08-20 / Enhancing Your Spiritual Psychic Connections Series w/ Julie King

 Saturday from 11:30am – 1:30 pm

Cost: $33  

Pre-Registration Encouraged 

Contact: Julie King – (phone) 831-601-9005  (email)

As the Earth’s vibrations shift and the world feels more chaotic, our physical and subtle bodies take a huge hit. How do we manage our lives in a malleable multi-dimensional world and keep some feeling of  balance? The principles of our natural world dictate that all cures are  provided and it is up to us to pay attention and use what is given.  So how do we get the correct information when we need direction and  help? These short classes are designed to lead us to deeper connections, inner trust and practical explorations in how to tune in and  get specific information and direction.

Aug 20 – Multi-Dimensional Living & How to Trust What I Get –In this chaotic world inner balance is key to living our best life. Listening and trusting our inner guidance is the key. But how do we know the information we receive is correct? This class explores ways to trust, enhance contact within and learn spiritual discernment.



Julie King has been a teacher, healer, spiritual mentor and psychic for 45 years.  She is well versed in symbology, tarot, and many spiritual practices. Color, spiritual psychotherapy, healing, and subtle energies are subjects dear to her  heart. Since 1978, Julie studied healing with the White Lodge in England,  participating in the First International Teacher-training Course in 2000.