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03-02 / SOLD OUT Sound Meditation w/ Resonance for Healing

Date: Saturday, March 2nd
Time: 3:00 pm – 4:15 pm

Join Resonance for Healing for a supportive and healing sound meditation.  We will create a healing container in which we will balance the energy systems, support the nervous system and drop into a deeply relaxed and nourishing space for healing.  Attention will be given to each individual in attendance for a personalized experience.

Instruments such as gongs, Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, handpan, drums and more will be used.

Bring  a yoga mat, blanket or anything you need to feel comfortable during the meditation.  Please arrive ten minutes early to allow yourself to settle into your spot.

Space is limited for this event.

Cost is $25 : Registration can be found at


As a teacher for the Sound Healing Academy and a Sound Healing practitioner Eric brings extensive experience to working with methods for reducing the effects of stress, regulating the nervous system and supporting the natural healing ability of the body to each session.

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