1. AWAKEN TO YOUR SACRED SOUND – Sunday, June 24th

Maryke is an utterly unique facilitator from Australia. She was Called to come to Asheville NC to hold space for those who are ready to awaken/expand their capacity as Sound Healers Sound Alchemists and Sonic Channels ~both on the Planetary and Personal levels.

This workshop is for anyone who feels a connection to Sound or those who simply wish to more freely Express themselves. It is a Deep Joyous Immersion into Soul Space where you will tap into your Infinite Self and Remember who you really Are. Maryke is a Light Language Channel and Master Activator, she is a Keeper of the Codes of Light and a Master Sound Healer. She has assisted many to bring forth their Magic Gifts and it’s her great honour and pleasure to come to  Asheville and connect with the beautiful Spiritual Community.

“Get ready to surprise the Bajingas out of Yourself! You will not believe what Magic lays sleeping inside You”