Beth Huntzinger – DNA Blueprint Healing

Beth Huntzinger works together with spirit guides as a team to offer deep healing on all levels.

This is a unique energy work modality that was given in meditation. With the purpose of your highest good, they open your DNA and raise the frequency of emotional patterns inherited from your family lineage. They assist you by working with your spirit guides to bring deep healing. We activate the divine destiny in your cells and hold space for whatever healing needs to take place.  Clients are having very expansive experiences and leaving feeling as a new person.

Beth can see energy clearly, Chakras, cords and different colored Prana and even the DNA of clients.  A
protocol was written with the help of the Divine to use with clients to access their DNA so that limiting patterns of heredity could be addressed.  Since the DNA is a library which the body responds to it only makes sense to go there for lasting healing.  She can pin point emotional and physical disease and where it originated in your family line.  She can clear these patterns, cut cords (unhealthy attachments), clean and energize your energy field and Chakras, remove entities and give you guidance to be a more balanced and healthy person.

Introductory Rate of $40 per 30 minute session.

Please call Crystal Visions at 828-687-1193 for an appointment.  Walk-ins welcome!