, wild animals, even insects.  Happy Medium Jonna Rae shares the seven steps to animal communication.  Find out the biggest mistake people can make in trying to talk to animals.  Discover the most important thing to remember when attempting to make a connection. Jonna Rae will share what she’s learned in decades of practicing, and teaching, animal communication.  When an orphaned gray told her what it needed to live, she was able to give the information to Sea World vets.  The calf not only survived – it thrived, and was returned to the ocean a year later.  Wolves, owls, spiders and ants – she’s worked with them all, and is eager to help you learn how to talk to the animals yourself.


October 17: On Death and Dying – Creating a Sacred Passage

As Steve Jobs lay dying, his last words were a joyful, “Oh!  Wow!”  This iconic figure, who changed forever how the world communicates, was overwhelmed with the expansive beauty of the new world he was entering. While our culture is so hesitant to talk about death, bottom line – none of us gets out of here alive.  We can’t avoid dying, but during this month of spirit awareness, we CAN learn compassionate and deeply meaningful ways to enrich the process for loved ones, and even ourselves.  This Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium presentation is designed to replace fear with facts, and provide positive, proactive steps to help us navigate the emotionally charged passage from this life to the next.  In this deeply important and moving evening, Happy Medium Jonna Rae will also share details about her own near-death experience.


November 21:  SpiritTalk – Break on Through to the Other Side

In physics, the first law of thermodynamics is that energy can’t be created or destroyed – it just changes form.  “Life” is an energy, and doesn’t cease to exist when we’re no longer in physical form. Happy Medium Jonna Rae has been tapping into the spirit world since she was a child, and she’s eager to share her abilities with you.  For this Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium evening, come get answers to your questions for loved ones in spirit, and learn how to go into a higher state of consciousness, so you can connect with them yourself.  SpiritTalk is always a powerful evening of love, connection and healing.


December 19: Soul Contracts — Understanding Sacred Connections

What does it mean when we meet someone, and instantly feel a strong attraction, or an equally strong repulsion?  Why do we keep facing the same challenges over and over again?  What is it about family members that can push our buttons?  In this Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium evening, find out how agreements we make with others before we come into this lifetime have a profound impact on all of us.  You will learn how to get clarity on the most positive way for these connections to play out, and gain deep insight into learning the deep karmic lessons these soul contracts offer.



Jonna Rae uses gentle humor, authenticity and compassion in both her teaching and her intuitive consultations for clients.  She connects people around the globe not only with loved ones in spirit, but with very specific and accurate information about their past, present and future. For 40 years she has combined professional psychic reading and teaching with an Emmy-winning career in print and broadcast communication.

She created PSI – the Practical Spirituality Institute – to help link the worlds of science and spirituality, and is an approved provider of continuing education units for nurses taking her two-day Practical Spirituality 101 class.

In addition to her private consulting business with Skype, phone sessions and in-person readings in her Asheville office, she has read and/or taught at the International Coptic Conference, Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., East West Bookshop of Seattle, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, The Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, CA, the Foundation of Truth in Atlanta, and United Research Light Center, Mystic Journeys, The Namaste Center and Crystal Visions in Western NC.

Jonna Rae also founded the Reiki Professionals Group on Linkedin which currently has over 15,000 Reiki healers from around the globe.

She is an author, speaker, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Deeksha Blessing Giver, Minister Director with Universal Brotherhood and secretary of the Board for United Research Light Center in Black Mountain, NC. Jonna Rae’s autobiography is Psychic or Psychotic? Memoirs of a Happy Medium, and is available at Crystal Visions.


May 16
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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