Denise Wolff: Vibrational Alignment Healing Sessions

Denise Wolff; BA in Humanistic and Transpersonal PSY; Certified Vibrational Healer; Healing Arts Instructor, Native American Flute Musician; Ordained Minister.

From Denise:

“I have been committed to my personal journey for 25 years and have found many modalities of vibrational healing to assist in bringing desired change, health and joy in my everyday living.

I am offering Vibrational Alignment healing sessions including tools of crystal healing, aromatherapy, and sound healing, crystals and gemstones, essential oils, and tuning forks.

Each treatment is unique to your present needs and desires as I facilitate using my intuitive, clairvoyant and empathic gifts. I begin with a relaxing treatment to your spine using tuning forks and proceed by reading the subtle energies of the chakras. I work with guidance and your intent to energetically clear and assist in meeting your desired goals.

You will be encouraged to explore the underlying cause and healing of any imbalance through the use of crystals, gemstones, essential oils, and tuning forks to facilitate emotional clearing, biosonic repatterning, and creative visualization of your new reality. The goal is to find that part of you that is unique and totally in alignment with spirit.

You will leave feeling liberated of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you; with new clarity and focus toward your desired goal. Your light body will feel clearer and expanded, and your body will feel more vibrant and healthy. Your session ends with an affirmation stating this alignment.”

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